Management Perspectives: Dell Computer Corportion

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University: Laureate International Iniversities

Subject Code: MGMT6012

Title: Management Perspectives

Learning Outcomes:

- Understand the nature of naturally occurring data and how this can be objectively analysed to inform your practice and influence your behaviour

- Analyse and discuss how the structure and characteristics of organisations can influence and constrain managers and their decision making

- Identify the range of organisational stakeholders and explain how managers can manage effective relationships with them to motivate, manage and lead them to a preferred decision outcome

- Apply a range of techniques and strategies to communicate effectively to a culturally diverse range of stakeholders


The assessment suite in this subject is designed to provide students with a framework to understand organisational behaviour, politics and the dynamics of the business environment. The assessment suite aims to equip students with the necessary skills to understand the constraints managers and emerging leaders face in developing strategies to leverage advantages and overcome constraints and barriers in organisations.

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With the daily emergence of new business and technological organizations, can helps to build up innovation. The need to assess one’s own skills has become obligatory because with each passing day the criterion for a suitable post in a firm is being revised. Therefore, it has become mandatory to keep a check on our areas of work especially when the post is of a manager, who has a full bag of responsibilities to fulfill. In the following is given a personal SWOT analysis where my strengths and weaknesses are discussed along with the opportunities and threats i face in the Dell Computer Corporation. It also lays down the necessary skills needed to equip to overcome the barriers in the organization. In addition, how much I am eligible for the post along with my ineligibility for the post. Discussions on my self-improvement that would definitely benefit the organization is also put forward.

The Organization

Dell Computer Corporation is an organization that deals with the systems of the computer. Michael Dell brought it into the market. The company's main motto is to sell the systems towards the customers. This will help to solve the customer requirement and to build up a proper effective computer system (Pollard, Chuo & Lee, 2016). Dell organization made the first design of computer system by their own name as Turbo PC. The organization branding is properly making a good reflection towards the customer and in proper grabbing in market business. The organization not only focuses on the systems of a computer but also making up printers of their own. But, now the company’s name has been changed to the Dell Inc due to a large scale of expansion towards the computer system. Organization share on the sales increased at a larger amount in the year of 2005. Organization comes at the first place as a Most Admirable company that is issued by a magazine. The company took out the manufacturing of software such as hardware and software. Dell has also become the manufacturing of Linux, which is a systems notebook, desktop, and laptop. Dell has also focused on their employee’s better performance by providing bonus or awards (Dell et al. 2015). An organization has expanded their proper serving of computer system by bringing new innovative technology through the new software. 


While conducting the research work by taking the selected the organization i.e. Dell Computer Corporation, the researcher can find different business strategy. Researcher has conducted both the primary and secondary research work while conducting study. Information is collected in the primary research such as market survey, experiments etc the researcher can know the market of the organization (Vaioleti, 2016). The market survey can be made by getting the right markets and products that is selling and buying of product. It can also help to get the exact size of market and proper investigation on the aspect of market. It can also help to get the reach of the customers of buying the product made by organization. Dell has a wide spread demand in the competitive market. In the secondary research study, the researcher gets the information from the authentic journal, books etc. There are a lot of information regarding the organization from the different authors (Tarone, Gass & Cohen, 2013).  It also takes an lower cost while considering the final product and also encourage employee for the better performance by providing rewards. These help the researcher to know the good face of the organization.  



While proper conducting of analysis, some tools will help in the  effective communication with the employee as well as with the managers. These tools include with Johari window model analysis and Myers Briggs help to know the proper communication. 

Johari Window: Johari window is the ability or skills that is used for better knowing of relationship among the people. Two psychologists named Ingham and Luft in the year of 1955 brought this model. In this model, it is divided into four phases that is self with arena, blind spot, and facade and unknown (Saxena, 2015). This works within a team or an individual, it lies with two factors firstly to know properly about yourself and secondly most important the citizen must know you. In the open area, it includes that anything known by you must be shared with the citizen or the locality for opening up of communication gap. Individual person can build the proper trust with others as well as with them by sharing information and learning. 

In the blind area, it includes that you don't know about yourself but the other citizen or peoples knows about the information (Othman et al. 2015). By getting the proper feedback, I can get the positive and negative information that will help me for the proper execution of the work.

In the hidden area, I can know the awareness instead of other people or citizen. It is also known as unknown area due to fact that area is unknown to me as well as other people. 

Balance between the four quadrants could be change depending upon the hidden area. As in the hidden area, I myself can tell the hidden aspect of others if it is known by me. While, I am not at all comfortable of giving information to the groups then I can give ideas to an individual that meanwhile can increase open area and reduce the hidden area of myself. 

By getting the data or information from the other people can also increase the space for open area communication. When that information is very true then it will reduce the blind area space. 

Myers Briggs:

Myers -Briggs is a tool that evaluates a person’s psychology predilections in making decisions after perceiving with people. It is generally a tool to test the interaction skills of a person with others and help them to communicate, work and learn in a more organized fashion. The Myers Briggs was designed by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. Their work was based on theory proposed by Carl Jung. He proposed that humans get to know the world by sensation, intuition, feeling and thinking and among all of these one dominates a person’s mind around the clock. The Myers-Briggs assessment is easily applicable and helps to provoke a positive drive to achieve excellence in work areas (Furnham, & Crump, 2015).This assessment helped me to work in a more fruitful form in a team, it helped me to know my personal strengths, areas of weakness. It helped to improve my performances with better action plans. It provided a more meaningful understanding of other people’s personality working in a team and hence helped to have an enhanced version of leadership qualities. It also helps to identify sources that could disrupt work and caused to function my work without any intervention. By improving the interaction skills feedbacks from others helped me to improve my individual performance and increase the productivity of the organization. it also assisted to skip stress driven situations and execute plans for managing stress (Bales, 2016). It aided in improving relationships that is a major factor in leading a team to perform a task. It deepens the understanding of communication that is of great importance in such organizations.   

Personal Swot Analysis


In order to carry out the analysis, the proper realization of SWOT will help the better knowing of the organization. 


Strength is the main point of the SWOT analysis. While carrying out this analysis on me, I have several works towards the proper working in the organization of Dell. I am a technically based student coming from IT background, I can easily solve out the networking problem. I am enough confident about the completion of the work at the given time. Moreover, I am a good learner and it will help me to learn the training properly on the computer systems. I can communicate very properly with every person; this will help me to work properly as an individual or in a team. I am well focused and determined to reach the goal efficiently. I am well confident as this organization requires an employee, who is enough confident of the given work. Moreover, I am flexible to work any given shift as per requirement by a company. I can execute the proper making of a decision if it includes taking a tough decision (Madsen, 2016).. I can also build up of proper teams or work force for proper execution of the job. Moreover, another strength that belongs to me that, I would like to finish the given job at a set time.


There will certain weakness when working in the organization of Dell, I have a certain weakness as like others (Živković, Nikolić, Djordjević, Mihajlović,  & Savić, 2015). . My weakness is that I am not comfortable until I finish the work at the given time. 


There will be a certain opportunity when working in the company Dell; there are several opportunities for all the employees including me. I can get an opportunity such as to build up more concepts on the computer systems. I can also build up more knowledge in the technical field. Moreover, while working in these organization for a long time will create immense opportunity, to get selected with other computer systems company (Rauch et al. 2015) . I can also get the opportunity of gathering more information related to a computer system. It will also help me to know properly about the company’s working keeping a competitive market strategy with other company. 


There will be certain threats when working with the organization of Dell. I would get the threats of the employee working in that organization. As the entire employee are capable of technical skills and knowledge. Therefore, this could create huge threats and high competition towards me.  

Placed or misplaced

In order to work in the organization of Dell, I am satisfied with the place given as a manager. I have to play a crucial role in the company’s growth and betterment. I have to perform certain roles while holding this position. I have to motivate the team members as well as the leaders for the proper execution of the job. Proper planning of the job will help to complete the work easily.  As the manager, I have the responsibility for the proper execution of job among the employee. Moreover, for building up of the proper decision a tough decision is highly required, for the proper solving up of problems relating to the computer system. Moreover, building up of motivation among employee will automatically help the proper working of the job. As the employees are given rewards and prizes and help them to motivate the proper execution of the work.  

Self Improvement

Self-improvement will help for a proper career built up in the organization. The self-improvement will lie with a presentation of new opportunity, increase the self-confidence and also for building up of better variety (Schaefer,Rao & Mahajan, 2015). In the new opportunity, will help in the proper growth of creating opportunity by reading develop articles, books etc. 

Self-esteem or self-confidence will help to carry out the dreams. While growing up, you must be enough confident about the dreams to fulfill the career. 

Another important self-improvement is getting a better style of you (Smeding, Darnon & Van Yperen, 2015). It will automatically build up to improve performance in work, business etc. This will help to improve the proper performance of the individual. 


The overall assessment clearly signifies that there are a whole lot of skills that must be equipped to fit for the post the manager in the organization of Dell Computer Organization. It also states the restrains an emerging leader face while executing new strategies to provide benefit to the organization. However proper analysis and some tools would improve the communication skills, leadership qualities and help to execute the work in a more improvised manner. The personal SWOT analysis predicts the areas to improve on and concludes my strengths which would be beneficial for the company.