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What is Managerial Economics?

Managerial economics, also known as Business economics primarily deals with the study and application of concepts of economics and their analysis for the purpose of making rational decisions that will be beneficial for the enterprise in the long run along with the short run. This is a branch of economics that uses microeconomic analysis and makes a connection between theories and practices around economics. It is majorly based on quantitative techniques like regression analysis, correlation and calculus. 

Managerial economics is a major part of any business. In current scenario, this is attracting a lot of attention as the managers are becoming more mindful of the potential of managerial economics in decision making process, and this potential is continuing to grow exponentially. So, what are the reasons for this increased role of managerial economics? There are few noted explanations.

  • There is a growing complexity in the business decision making process.
  • There has been a rapid hike in the demand for professionally trained managerial personnel.
  • Increase in accountability of managers.
  • The cost and benefits at stake are high in decision making process due to a rise in multinational companies. 

Objectives of Managerial Economics as noted in present scenario

Managerial economics is the new craze in business world today. But what does it really intend to achieve and what are its objectives? Read along.

  1. Integration of economic theory and business practice.
  2. Selection of business area and the choice of product.
  3. To aid in all round development of an enterprise.
  4. Minimizing risk and uncertainty.
  5. Determining minimum price of the product along with its output.
  6. Application of principles and concepts of economics for solving business problems.

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The high knowledge of our managerial economics assignment help experts stresses on the idea that this field of study is based around the science of directing scarce resources to manage the cost in a more effective manner. Managerial economics is mainly studied under three broad headings – Competitive markets, Market power and Imperfect markets. 

Irrespective of the market of the business, local or global, the same concepts of managerial economics are applicable across the entirety. Any enterprise or business trend can be analyzed according to the managerial economics concepts and principles. 

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  • Basic mathematics for economics, Market equilibrium
  • Basics of Managerial Economics, Consumer behavior, Demand estimation 
  • Theory and analysis, Risk assessment, markets, Strategic behavior, decision making, monopolistic competition
  • Theory of the firm, pricing models, efficiency, moral hazard
  • Perfect competition, market mechanism, expected utility
  • Production analysis, strategic reasoning, production and costs, perfect competition market
  • International trade and finance, fiscal policy, monetary policy

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