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1) Analyse Tassal's vision, mission and values and their connection with sustainability.

2) Analyse Tassal's goal setting practices, and major type of plans.

3) Examine Tassal's approach to planning.

4) How has sustainability been incorporated into those ley practices?

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Executive Summary:

The report has chosen a company for properly studying and understanding the market analysis of the firm. In this report, it is chosen the packaging food company of Australia. The chosen company is Tassal Tasmanian Salmon, having the largest dealer of salmon fish in Tasmania. This report has focused on carrying out many practices for market analysis of the company Tassal that has led to a high success in dealing with salmon fish. In the market analysis, the proper planning of the company mission, vision and values helps in the increasing success of the firm.  


This report has focused about carrying the marketing analysis of the company of Tassal Tasmanian Salmon in Australia. The firm has its headquarter in Hobart. The company has focused properly about the food packaging of Salmon fish. It has served an adequate amount of salmon fish to the locality as well as in outside countries. The adequate supply of salmon fish helps in increasing amount of income of the company of Tassal Tasmanian Salmon ( It also helps in increasing the rate of retail market. The organization has focused about the international business environment. While carrying out the fish processing, the firm focuses on different planning and strategy; proper human resource management; real planning on leadership; exact controlling of value chain and technology. Moreover, the firm has focused on carrying out the future strategy for keeping a good competition in the competitive market. The company holds a good position from the management and helps to serve the society with an adequate supply of salmon fish.  


International business environment:

Tassal Tasmanian Salmon has to understand properly about the impacts of environment. The environmental impact is the main source of increasing amount of salmon fish. In order to carry out the proper business practice needs to improve and maintain the environmental impacts. This helps in creating a good platform of the firm sustainable strategy (King, 2016). The organization has aimed for the conservation, protection and also strengthen the environment for future and current generations. The firm needs to be focused on the ecological impacts and effects caused to biodiversity. In this situation, firm has used proper monitoring program and models to reduce the harmful effects causing to aquatic animals. The climatic change has caused a huge risk management issues for Tassal (Network, 2013). The firm has to act accordingly in order to eradicate the climatic change. 

Analyzing impact of environmental factors:

While carrying out the analysis on the environmental factors, the firms has to focus properly about the political or legal impacts, economic impact, socio-cultural impact and technological factors. 

The Government needs to reduce the tax at the time of export and   import of packaging Salmon fish. The political factor also helps in reducing   the tax while exporting. In this factors, the firm might follow policy and   regulations that are made by the Australian Government
The economic factors   help the proper operation of the firm. Moreover, the economic factors include   with the interest rate, recession, demand or supply and exchange rates.   Interest rate includes the while taking of loan from the bank. Demand   includes with salmon fish among the customers and supply includes with proper   supplying of products that is Salmon fish.

The social factors   include the change happening in the society. Moreover, the social affects the   cultural change that takes place while carrying the business (Fischer et al.2016). The social factors include the requirements of customers   and market size.

Tassal needs to use   new technical process to get the adequate amount of salmon fish without   affecting the aquatic animals. The innovation of the technology helps the   growth of the firm and helps properly compete in the competitive market.

Level of Competition:

Tassal Tasmanian Salmon has adequate supply of salmon fish at a reasonable price. This helps in bringing up competition in the competitive market. The firm also holds good in supplying the good quality a salmon fish among the customers in the locality and in other country (Brooks, 2013). The company is having another brand firm named as Banjo. Banjo helps in carrying the promotional activity of the salmon fish. Banjo’s manager tries to make proper activity to supply adequate amount o0f salmon fish. As the Tassal Tasmanian Salmon supply the fresh salmon fish to the customers in the locality and other countries. This helps to increase the strong level of competition with the other company having business in salmon fish.    

Importance of company:

The company has a huge importance of carrying out the salmon fish in a fresh quality to the customers. While at the time of export, Tassal Tasmanian Salmon uses proper packaging of the salmon fish. The company top priority belongs with an excellent quality of salmon fish supplying to the customers (Roth, 2017).  In order to carry out the proper supplying of salmon fish, the company has to keep in mind about the environmental impacts. The company has provided an immense effort while supplying fresh salmon fish to many customers.

Discussion of sustainability regarding strategy: 

Planning and strategy: 

The proper planning of the cost helps in getting the best quality product to the customers. The firm can also use online planning for the proper promotion of the salmon fish. The proper planning and strategy helps the company Tassal Tasmanian Salmon to supply adequately the salmon fish among the customers (Lisson, 2014).The company uses proper strategy to focus properly about the products in the society. Proper planning in traditional, modern and innovative ways help in holding a proper position by supplying adequate amount of salmon fish and helps to satisfy the customers.

Tassal holds properly about the mission, vision and values that are connected with sustainability. The mission of the firm states with the bringing properly about the sustainable heath. The company mission also focuses on the fresh product supplied to the consumers (Slack, 2015). In order to achieve the mission and vision, the firm works efficiently with the suppliers, workers, consumers and stakeholders for exact delivering of the products.

 The vision of the firm states with long-term supply of salmon fish in the locality and other country.  

The proper goal setting helps the company to spread among the community of Australia. The main goals include with the providing of healthy ecosystem (Martin, 2014). Moreover, the firms provide less cost of the salmon fish to the customers. 

Tassal Tasmanian Salmon has been raised up the Global Initiative from the previous year. The proper carrying out the sustainability helps in building the framework of the company (Galliers and Leidner, 2014). The proper building of sustainability helps in making proper decisions for the future growth o0f the company.   

Human resource management:

1) There are four types of competitive strategies performed in many company. These are cost leadership, differentiation focus, low-cost focus and differentiation. Tassal Tasmanian Salmon has focused with cost leadership strategy.

2) Tassal Tasmanian Salmon has managed properly for finding the right people to properly execute the work (Renwick et al.2013). Tassal recruits the staffs based on interviews and proper skills training on the aquatic animals. 

3) Tassal companies manage to maintain an effective workforce based on intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, proper supply of salary and wages among the staffs, compensation and benefits, equal compensation. 

4) Tassal has managed to develop an effective workforce on the carrying out proper training programs. The staffs belongs to to different academic field, hence a proper training helps in the develop the skills of the workers. 

5) Tassal performs properly about the training programs among the workers. This is the most important practice of Human Resource Management (HRM) activity that is carried out the Tassal (Alfes et al. 2013). The building of proper skills training helps in enhancing the communication skills, building up of attitudes of workers. Moreover, this human resource activity helps the firm to sustain for a long period. The proper enhancing of the training helps the staffs to perform efficiently. Hence, further increase the company's profit at a high amount especially in the salmon fish.


1) The proper leadership helps in proper execution of the work. There are almost 12 leadership style and these are team leadership, strategic leadership, facilitative leadership etc. Tassal Tasmanian Salmon performs the proper strategic leadership style. The strategic leadership helps the leader to perform to work properly in the firm. The effective leadership helps to properly deliver the products (Fairhurst and Connaughton, 2014). It helps in increasing the leadership to execute the work.

 2) Tassal Tasmanian Salmon has performed by carrying out the strategic leadership style. The leader helps in proper working of the company. Leaders create a high performance while working in group or team. The strategic leaders help in building up the gap at the time of proper execution of work. 

3) Tassal leaders helps in carrying out the work properly by the proper performance of work among the staffs. The leaders help increasing the motivation of the workers. The strategic leadership style helps in properly execution of work in the company of Tassal Tasmanian Salmon. There lies different power that is used by the leaders (Beck and Cowan, 2014). These powers include t5he legitimate power, referent power, multidimensional power etc. Tassal Tasmanian Salmon company’s leader performs the power of rewards. This rewards powers are more effective while making of work. There are4 many influential tactics performed by the leader of the firm. The leaders of Tassal performs mostly all the influential tactics including exchange, pressure, legitimating.  

4) Tassal leader has performed different inspirational planning to execute the assigned work. The main motive of the leadership is to execute the work properly at a given time. While doing this the leader has to inspire or motivate the workers for the proper execution of the work. The leaders have made the performance based on charismatic and transformational leadership (Ciulla, 2014). In the charismatic and transformational leadership are stated by providing the inspirational motivation for high level of performance among the staffs. 

5) The proper carrying of leadership in  Tassal helps in increasing level of work. This helps in supplying of fresh salmon fish among the locality. A proper leader helps in bringing new planning and helps in making of tough decisions. The leadership helps to motivate and inspire the workers for a high level of performance. 

 Controlling the value chain and technology:

  1) Tassal has performed properly on its operation management. The company must focus properly about the operation management to perform the correct practice of business. It is usually carried to earn maximum profit. This profit can be earned with the help of staffs, supply of product and service among the customers. Tassal has focused to create the maximum level of profit required in the firm.

2) The supply chain management is carried by Tassal to get maximize the value of customer and to achieve an extra advantage on the sustainable competitive (Antràs and Chor, 2013). The supply chain covers mostly with the products development, production, and information system. The proper supply chain helps in carrying out the products that is salmon fish among the customers at an adequate amount. This supply chain helps in delivering the product and service to every consumer. The supply chain helps to deliver the final products among the consumers. Tassal companies are highly required with supply chain to get the products among the consumers. 

3) New technology has implemented a huge production in the company of Tassal. Moreover, the proper use of innovative technology helps in increasing amount of work. The proper use of technology helps the company to reach a high competition in the competitive market. The proper use of technology helps in the growth of the firm (Ramanathan, 2014). This technology can include the machines that help in reducing the time at a considerable amount. 

4) The using of operation management, supply chain and technology helps in proper execution of the work. This has created the Tassal Company to grow rapidly and can reach among the consumers. The operational management helps the proper execution of work among the management. Supply chain helps to supply the finish products among the customers. Technology helps in the saving of time and reducing the chances of error. Moreover, all this things are required while exact performance of work.       

Future strategic management:

Tassal Tasmanian Salmon has made a proper commitment on the per capita income while taking the salmon fish among the consumers. This commitment has grown up in future and current market. The company tries to stay in the sustainable future for supplying an adequate salmon fish in Australia. In order to carry out the innovative market strategy helps in proper growth in the future. The salmon fish are supplied to the customers for the current and future generations. The proper future strategic management helps to carry out the salmon fish available at an adequate amount to the customers (Rothaermel, 2015). Moreover, the company has focused about implementing proper planning to get the salmon fish among the consumers. 

Tassal Tasmanian Salmon has an strategy to supply the seafood as a brand in the locality for the future use. This helps in increasing amount of seafood in the locality of Australia. Proper planning and future strategic management helps to carry the salmon fish in the future.   


The main aim of Tassal is to supply the seafood especially salmon fish among the local customers and outside consumers. The company needs to focus on the external market that depends completely about the export of the salmon fish. Tassal company must focus properly about adequate supply of salmon fish among the consumers. In order to carry the adequate supply of salmon fish, a proper strategic planning needs to enhance in the organization. There has been recommended that the climatic factors help in the growing of salmon fish. This recommendation helps in managing the natural environment of the salmon fish. The company has to focus on the environment of the aquatic animals such as salmon fish. There is another recommendation that is made in Tassal to get the proper approach of the society by available among the customers. The active response to the consumers for the product and services are obtained from the online sites of Tassal. The company provides huge seafood attraction in the website that helps the customers to consume the salmon fish and other items. It is also recommended that the proper planning help to develop the company mission, vision and values. Moreover, it is also recommended that the proper human resource management help to proper progress of work in the firm. In the human resource management, company can maintain and develop effective working. Moreover, it is also recommended that building up of proper leadership helps to execute the work properly among the staffs. The workers get the inspiration and motivation from the leaders. It has been recommended that the supply chain helps to supply the fresh fish among the consumers. The use of innovative technology helps in reducing the time as well as reduces the chances of error while working in the firm.          


It is been concluded that the management analysis helps in proper growth of the company that is Tassal. In the management, analysis there lies with different operation for execution of work in the firm. This includes with planning, discussion, human resource management, leadership and controlling the supply chain and technology. These all factors help in effective working in Tassal. Moreover, this factor helps to motivate the workers as well as helps to supply fresh salmon fish to the customers. The future strategic management helps to implement strategy in the future. This future strategy helps the customers to get the adequate amount of salmon fish in Australia.