MAR015-6 Entrepreneurship And Small Business Management: Assessment 1 Answer

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Unit title & codeEntrepreneurship and Small Business Management MAR015-6
Assignment number and titleAssignment 1 - A reflective report 
Assessment typeIndividual Report (CW-RW)
Weighting of assessment25%
Size or length of assessment1,000 words 
Unit learning outcomesDemonstrate the following knowledge and understanding
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the entrepreneurial character, start-up and growth strategies, and business planning. 
Demonstrate the following skills and abilities
Formulate and produce a comprehensive viable business model following a critical assessment of a market opportunity, using creativity, innovation, and an understanding of financial resource implications.

What am I required to do in this assignment?
A reflective report (25%) on whether you have entrepreneurial character traits and the implications for you, based upon online psychometric instruments including the General Enterprise Tendency test.  
Its aim is to get you to use the academic skills learned at Business School 1 to help you assess whether you have the character traits and other characteristics of an entrepreneur and to reflect on the implications of this. 
Complete the General Enterprise Tendency test (GET) on Explain the meaning of the results (see chapter 2 New Venture Creation). A copy of your test results must be submitted with your report. 
Provide evidence that supports (or contradicts) these results. For example:
  • Other psychometrics tests such as the ‘AULIVE’ creativity test on Please acknowledge the use of any test results that have been submitted on other MBA assessments. A copy of any other tests relied upon must also be submitted with your report. 
  • Examples of your actions and behaviours over your life and business career. 
Give a brief account of the antecedent influences on your character traits such as education, family background, work experience etc., linking specific influences with specific traits wherever possible. 
Reflect on and provide conclusions about your character traits and the implications for your career aspirations. Please do not include any elements that have been submitted marked in previous submissions.   
What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)

  • Show evidence of relevant topic research
  • Through evidence of critical analysis reflect upon your personal qualities or character traits in respect of those of an entrepreneur by effective use of psychometric instruments
  • Demonstrate adequate evidence of analysis and evaluation of results of the self-assessment exercises
  • Present your work as a formal report and include references in Harvard style within the text and in the reference list
How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
We will be filling this section in together in class on Click or tap to enter a date. make sure you have downloaded/printed out the Assignment Brief and bring it to the session with you.
How does assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
The assignment focuses on your entrepreneurial character traits discussed in Business School 1. The aim is to get you to use the academic skills learnt to help you assess your character traits and other characteristics of an entrepreneur and to reflect on the implications of this.

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Answer :

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Assignment 1 - A reflective report

1. Introduction

The general measure of Enterprising Tendency test (GET2) is a process of developing measurement of tendencies of enterprising that is self-assessed through educational means. Sally Caird and Cliff Johnson introduced this test in Business School of Durham University from 1987 to 1988. The basic ideology of the principle is to test the characteristics of entrepreneurship in a person through educational assessment and training. The practice acquires the scores of the individual on the basis of analysing five different factors. The report aims to analyse and evaluate a reflective statement on the assessor's GET2 test. The family background, education and work experiences impact the reflector’s traits of entrepreneurial tendencies. The personal statements conclude reflective inferences of the individual. 

2. Enterprising tendency test

The overall score of my GET2 is 80% (Appendix 1) indicating that I possess positive traits and enterprising characteristics are my strength. 

a. Need for achievement 

The score of this section has been rated medium where I witnessed variant possible traits as a part of my achievement. I am pretty future-oriented and reliant on my own ability. I am optimistic and avoid pessimism. I take tasks very seriously and dedicate my time to effectively manage. The results also reflect that I have a strong drive and being restless, I possess high energy levels. I am opinionated and stand by to defend my ideas and perceptions. My determination power is strong that ensure I can objectify certain goals and meet them on time through effective management qualities I have. I am responsible and persistent that helps me to set realistic goals for challenging situations. I am willing to work hard and for a longer time to complete the necessities and do not feel the urgency to keep things delayed. 

b. Need for autonomy 

My need for autonomy scores reflects a medium rate that indicates I am capable of understanding and recognising my independence and individuality. The traits help me being a determined personality where I enjoy working with happiness and offer the organisation a scope to explore my intrapreneur skills. I respect and enjoy my workplace. In case I come up with a start-up plan, I have the capability of cultivating strong leadership qualities that can influence other members to showcase their skills as well. Eventually, the report indicates that a personal business plan is the only option for me where I can become an ideal to manage and lead a group of individuals with equal contentment and successfully fulfil projects.

c. Creative Tendency 

The GET2 test reflects a high rate in my creative tendencies. The certain qualities that make my scores of creativity high are strong imagination power, innovative instilled thoughts, the intuition of new ideas and approaches. I am capable of synthesising new ideas and tend to gather proper knowledge regarding them that can provide me with a clear conception to prove my perceptions. I am very conscious of changes coming in my line and oriented to manage and adapt them efficiently. Challenges always pop up on the path of innovation and I certainly feel privileged to have the knack of problem-solving skills and versatility. The score suggests I am a strongly creative person that I express or can do through artistic paths, inventive things or innovation. My GET2 test is also supported with the Creativity test where I scored 61.7% (Appendix 2). As per the score, I am persistent which allows me to innovate new solutions for problems while I am able to quantify large information to make a connection between the information. However, I lack the boldness to go beyond the limited boundaries which restricts my actions. 

It not always the case that a creative person has to be enterprising and therefore, the indications of my result reflect the same conclusion (Fillis & Rentschler, 2010). Hence, I may not be ready or willing to start my business but I am aware of all the opportunities that can come my way and I feel inclined to pursue them efficiently. The other fact is that enterprising could also be not the only way to express my creativity and I can tend to choose some other path for expressing it. Creative Tendency

d. Calculated Risk-Taking

The test results of calculating risk-taking rates me on a scale of the medium where I am able to recognise myself for taking decisions and capable of calculating actions that can succeed. However, I enjoy being tried and tested that brings out the notion of choosing amongst perfection making the deals less risky. The potential business idea always makes me go through detailed thoughts of the risk factors that can bore some sacrifices. 

e. Locus of Control

I have a high locus of control score that makes me an opportunist for seeking advantages in every space. I am highly self-confident and not overconfident that I believe make me control my destiny rather than being controlled by fate. I am proactive where I can take personal responsibilities and navigate through issues arising in and aiming to succeed. I am determined where to express my strength and seek to exert

3. Antecedent influences of character traits 

a. Family Background

I have been born and brought up in a positive environment where my family always loved and motivated me. It is the credit of my guides who understood and influenced my traits at a tender age and help me to polish it. I feel free to take my decisions and I have been taught to believe in myself and responsibly take responsibilities. Despite being in such positive ambience, problems have been definitely a part of my life that is common. However, relationship adversities and distrust are not that I ever confronted but huge challenges. The challenges popping up in the ways and my capability of getting through them have led me to become more eligible in situational development.  

b. Work experience 

I have been working in the management section of a reputed financial institution for a long time where I have learned lots of self-skills, quality and workplace-related training. The purpose of my learnings has been fruitful all the way as I tried implying whatever I have learnt and got positive results as well. 

4. Reflection and conclusion

Working for a long era in an international company has taught me many valuable lessons and improvised my skills. I have a strong belief that I can achieve my dreams and try to express my creativity in the most effective styles. I am reasonable with my choices and as far as the GET2 results are concerned, I know I can utilise my best scores and improvise all the areas required.