Marketing Functions And Essential Elements

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P1 Explaining the key responsibilities and roles of marketing function of an organization of choice

P2 Explanation of how the key roles and responsibilities relate to the wider context of the organization


P3 Explanation of the usage of marketing mix (7Ps) in achieving business objectives of an organization

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The marketing essentials have been considered to be an essential consideration in the business. Therefore, the project has been prepared to discuss the marketing principles and objectives of different organizations chosen for a brief outline.


P1 Explaining the key responsibilities and roles of marketing function of an organization of choice

Description of chosen organization 

The organization chosen in this section is Apple that has been functioning as a leading company in the electronic industry. The organization has been incorporated in the year 1977 and is engaged with the functioning such as manufacturing and delivering of portable music players as well as the electronic devices. Besides, the company also provides services like networking solutions and digital contents to the customers along with selling of accessories and software. The company has maintained a strong global presence spreading its functioning in the China, US, Japan and in other parts of the Asia. The products that are sold by the organization are iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch, etc. Along with manufacturing of products, the organization also stresses on incorporating innovation in their services and products that have helped in gaining the market advantage among several competitors in the industry. 

Roles and responsibilities in marketing 

The management process in the organization has been maintained with manufacturing of new products in the market. Apple has always maintained certain senior officials in the organization who has monitored the production of such gadgets such as VP for designing of Mac. The organization is engaged with manufacturing of standard quality goods that is linked with quality documentation of each product. This helps in production of the goods that meets the high quality standard. Apple has been found to work effectively with the supply so that there is continuous and efficient processes of functioning can be achieved in the organization by the management executives. The suppliers that are working with the Apple has been introduced to the code of conduct of the organization that has helped them to optimize the Human Resource requirements according to the needs of the organization as well as the supply demand (Abdul-Hamid et al. 2017). Thus, the product efficiency as well as the production capacity in the organization has also been found to have enhanced through such practices. 

The organization that is Apple has given the priority to the wants and demands of the customers.  Apple strives for providing the customers with the brand exposure through quality manufacturing as well as designing of the products. The organization has also invested towards maintenance of the trust of the customers in the organization through products of updated designs and high durability supported equipments. The Apple has continuously tried to update the durability of the products and the value of the same in order to keep up with the customer demands and expectations. 

The organization that is Apple possesses talents who have been continuously working in the organization to identify as well as anticipate the requirements of the customers. Therefore, they know the customer requirements and thus they can engage themselves in developing criteria that would meet the likes as well as dislikes of the customers. The preference of the customers on the matter of product design and functioning is thus given importance in the organizational functioning (Burin and Roberts-Lombard, 2014). 

The marketing strategy of the organization has been found to be innovative and on the other hand simple. The price marketing is not done by the organization thus keeping it simple. The marketing of the products of Apple is however done in the urban areas. Besides, the Apple centres have also been established in such outlets supporting the urban population to be accessible to their service centres and outlets. 

Maintaining the profitability of the organization remains a big challenge for services of any organization. However, Apple has been found to be maintaining its profitability along with production of the new products that supports customer needs and demands. The organization tries to manufacture and design their products in a way so as to contribute in increasing the sales value of the products in the market. Thus, this is the reason that their products are capable of fulfilling the criteria of the customers along with generation of the revenue for the company. 

The organization that is Apple is committed towards production of goods and products that would produce value for the society as well (Mohammad, 2015). The innovative and high quality designs of the products facilitate creation of value of the customers as well as the partners of businesses. In addition to this, the products of the organization are widely acceptable in the society that has produced the trust that of not being producing any physiological harm to the same.

P2 Explanation of how the key roles and responsibilities relate to the wider context of the organization

The organization that is Apple follows certain roles and responsibilities that helps in bringing the business functioning together in terms of:

Current needs: The current needs of Apple are to launch such products in the market that would fulfill the needs of the customers. The organization has been found to have lost the touch of innovation in their products. Therefore, in order to integrate their sales in the market Apple should concentrate in marketing of the current products to increase their sale that has declined considerably. 

Future needs: In order to meet the innovative needs of the customers Apple should bring in the touch of innovation in their products along with making them more and more compatible for the increasing demand of more innovative products in the market. 

Explanation of the interrelationship between the marketing influences and the internal functions of Apple

Finance: The Apple must concentrate in the marketing of their products so that it helps in attracting the customers towards their products. The marketing planning should also be enhanced with development in the product standard so that it helps in drawing more and more customers towards their new products. 

Purchasing power of the consumers: The marketing strategy of the organization has been designed in a manner that would help in bringing of large number of customers to get indulged towards their products. The target customers of the organization are mainly the high income section of the society who would purchase the costly products with high quality and functional guarantee (Obayelu and Stylos, 2017). 

R&D: The product development and engineering department development is done with keeping close relation to the process of effective management of product design along with manufacturing of products with high endurability. 


P3 Explanation of the usage of marketing mix (7Ps) in achieving business objectives of an organization 

Brief introduction of the two organizations 

The organizations that have been chosen in order to compare the marketing mix of the marketing are the Mars and the Diageo PLC. Both the chosen organization are considered to be in the Business to Consumer organization that are focused on fulfilling the market requirements of the requirements of the customers as well as in delivering the right products to the customers keeping up to their demands. The products that has been chosen in the organization has been categorized under two heads, that is FMCG or Fast Moving Consumer Goods and the durable goods. Diageo PLC mostly sales the durable goods to the customers and the category of selling of the products of Mars is the Fast Moving Consumer Goods. 

Diageo PLC

It is considered as the largest beverage producing goods of the world and has been positioned as the leading producer of the soft drinks. The company also function as a marketer to this market. The organization has been found to be dedicated towards production of goods that would help them is increasing of the market share as it is the largest distributor of syrups as well as soft drinks in the market. Diageo PLC accounts for their sale of about 75 percent of their total sale while the rest is maintained by the subsidiary brands of the Diageo PLC. 


Mars can be termed as the largest company to supply and deliver the Fast Moving consumer goods. The organization maintains a global presence and is dedicated towards delivery of about 40 brands all over the world. Besides, the organization has been largely delivering the services to the society for more than a decade. The number of employees that the organization holds is about 168000 in all the brands all over the world. The calculated turnover the organization is about 53.3 billion Euro as found in the year of 2015. The thirteen brands of the organization has been delivering a sale of about 1 billion on a yearly basis. The vision and mission statement of the organization is entitled to the development of the type of products that will acquire a value in the society through reduction of negative impact on the society as well as on the environment. 

7Ps of Marketing Mix

The marketing mix can be termed as a component of the market that would help the management of the company to develop various tactics for promotion of services and products of the company. This helps in understanding the marketing concept of the organisation as well as contributes in understanding of the positioning of the organisation in the market scenario. In the present section a comparison is held considering the Mars and the Diageo PLC.

Marketing MixMars Diageo PLC
Objective: The main objective that has been considered by   the organization is to produce products that would have minimum of the   impacts on the environment as well as on the society (Jain,   2013).The main objective of the organization is to   produce a global presence in the form of a business. It also aspires to be an   organization that would facilitate accelerating growth of the organization   within the market. The mission statement of the organization states that the   company strives to provide a value to the customer through production of   sustainable products. 
Product: It also maintains a high range of products in   the market. Their products include foods and beverages (soft drinks). The   forty different brands that the organization functions with are Bounty, Mars   drinks, Orbit, Altoids, celebrations, snickers, etc. The organization has been functioning within a   large product line that includes more than 40 brands all over the world. The   company signifies in delivering convenient products to the customers that are   of high quality.
Place: The products are easily available to the   customers that are efficiently delivered to the retailers by the suppliers.   The suppliers collect the products from the manufacturing centre where the   products are stored for dispatching. The availability of the products are   high in as it can be purchased from the multiplexes, street-vendors, malls,   etc. The products are delivered int to the beverage   shops that are made available to the customers on their demand. The   availability of the products has been made easy for the customers for their   easy availability (SEHGAL, 2013). 
Price: The pricing strategy of the organization has   been found to be quite usual and more or less constant throughout the year (Slack,   2015). The supply of the   products remains more or less equal throughout the year making them a   preferable product for the consumers. The price of the products under the   brand name of Mars is slightly higher accounting to the price to quality   category.The organization Diageo PLC has been playing a   competitive role in the market. The product have been planned to priced in   order to gain the competitive advantage in the market through competitive   pricing strategy. The price of the products varies with difference of their   quality (Jeston and Nelis, 2014). However, the quality has been paid maximum stress to keep up   to the societal choice. 
Promotion: The promotion of the products has been largely   based on the advertisements on the electronic media. The advertisements are   attractive and are able to attract a large part of the customers.The promotion of the brands is done both in   the electronic as well as the printing media at medium costs.
People: Recruitment of highly skilled labors is   followed in the organization who are engaged in production and marketing of   the high quality products. The organizations stress on production of high   quality products and employs efficient managers and workers to keep the   process running. 
Process: The quality check has been prioritized in the   organization therefore, employing experts for proper quality check. Quality enhancement has always been followed   in the organization along with development of process of delivery to the   stores. 
Physical evidence: The physical evidence is shown by the customer   involvement. The brands hold few staple customers although the rate of sale   of a product varies from time to time (Heizer, 2016). The choices of the customers are the   determinant of the physical evidences of the products. The products are   highly stressed from the perspective of the quality.