Marketing Communication Activities Of British Airways

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Assessment Brief University of Chester

Learning Outcomes Covered On successfully completing this module, students should be able to:

Undertake detailed contextual critical analysis for an organisation of their choice using appropriate concepts, methods and tools - such as Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, and Direct Marketing. Students will understand basic Marketing Theory (Segmentation, targeting and positioning) along with Communications Theory.

Construct a strategic marketing communications plan that utilised basic theories and concepts such as: Consumer Buying Behaviour Process, Communications Process, Innovation-Adoption Theory, VALS Segmentation Strategy, SOSTAC Framework, push/pull/profile Strategies.

Critically analysis and develop a marketing communications strategy, with concepts for use in a global organisation and show a plan how to set up a Product Life Cycle Management Plan, Marketing Spend Budget and Pricing Plan.

Measure the effectiveness of marketing communications strategy, with the utility of Case Studies for international and multinational organisations.

Instructions for students

Assessment Details:

Produce a report with critical analysis on how an international organization of your choice, through its integrated marketing communication programme is marketing a specific product within its product range to a specific target market and evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing communication programme. ( You should agree on the chosen organization in advance with your Module Tutor)

You are required to;

Brief description of the company and its range of products and an analysis of the specific product and profiling of the target market. (10 marks)

Provide a report to critically evaluate the characteristics, features and effectiveness of the marketing communications tools of that chosen organization. (30 marks)

You are required to devise a strategic marketing communication plan to market the product in the UK. (30 marks)

You are required to develop a marketing communication strategy and evaluate how all the elements of Communication Process do apply within the global context. (30 marks)

Total 100 marks.

Total word count of 4000 +/- 10%

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Assessment Brief University of Chester

It is highly recommended that you research information from published Books, academic Journals and use the additional articles provided during the lectures. It is also recommended to reference all of your work to indicate high academic quality and a lower plagiarism level. Also consult the extensive lectures notes and discussions held during classes to help you provide real industry examples in your discussion

Resources to support students

Essential Reading:

e Egan, J. (2014). Marketing Communications, (2 Ed) London: Cengage online e Blythe, J. (2012). Essentials of Marketing Communications (5" ed). Harlow, England: Pearson

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Executive Summary

Marketing communication strategies in the business organisations refer to the application of the fruitful processes that helps an organisation to improve the quality of their interaction with that company. With the proper and effective use of the communicative tools, the managements can better able to identify their functional drawbacks along with the future scopes to improve the quality of their interaction with target audiences. Therefore, in this report, the marketing communication activities of one of the leading Airline companies in UK that is British Airways. This report also possesses the strategies regarding the future development of the different marketing communication processes effectively.


A number of tools, channels and processes are involved in the application of the marketing communications. The concept and idea of the marketing communications are quite necessary for the managements of the business organisations to meet their functional objectives effectively. Even, the desired market area for the organisations are also well connected through the application of marketing communications. Existing as one of the most significant parts of the marketing mix, the impact of the communication can be well identified since the promotional activities and throughout the entire marketing functions. Therefore, in the context of British Airways, it has been clearly observed that the prime focus of the marketing communications of this company has fallen on the enrichment of the status of the interrelationship of this company with its different stakeholders.

a. Brief description of British Airways and its range of products and an analysis of the specific product and profiling of the target market

It has been identified by Jenatabadi (2013) that the urge for a good quality transport service is one of the basic requirements of people. In the UK context, there are several processes through which people can travel from one place to another. Several companies are also attached with this transport industry. Particularly, in the context of international travels and tours, the impact of the airlines companies is the most. Therefore, through the world, the existence of different airlines companies can be identified.

In the UK context, British Airways has occupied the second position among all the airlines companies, just after EasyJet (, 2016). Established in 1972, the primary authority of this company was on the UK government. However, in the recent times, this company has been operating its services as the largest airline company regarding the size of its fleet. Palmeret al. (2016) has identified in this context that the Heathrow Airport in London is the fundamental centre of the British Airways. The quality of foods and other associated services that are provided to the service users during flight is also quite satisfactory. Now-a-days, the name of this company in the area of airlines transport has become a brand to which the service users are attracted. Its relationship with the trade unions and representative associations has enabled it to earn a great amount of revenue, too.

Social Acceptance Score of British Airways

Figure 1: Social Acceptance Score of British Airways

(Source:, 2016)

The above-mentioned graph represents the fact that the influence of the British Airways on the UK service users is the greatest among other similar companies. This company has achieved the highest positive feedback with the impact of its own image and brand (, 2016). However, in this competition, EasyJet is quite close to it. Other similar companies in this context such as Ryanair, Flybe and Monarch are quite led behind.

It has been observed that the management of British Airways has been providing its services through the offers regarding several types of cabins for several kinds of passengers. These services are related to the travelling facilities for the British Airways passengers(, 2016). There are the economy class cabins in the flights of British Airways whereas there are also the business class cabins. The seating arrangements of this company is comfortable and passenger friendly. On the other hand, in the sector of Airbus, this company has also been successfully maintaining the separate aspects and functions of First class, Business Class, Economy and the Premium Economy (, 2016). 

There is Travel Agency Model that can be mentioned regarding the application of the travelling services. According to the concept of this model, the travel companies are liable and responsible to offer the audiences about the services and facilities including information on package systems, too. In the next step, after the customers become aware of the facilities and offers provided by the travel agency, they willingly purchase the products and services from that particular organisation (Díaz et al. 2015). For example, in the case of British Airways, the clients become aware of the travelling services provide by the British Airways. In the further step, they enjoy the services and products during travelling and finally through satisfying the service users with their quality products, the management of British Airways enables to earn competitive advantage and revenue from the market.

Segmentation, targeting and positioning is a systematic process through which an organisation is able to target and position itself in a competitive market. There are different types of segmentation strategies like as geographic, psychographic, behavioural and demographic. It is seen that British Airways has its business all over the world where it’s main and core business is aviation and cargo that is moving people and goods from one part to another. The main focus is to provide consumers comfort and premium services. Therefore, the main target of this company is the premium consumers for its products. In this context, the use of Geographic segmentation would be effective for distinguishing and differentiating its services in different geographic areas. However, for flights from UK, British Airways can go with behavioural segmentation which focuses on segmenting consumers based on their behaviour towards a particular product and services. The main services provided by the company is premium range travelling service which are filled with leisure products. In this context, among different targeting strategies, the company can make use of concentrated marketing strategy (Shimp & Andrews, 2012). In a concentrated targeting strategy, a single group is targeted whereas other target groups are excluded keeping in mind that other segments might not be able to buy the products and services. As premium consumers would be the main and one and only target group, quality of products needs to be high and fit for purpose that is for premium consumers. Through this, they can able to attract positive customer attention. Thus, segmenting the consumers based on behavioural segmentation and targeting through concentrated strategy, British Airways can position itself as high quality moderate pricing travelling service provider which will help the company to gain competitive advantage in the market. The next section analyses the life cycle of the products of British Airways. 

Shimp & Andrews (2012) remarked that there are four stages in the life cycle of products. They are introduction, development, maturity and decline of a product. A product after being introduced in a market gains huge growth if marketing communication strategies are being used properly. However, due to new entrants into a market or due to competitive rivalry or new product development, a product approaches its maturity stage and consequently, decline of the product occurs. As far as British Airways is concerned, the travelling service is its core business where this service is in its maturity stage as this product helps in providing the largest revenue for the company.  The below SWOT analysis provides an in-depth view regarding the current situation of the products of the company. 

  • High quality services 
  • Premium services for premium consumers 
  • High price of products 
  • Limited variety of products 
  • Gain competitive advantage by using proper marketing communication tools 
  • Increase the market share and consumer base globally 
  • High  competitively rivalry in the aviation market 
  • Uncertainty in the travelling and aviation industry

Table 1: SWOT analysis

(Source:, 2016)

Thus, from the above strong analysis, it is seen that the travelling service provided by the company are of high quality and are capable of gaining competitive advantage. Even though, there is high competitive rivalry as well as uncertainty in the market, with the premium services aiming at premium consumers, the company can be able to gain competitive advantage. 

b. Critical evaluation of the characteristics, features and effectiveness of the marketing communications tools of British Airways

In the case of British Airways, the management of this company has been using a range of marketing tools regarding its functional activities in order to meet the business objectives and purposes. Shimp & Andrews (2012) has identified that the marketing tools used by this company are entirely strategic and effective in their characteristics. The management of this company is always involved in analysing their requirements regarding the business target. In the primary step of this process, the British Airways management generally focuses on the development of the positive as well as fruitful relationship with their service users so that they become satisfied with the quality of their services.

It has been observed earlier that the management of British Airways has been operating as one of the most influential airlines companies in the UK context. It uses to offer several new discounts on the travels such as Rs.25000 cash back on the Intl Flights along with the innovation of some special features in their services, too (, 2016). Therefore, it is also quite obvious that in the extreme competitive scenario regarding the business of a number of airlines companies, this company needs to make their target audiences aware of the implementation of those new strategies. Through this, they can improve the level of the customer attention towards their services that is beneficial for the development of their business activities. As stated by Halpern & Graham (2013), the British Airways involves itself in the use of a number of marketing communication tools in order to get close to its service users.

Among several types of marketing communication tools, the management of British Airways has been applying the strategies of attractive promotional activities, advertisement, and use of social media, email and phone messages along with the arrangement of the conferences. Even, the application of all these communication processes is also helpful to collect the necessary feedback from the service users regarding the quality of the services provided by the British Airways.

 Marketing Communication tools of British Airways

Figure 2: Marketing Communication tools of British Airways

(Source: Burns & Cowlishaw, 2014)


In the internal scenario of competition among several airlines companies, the position of British Airways is almost at the top. In order to hold that position, the management of this company has realised that they needed to come close to their service users in order to make them aware of their latest offers and services. Advertising of those offers and services is the strategy taken by this company such as TV and newspaper. Through this, around 43 million people are attracted to this company.According to Burns & Cowlishaw(2014), in the advertisements telecasted in TV and in other mass media, the service users become aware of those. On the other hand, different new service users who were accustomed with the services provided by the other existing airlines companies also move towards the advertisement. Due to this, the number of the service users of British Airways has gradually been developing with the change of time. It reveals the fact that the application of the advertising is effective for both the promotion of new services of British Airways as well as to achieve a greater range of service users, too.

Operating as one of the UK’s leading airlines companies, British Airways has been maintaining its business through providing a good quality travelling facilities for the service users for last one and a half month (, 2016). The objective behind the application of the advertisements as one of the most useful communication tools is to be the most improved as well as leading airlines companies in the world. In fact, the advertising process is helpful in making the audiences aware of the latest news of their innovation.

The management of British Airways follows and applies the process of advertising through setting their budget and cost. They have focused on providing a good quality products and service to their customers with a long-term vision. On the other hand, through evaluating their functional drawbacks, they are trying to improve the quality of their services for future. In this context, the management maintains its advertising strategy through TV, magazines, direct mail, audio and onboard media too (Cornelissen, 2014). Most of the advertisement tools are online processes such as you tube. Therefore, the cost and budget of the advertisement is a little part of their entire communication plans and procedures. In case of using TV, the company has come with an advert that helpsconsumers to be aware about the benefits of using premium airline services from BA. One example is that of advert named as London, came in 2012 which the company has used for promoting its services and products. However, this is not the first time the company has made use of any TV advert. The PJ O’Rourke (1999), Club World Sleeper Service (2003) and the Good Life (2008) are other famous TV advertisements that the company has made use of for promoting its products as well as creating product awareness (, 2016). On the other hand, for online advertising tools, poster images containing the cost and benefits of using the services are used. Thus, the company is able to gain benefit from both the traditional and non traditional advertising strategies. Te below image is an example of the online posters used for penetrating consumers.

Through attracting the attention of new customers with advertisements, the management of British Airways can able to improve their market share in the UK airlines industry. As due to this they also enable to reduce the percentage of market share of other similar companies (Wells, 2014). Therefore, through this, the sales level of this company increases and the customers are attracted to the posters along with their features and facilities provided by this company.

Online advertisement poster used by British Airways

Figure 3: Online advertisement poster used by British Airways

(Source:, 2016)

The effectiveness of the advertising by the management of British Airways lies in the return of profit along with competitive advantages. Through this communication tool, the management of this airline company enables to satisfy the requirements of their customers and earn beneficial profit from the competitive market.

Use of social media

The impact of the social media is very prominent in creating a connection among several variables in any of the industries. However, in the particular sector of the business industry, this influence is the most regarding the development of a smooth relationship and connection. It has been stated by Hudson & Thal (2013) that majority of the UK people along with the service users of British Airways are well attached with the social media. Social media is helpful for the customers or service users in order to get the latest information about the functional activities of a certain company and to help them to be updated regarding those.

Rate of the use of Social Media by UK airlines companies

Figure 4: Rate of the use of Social Media by UK airlines companies

(Source:, 2016)

The management of British Airways is associated with a number of social media and channels, such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn along with the Google+. Through this, the newly interestedcustomers can be aware of the necessary information about the properties and aspects of British Airways whereas the already existing customers can also update themselves regarding the innovation of the latest promotions and offers of this company. From the statistical diagram given above, it is quite clear that British Airways ranks 8 and 2 in using the Facebook and Twitter respectively (, 2016). On the other hand, in keeping their marketing related connection with the audiences, this company has occupied the third position among several other airlines companies. Through the social media, the management of this company usually let the audiences aware of their services regarding online ticket booking, its availability with associated conditions and other information. Therefore, the customers are not confused regarding collecting necessary information.

It has been noticed by the management of British Airways that modern people are greatly concerned with the use and application of social media. As a result, they prefer to collect necessary information regarding the current activities of this company through searching the social media. British Airways is significantly active in Instagram and Twitter through which they can able to engage technologically with their customers in each and every moment (Kumar, Choi & Greene, 2016). Even, they can also provide a range of graphical and theoretical presentations to the service users regarding their quality of the services.

Email and phone messages

The management of British Airways has been using the email and direct phone messages as one of their marketing communication tools for a long time. As this company is well attached with the application of the internet and developed technologies, the use of emails and phone messages is quite prominent (Bernabe-Moren 2012). The management of British Airways has initiated the process of online ticket booking facilities for their service users that is definitely easy to access. Through this process, the service users need not to worry about the booking of their tickets. British Airways authority maintains to keep them always aware of the date and time for their service consumption through sending those messages in their phones time to time so that they will not miss the flight(Armstronget al 2014). On the other hand, through emails, the management of British Airways can also make the service users aware of the latest offers and facilities that have been initiated by the company. Even, they also urge from the service users for providing their feedback. Through this, they can able to identify their functional drawbacks as well as can also select the way through which they can successfully able to overcome those drawbacks.

Arrangement of conferences

Through the arrangement of several conferences, the management of British Airways can able to direct communicate with their service users as well as with other audiences. In this type of communication, the management can collect the direct feedback from the side of the customers whereas the customers can also be aware of the strategies and facilities provided by this company (Strauss, 2016). Although it is a fact that through this process, a selected group and number of audiences can only get the opportunity to communicate with this company, however, through this direct communication, the statements and responses from the audiences are considered as the most genuine. Even, in the conferences, the management of British Airways can able to declare of their newly initiated policies and facilities due to which the service users can be benefitted greatly. Therefore, it can be stated that public conferences is the only process of marketing communication that is completely direct and face-to-face applied by British Airways in order to develop their interaction with their target audiences. In the 2016 WAI Conference Information, it has been identified that through the Connect-Engage-Inspire strategy, both the speakers and the audiences were influenced (Strauss, 2016). The centre of the conference was Hilton Trinidad.

The effectiveness of the conferences is embedded in developing a direct as well as physical communication between the management of British Airport and its target audiences (Rogers & Davidson, 2015). Even through this the consumers can also able to solve their queries by asking those to the company representatives at the conferences. As a result, the acceptability, reliability and genuineness of British Airways significantly increase.

c. Planning of a strategic marketing communication to market the products and services of British Airways in the UK

Marketing communication is the process through which the business managements can develop an interactive relationship with the target audiences. Through the effective application of the marketing tools, the managements of the business organisations can also improve the status of their businesses. The current messages from the business companies are successfully delivered from the business companies with the application of these marketing tools to the external audiences. 

Analysis of the current situation of British Airways

Financial status of UK Airlines companies

Figure 5: Financial status of UK Airlines companies

(Source:, 2016)

It is quite obvious from the above-mentioned graph that in the UK context, the financial support and market share of the British Airways is just after EasyJet. The market share and financial strength of this company are also quite satisfactory. The graph shows the fact that among all the UK airlines companies, now-a-days, British Airways shares its market around 16.3% whereas that of the EayJet is 37.6% (, 2016). Surprisingly, the market share of other similar companies such as Virgin Atlantic, Monarch Airlines and Ryanair are below 10% individually. On the other hand, there are around 43 million people who have been using the services of this company. Therefore, it is quite prominent that this company needs to develop the quality of its communication with target audiences effectively. 

The organisational benefits are associated with the financial stability and development with the changes of time. The several components that exist within the marketing communication are needed to be accurately collaborated in order to get the maximum advantage. Cornelissen (2014) stated that the management of British Airways needs to offer a lot of attractive facilities with a improved quality service so that additional service users feel attracted to enjoy their services. This is entirely helpful for British Airways for occupying a better position in the airlines industry in UK.

Customer analysis of British Airways:

The customers of British Airways have their different types of demands. With the increasing quality of the services and products of other existing airlines companies, the expectation of the customers of this company is also improving. As stated by Grundy and Moxon (2013), the consumers expect a perfect balance between the demand and supply of products of this company. On the other hand, the elite class travellers have also their demand to have a high quality service and facilities. The entertainment facilities with the application of fruitful technological applications are also another demand from the product users.

Market analysis of British Airways:

  • The political condition of the UK is stable that helps in the development of the services of British Airways
  • With the decision of leaving the EU by the UK provides a confusing environment for the business of this company (Yuksel, 2012)

  • The GDP growth rate is high of the UK and therefore it has a positive impact on the improvement of the financial strength of this company
  • The growing economy of thr UK context

  • the availability of the service users from the society is helpful for the flourish of the business of British Airways

  • With the advancement of the application of the modern science, the technologies related to the airlines services have been improved. Even, the implementation of more comfortable services has enabled the British Airways to attract the attention of their customers.

  • Through the services of the British Airways, the external environment is quite affected. However, the management of this company has focused on controlling the environmental pollution by applying new technologies (Grunig and Kühn, 2015).

  • The management of British Airwaysis liable and responsible to abide by the rules and regulations of the UK government regarding the services to their customers. Through the application of the customer related legislations and acts, the management of British Airways can able to avoid any illegal offences effectively. Therefore, the quality of their relation with their service users improves.

Table 2: PESTEL analysis of British Airways

(Source: Grunig and Kühn, 2015)

Organisational goals and objectives

There are mainly two types of functional goals that can be identified in the activities of British Airways, such as, general goals and strategic goals. As observed by Budd & Vorley (2013), it is the prime goal of majority of the business organisations to occupy the topmost position in the global market and British Airways is no exception in this context. The management of this company has its fundamental goal to be the leading airline company in the global market. Due to this, they have been concentrating on the satisfaction and comfortable for the service users affectionately. On the other hand, through meeting the requirements and expectations of the service users, they also want to attract the attention of some other service users, too.

According to the strategic goals, the management of British Airways has focused on the development of the quality of their services for the passengers (Wilson & Gilligan, 2012). Through meeting the needs of the majority of the passengers, they can able to enrich the quality of their customer loyalty.

Among the identified objectives of British Airways, it can be stated that as there are many stakeholders within the functional activities of British Airways, such as, investors, shareholders, airport authorities, employees, labourer unions, partners, suppliers, competitors, media along with the organisational management. One of the major objectives of British Airways is to create an effective collaboration among those stakeholders. On the other hand, the involvement of the sufficient marketing staffs and quality specialists in the maintenance of communication are also some other objectives. Batra & Keller (2016) has quite successfully noticed the fact that the management of has also its focus on the customer-related services in order to achieve their positive feedback against those. Even, the proper maintenance of their flights also helps them to develop customer loyalty.

Target audiences

It is very necessary for the management of each business organisations to select their target audiences as this is helpful for the fulfilling of their requirements. In fact, with the strategic analysis of the target audiences, the business organisations can able to proceed through a specific concentration. Through the impact of the advertising along with the responses of the customers in the conferences, the management of British Airways has enabled to identify their target audiences. In current days, the management of British Airways has been operating their functional activities through focusing on only the elite class people as the cost of the travel by this company is only affordable by those people(Markides, 2013). However, in order to demonstrate and stretch the boundaries of their services, the management of British Airways needs to accept the procedures through which they can also successfully serve their best for more service users. Once an additional range of service users are attracted with their different categories of expectations and demands, it may positively impact on the improvement of upgrading service quality regarding the fulfilling the requirements of them all. The management of British Airways needs also to concentrate on the cost of the services provided this company.

In order to make it sure that the target audiences is well aware and attached to the products that a company offers to them, the impact of push strategy is significant. Through this, a direct relationship grows between the managements of the organisations and their target audiences. The medium of push strategy can be observed mainly in advertisements. The market demand in fact pushes the British Airways to research and develop the quality of their services and produce the principles of those services according to that. However, Di Stefano Gambardella & Verona (2012) stated that the external market demand for the services of this company pulls the marketing and R&D department to increase their capabilities and efficiencies as per their quality. Through this, the functional activities are developed based on the needs of the target audiences.

Therefore, it is quite clear from the above discussion that in order to develop an effective marketing communication plan for British Airways, seven specific steps are needed to be followed strictly. These steps are the identification of the most beneficial target audiences, promotional activities among the service users, development of the identity of organisational brand as well as the collection of customer feedback (Austin & Pinkleton, 2015). Similarly, selection of the marketing mix, measurement of the popularity of the company and finally the analysis of the interests and choices of the service users are also to be considered in this regard.

d. Development of a marketing communication strategy and evaluation of the application of all the elements of Communication Process within the global context of British Airways

Communication strategies

Among a number of communication strategies, such as Pull strategies, Push strategies and Profile strategies, the management of British Airways is involved in following the principles of Push strategy. As per this strategy, this company uses the application of advertisement as a strong communicating media along with the conferences and social media for the promotion of their newly applied facilities (, 2016). Through this, they can also able to locate their target audiences. However, in order to develop a plan for the strategic marketing communication of British Airways, the management can apply the principles of Pull strategy that is helpful for the development of the direct communication with the service users regarding the promotional activities.

In order to develop a marketing plan for communication strategy for British Airways, the first step is to the identification and understanding of the target audiences. This is helpful for the analysis of their demand, expectations and design of their future marketing strategies according to that. Customer demand is also helpful in the exposition of deriving unique selling strategies in order to gain the competitive advantages (Westwood, 2013). However, in the case of British Airways, the impact of the customer-centric strategies can also able to enrich the brand name and customer loyalty. In this process, one of the prime responsibilities of this company is to make it sure that all the information provided to the audiences are genuine and consistent.

After that, selection of the marketing mix for British Airways in order to enhance the service quality and customer retention towards this company is also significant in the UK airlines transport industry. Even, in order to identify their capacities and functional drawbacks, the impact of customer feedback process is also necessary. Through this, they can able to discover the processes that may help them to improve the quality of their services to better satisfy their service users.

Communication elements

There are basically five elements that are associated with the concept of marketing communication strategy, such as, components, strategies, benefits, considerations along with the expert insight. In the context of British Airways, it can be observed that the management of this company are partly effective in the development of their marketing communication strategies due to which they cannot able to occupy the first position among the UK airlines companies. According to Narangajavanaet al. (2014), a number of communication components such as advertising, social media, conferences along with the email and phone messages are effective in the maintenance of their successful marketing communication with their target audiences. However, as there are some lacking in the process of conference, the management of British Airways needs to arrange a larger area where they can able to gather more audiences during their promotions. Even, the application of the celebrity promotion in the public conferences is also healthy for the development of the reputation of this company. Through this, the relationship between the service users and the company authority is developed along with the improvement of customer loyalty.

On the other hand, in the case of British Airways, it has also been noticed that there are some drawbacks in the effective collaboration of all the marketing communication elements such as media, message, sender, receiver, encoding, decoding, response and feedback.

Marketing Communication Elements of British Airways

Figure 6: Marketing Communication Elements of British Airways

(Source: Narangajavanaet al. 2014)

Due to the extreme involvement in the social media, they have their lacking in promoting their functional updates in other mass media such as newspaper and TV. In order to overcome that, the management of British Airways needs to use the communication channels properly.  Through this, necessary messages can also be delivered to the target audiences easily. Similarly, the role of the company management is sender and that of the audiences is receiver here regarding the delivery of data and messages. Sometimes, it can also be observed that the communications are merely verbal. Therefore, the useful application of the symbols and number are considered as encoding that are delivered to the receivers by the sender (Jareankieatbovorn & Cohen, 2016). In this context, through the strategic application of decoding, the receiver can able to transform the symbols into meaningful ideas. As mentioned by Austin & Pinkleton (2015), the management of British Airways needs to use the concept of these symbols in a easier way so that the audiences can analyse those within short time and can provide their valuable opinions and suggestions. These are the responses through which the management and target audiences can directly as well as indirectly communicate. At the final step, British Airways uses to analyse the responses in order to develop a systematic feedback of the audiences.

In the global context, it has been clearly noticed that British Airways has occupied the second position among the UK airlines companies. Through the useful application of all the elements within the organisational functions, the management of British Airways may be able to improve the quality of their services along with the development of their customer loyalty effectively.


Operating as one of the most leading airways companies in the UK transport genre, the management of British Airways has its focus on target audiences along with the strategies through which the service users can be satisfied. On the other hand, the use of the marketing communications tools such as advertising, use of the social media, conference has also proved them as effective fir developing the customer satisfaction. However, due to the lacking in the application of appropriate collaboration of all the marketing communication strategies, the management of British Airways may be benefitted regarding the effective development of their quality of services through which their marketing communication will also be enriched.