Marketing Plan: Carman Fine Foods In Australia

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You will develop an in-depth understanding of the Indonesian market environment and the competitive environment. This will be the basis for an international marketing strategy that will enable your client to make a decision with regards to entering the Indonesian market.
- Research and analyse the market environment in Indonesia
- Develop a competitor analysis
- Develop and justify an international marketing strategy for Indonesia

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Executive Summary

In this study, the market environment of Indonesia is analyzed keeping in mind the country’s industry report and other factors that need to be considered. The competitive market status is also studied as per the country’s information considering the demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioral factors. The development of international marketing strategy is also studied and evaluated as per the possible networks, STPD and marketing mix involved, presenting an overview on how customers can be targeted in the Indonesian market.

Moreover, this study helps to know the competition in the cereals products in Indonesia. Carman's fine foods have introduced to start their products exporting in the Indonesian market. Carman's fine foods main aims is to supply the cereals food products within the consumers at the time of breakfast. In order to maintain this, a high market planning is required to supply the products at a large amount to the consumers of Indonesia.


In this report, it has been focused about the marketing planning in the Indonesian market. In order to develop the depth of the marketing condition of Indonesia, there is any importance to carry out market planning and strategies. The company of Carman's fine foods in Australia has supplied the products especially porridge oats in Indonesian market (). This product needs to spread among many customers as the most common cereals in the breakfast. In order to spread in the hand of several consumers, the exact analysis and research work needs to be implementing to know the marketing environment in Indonesia. While supplying the products that are porridge oats in the market, there are several competitors present that are already supplying this products among the customers. Moreover, a high marketing strategies needs to be developed based on international level. This market planning helps to know the marketing of Indonesia and make to build up good decisions to enter the market. 

Research and analysis of the marketing environment

There is an immense opportunities for selling of cereals products in the Indonesian market. The cereal product that is porridge oats are manufactured from an Australian based company which is Carman fine food. Indonesia market has risen in a several amount to increase the economic growth. In order to know the Indonesian marketing environment, there is a need to make analysis on political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal (PESTEL) (Babinand Zikmund, 2015). Indonesia market strategies has implemented as the largest economy in the Asia. This has ranked over $788 billion over the GDP. The customers of Indonesia have always preferred of buying of international products, in order to change their lifestyle. The proper marketing environment helps to reach the food products among the people.  The marketing environment is divided into three forms that is macro, micro and me so environment. These all factors are used at the time of operation of business in the international level (Yadav and Pavlou, 2014). Previously, Indonesia has rapidly increased the economic growth at the time importing of the products at an international level. This increases the high prices in the commodity sector, growing a high demand in the domestic level. The customers provide a high demand for the international products consuming. The company of Carman's fine foods has supplied cereals products for the Indonesian person that comes under breakfast. 

By carrying out the PESTLE analysis helps to know the exact marketing environment.  


In the political factors, it lies with the political system that helps in the proper working of the business both domestic and international levels (Zhang et al. 2017). In this area, Government of Indonesia might support the business to carry out in the systematic manner by providing all the facilities. Previously, Indonesia has gone through a high transformation of political issues. In this political factors lies with trade barriers that are made at the time of selling of products coming from international market. In this situation, Australian company Carman's fine foods are exporting their various products in Indonesian markets. Carman's fine foods main aims is to supply their cereals products among the Indonesian customers. The country is struggling in order to get high stability in the finance. 


The country is developing at a rapid pace and government has introduced Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to increase the economy. Indonesia imports and exports their product to increase a high stability of economy. Moreover, Indonesia has made a high development by exporting natural gas and oil. The government has only spend 22.5% of GDP and have their revenue of about $ 91.61 billion. The country has earned a high GDP in many sectors such as industry and agricultural fields. By proper supply of products in the export helps the country to earn a high economy. The increasing economy helps in the development and progress of the country. Indonesian government has been changed many policy based on the exports of the products. A proper based policy helps in bringing large amount of capital at the time of exporting of the products such as gas, oil, textiles etc. In this case, the exporting of the cereals products from Carman's fine foods to Indonesian market helps in increasing the economy of the country. 


Indonesia has a high population that is based on the average lifestyle of the people. Indonesian country provides a high majority of Muslim communities. The society’s income is based on the transition from lower areas to middle than in the higher areas. The people are focused with many areas for the development of the country (Malhotra, Birks and Wills, 2013). These areas are based on industry and agriculture that helps to increase the growth of Indonesia. Indonesian government spends 3.4% of GDP for the development of the education among the students. This helps in increasing the literacy level of the country.  


The technological factors help in the development of the country. Indonesia has implemented their own systems in various transportation systems. The country has developed their technological factors by developing new system in communication as well as implementing new software in information technology. By implementing new innovation technologies helps in the progress of the country. The technological factors help in the betterment of the work in agricultural and service sectors. This technology helps in the development of import and exports of the products. In this case, the cereals product are coming from the Australian firm to Indonesian market, the use of technology helps in communicating to get the products properly. 


The environmental factors depend on the industrial sectors that are causing environmental impacts. The water gets polluted due to the excess wastage from the industry.  Several calamities cause a high environmental impact at the time of importing and exporting of the products. 


In order to carry out the import and export of the products, there is a high needs to maintain proper legal factors. The exact rules and regulation imposed by the Indonesian government's helps in carrying out the business that is exporting porridge oats among the people of Indonesia. The government has introduced many laws to reduce any illegal actions that are conducted in the society. Moreover, the introduction of environmental laws helps to reduce the environmental problems. There is a high importance to carry out the legal factors for properly carrying out the marketing planning of the country. The government needs to impose proper laws in the business, in order to make profit and progress of country. The legal documents help to reduce the misconceptions between the clients at the time of performing business.   

Development of a competitor analysis

The main reason of the competitive analysis is to know the weakness and strength of competitors lying within market. The competitive analysis helps to understand the customers about the existing competition that happens in the market (Grant, 2016). This helps in developing high competitive strategy in the target area of market. Competitor analysis provides a framework to monitor and implement new planning that help in the betterment of business. The competitor analysis helps to know the other country competition that lies in the competitive market. This are based on the products that the country is exporting in other countries. By knowing the competitor analysis, the country can place a one step ahead of the competition within the competitive market. 

Indonesia has been reached as high macroeconomic position (Fleisher and Bensoussan, 2015). Previously, Indonesian country has indulged very less amount of products in exporting. This has caused in contributing less growth in the export facilities and hence reducing the competitive condition. This includes in increasing the rate of competition within that area of Indonesia. In the recent condition, Indonesia has indulged in the exporting of products such as oils. This helps to increase the economy and development of the country. 

The exact competitiveness helps in achieving the good results than the rival country. Indonesia’s company has been achieved a better place to lead their position in the marketplace globally. Indonesia has faced many problems at the time of resources (Gustafsson, Herrmann and Huber, 2013). In this case, the Australian food company tries to bring their products in the Indonesian market. It could be beneficial for both the countries to deal with the export products. While doing this there is various food products company that lies in the Indonesian. In order to overcome the other food companies, Carman's fine foods need to improve their products quality and minimum price of the products that can be easily available to the customers of Indonesia. The customers can get the cereals product at the time of daily taking of breakfast. The food organization of Indonesia needs to make available the products in their locality as well as in the other countries (Schilke, 2014). Carman's fine foods need to implement the competitor analysis first to supply the food products in other country. By implementing the competitor analysis helps to know the other rival company that are supply the food products simultaneously at the time of import and export.

While exporting of the food products within the other countries, the Australia faces many challenges from the market. This challenges lies with the transaction cost that is required at the time of exporting of the food products. There are certain barriers that are imposed at the time of export. These includes with tariff and nontariff barriers that are implemented by the Indonesian government. 

There are certain characteristics that are performed by the competitive company. These ares-

a) Company needs to respond the demand of customers.  

b) Company needs to respond quickly at the time of changing of the environment.

c) Firms needs to identify the main causes of problem that happens in exporting of products.

d) Organization needs to calculate the business flow. 

The main importance of the competitive analysis helps in reducing the cost of the product and this plays a high strategy among the other food company in Indonesia. In order to achieve a high competitiveness helps in the development of companies’ management. 

The major competitors in the breakfast is the existing company of Kellogg’s that gives many items such as chocos, cornflakes that provide huge demand among the customers of Indonesia

More than approximately 75% people in Indonesia focus on the cereals breakfast. Moreover, Carman fine foods adopt a market strategy to spread among several customers of Indonesia.In the sector of cereal, breakfast there is a high competitive company such as McDonald that provides good cereal breakfast meal for the consumers in Indonesia.   

Industry Report:

Carman's fine foods in Australia have made their cereals as a food product among the customer in locality and outside areas. The company has started their working in the year of 1992 at the Carman's muesli business (Cummings and Worley, 2014). In the year of 1997, the company has started business in the supermarket at the invention of their first muesli. By making a supermarket helps in spreading the products of cereals within the customer. In the year of 2002, the firm has launched their muesli bars. The organization has planned properly to reach among the hands of many customers. Moreover, the firm has offered airlines for the first time in 2006. By making all the planning, companies has introduced exporting of the cereals products over 30 countries approximately to spread the business as well to reach in the hands of many consumers globally. In the recent year, the firm has reached the leading market in muesli by providing a wide range of cereals and snacks among the customers. Moreover, the firm has developed high teak members that help in serving the products in Indonesia (Komppula, 2014). The firm has succeeded a high position by serving their products in cereals and snacks. 

This has helped to reach a high position in the competition in the competitive market by serving their best quality food products in local and outside countries. 

 Development of international marketing strategy

The formulation of an international marketing strategy is as important as the strategy itself. If any company wants to do business overseas then the requirement of a marketing strategy is very much essential. This strategy plays the role of core element in the overall business plan. In the formulation of an effective marketing strategy many different type of factors have to be considered by the company. The ingredients in a marketing strategy are taken as per the country’s situation in which the company intends to do business (Czinkota and Ronkainen, 2013). 

Marketing Strategy:

Marketing strategy is the plan formulated by a company for the primary aim of increasing the sales of a product or products within a country or outside of the country, that is, in a foreign country. The process of chalking out a market strategy involves setting up of all types of activities, which are the base plans, short term plans and long term plans in the area of marketing. It requires making of a initial plan which is the first step towards the formulation of an objective oriented strategy. 

Marketing strategy for Carman’s fine food in Indonesian market:

In the development process of the market strategy for Indonesian market, the concept of market segmentation should be kept in mind.

Market segmentation - In a large market area like the Indonesian market, there exist a great variation in terms of the buyer’s needs and demands. The needs of a particular group of buyer differ greatly from another group of buyers. Therefore, the market is segmented into a number of groups according to the buyer’s needs, behavior, preference and mentality. The segmentation of market is done by considering four different aspects of the country-

  • Demographic segmentation - The demographic segmentation of the Indonesian market is done considering the buyer’s age, gender, race, religion, occupation and income. It helps the company to target their customers more accurately. This type of segmentation helps the company in categorizing the various needs of the customers. Some buyers prefer a particular brand of cereals for their breakfast while others may not prefer that brand. Therefore, there exists a great variation of preferences. These preferences should be evaluated properly according to the buyer’s income, age and characteristics. When there is case of huge number of population, demographic segmentation is most beneficial because various type of information on income as well as socio-economic status can be obtained which could be further used to get in touch with more appropriate target customers who have the proper purchasing power for their products.  
  • Geographic segmentation - In the context of geographic segmentation, the Indonesian market is subdivided based on various geographical factors like location, region, state, climate etc. This segmentation will help the company in increasing their advertising as well as sales in different regions of Indonesia. If there is an existence of regional difference between the different types of preferences of the consumers then geographic segmentation is the right tool for it (Baker, 2014).
  • Psychographic segmentation - In the context of psychographic segmentation, Carman’s fine food have to divide the Indonesian market based on the consumer’s lifestyle, social class and mentality. On one hand, preference of the consumers who are having a more sophisticated lifestyle differs from the lifestyle that less sophisticated consumers lead. On the other hand, some groups of buyers may not possess the mentality of having cereals for breakfast because they might prefer other type of foods, for instance, bread.   In this way the preferences is to be properly analyzed for obtaining significant information about the psychographic segment of the market of Indonesia.
  • Behavioral segmentation - for a successful behavioral segmentation, Carman’s fine food have to divide the market by the pattern of the responses of the consumers, the way consumer uses their cereal product and the information that consumers have of the product. The company needs to consider the way in which the market responds to the price and the promotion of their product. This type of segmentation demands the opinions of the consumers which can be obtained by way of feedback from the consumers (Amine, 2015).


STPD stands for segmenting, targeting, positioning and differentiating. Segmentation is the process of dividing the market into different segments according to consumer’s needs and behavior. Many factors that need to be considered during this segmentation process are demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral. Then comes targeting, which involves assessing the attractiveness of each segment and choosing the appropriate ones from them. Targeting is selecting a group of consumers and then manufacturing products for that group by appropriate use of the marketing mix. Positioning is the determination of the product’s place in the target market. The way consumers define a product by its attributes determines the place that the product holds in consumer’s minds. Differentiation is the uniqueness that the product offers as compared to products of other manufacturers in the same industry. The taste of the consumers in accordance to the uniqueness of the product determines the success of marketing of the product (Broyles, Schumann and Woodruff, 2015).

Marketing mix - 

Marketing mix is that part of a marketing plan which involves tactics and appropriate knowledge of all its elements. The definition of marketing mix can be presented as a particular set of marketing tools that a company can use in order to achieve its marketing objectives in the target market.

The elements of marketing mix are - 

  • Product - in the element of product, Carman’s fine food is required to have complete knowledge of their cereal product. It is required to understand that what makes their cereal product unique in order to have successful marketing of their product.
  • Price - In this element of marketing mix, the objective of Carman’s fine food is in terms of the price of their cereal product through the process of improvement of their manufacturing and efficiency level. The company has to set a price of the product, which will be convenient for both, the company as well as the consumers of the product.
  • Promotion - Promotion involves selection of an appropriate medium of communicating the features of Carman's’ fine foods cereal product to the consumers. There are few elements involved in this element which are- advertising, marketing in social media etc. (Fletcher and Crawford, 2013).


It has been concluded that a high market planning helps in getting the success. In this report, Carman's fine foods have achieved success.  In order to maintain the market planning, research and analysis of the marketing environment helps in the development of market. Moreover, there is a need to know the competitor analysis for the development of the market plan. There is also a need to develop the market strategy that is set in the international level. In this case, Carman's fine foods have planned to supply their cereals product in the Indonesian customer.  This helps the company to reach in the hand of international market. The proper competitive analysis helps in the management to know about the rival competition.