MANF6860- Term 1-2020 Strategic Manufacturing Management Answer

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Assignment 1

This assignment is worth 30% of your final mark. The completion of the assignment requires completion of three tasks: A, B, and C as explained below.

A- Company introduction:

The students need to choose their own manufacturing company, preferably related to their background.  
One company may play in different industries. The students need to clearly define the addressed industry in this assignment.   The product(s) of the company need to be clearly explained in terms of their function(s) and core
- The addressed industry (1 mark)
- Key function(s) of the product that satisfy the customer need (1 mark)
- Key components that directly affect the product functionality (1 mark)

B- Market analysis (7 marks):

The students need to explain the market by clarifying the following aspects of it:
- Suppliers of the components, especially the suppliers of key components (e.g. number of suppliers and the relationship of the company with them)  (2 marks)
- The specifications of the competitors’ products that satisfy the customer needs with a similar function (1 marks)
- The specifications of the products (possible) that can satisfy the same customer need but with different function (1 marks)

-  The customers’ preferences in purchase: buying from your company or buying from competitors or buying the products that satisfy the same need with different function (2 mark)
-  The role of government in the production of the product or its key components (1 mark)

C-  Application of Porter model:

1-  Describe the market dynamics in terms of Porter’s model (15 marks)  
2-  What generic strategy is relevant? What are the implications of this strategic approach? (5 marks)

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