MARK3005 Retail Marketing: Coursework 2 Answer

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Coursework 2

Learning Outcomes (LO) to Be Assessed:
  1. Students should understand the use of major retail marketing tools for generating a competitive advantage and a position within a market.  In specific cases, they should be able to critically evaluate the operational use of these tools and be able to suggest ways to improve performance.
Module Title:Retail Marketing 
Module Code:MARK3005
Assignment Title:Coursework 2
Length:1,500 words (+/- 10%)

Instructions to Students

This is an individual report of 1500 words plus references, tables, graphs and appendices (if applicable), which is to be submitted via Turnitin. 

 This report is a continuation of your coursework one, and you are still a Marketing executive for a retail organisation that you have chosen for CW1. Remember, this organisation needs to be offering products and/or services to individuals (i.e. B2C). The organisation can be an overseas company, yet it should have a website in English (so that the teaching team can engage with your report).

In your role as a Marketing executive, you have been asked by the Marketing Director to produce an original report assessing the company’s financial performance and identifying what actions they need to take to ensure that they remain profitable.

Your report should cover the following points: 

Section A

1: Prepare financial analysis for your chosen retailer comparing its present to past performance and the performance of its competitors. You must use the following KPI’s (Key performance indicators)

  • Total Sales or sometimes known as Gross Sales
  • Gross Margin (gross margin= total sales - the cost of goods sold/total sales)
  • Net Margin (net margin = total sales – total cost/total sales).

2: Explain your chosen retail’s position in the marketplace and prospects for the future.  Is it future promising or questionable? 

Section B

1: What does your chosen retailer need to do in the future to provide strong financial returns? Why?

  • You will need to go back to your coursework one findings relating to the growth opportunities you have identified. Is this something which the company can implement easily? Is the company in a good financial position to pursue these opportunities?

2: The retailer’s overall strategy: in coursework one you have identified elements of the retail strategy, which require improving, in this section, you will need to provide a detailed explanation if these growth opportunities will enhance the retailer’s overall strategy or not.

Report Structure

You are required to structure your report around the following headings:

Title Page (the title of the report, student number, module name & code, tutor name, submission date, word count) (Title page is not weighted.)

Content Page 

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Financial Analysis 

1.2  Total Sales 

1.3 Gross Margin 

1.4 Net Margin 

2.0 Market position 

3.0 Future Plans 

3.1 How would these future plans affect the retail’s strategy?

4.0 Conclusion 

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