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What is Maven?

Apache Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool (build, test, packaging, reporting, site, deploy).

1) It is based on the concept of a project object model(POM)

2) Maven can manage a project's build, reporting a documentation from a central piece of information.

3) It provides a superset of features found in a build tool such as ANT

4) Maven addresses two aspects of building software:

    - It describes how software is built 

    - It describe its dependencies

5) Ant- A revolutionary build tool

    - Platform independent

    - Uses XML configuration file(build.xml)

    - XML configuration file is extremely abstract

    - High learning curve(syntax)

Project Object Model (POM):

1) The POM file is a set of instructios for Maven that tells it how to build the project and includes other special instructions.

2) The POM takes the form of an XML file (pom.xml)

3) Maven includes the JUnit dependendency by default to encourage unit testing


1) Maven has conventions: It known where your source code is beacuase you followed the convention. 

2) Simple project setup that follows best practices.

3) Consistent usage across all projects.

4) Dependency management including automatic updating.

5) A large and growing repository of libraries.

6) Model based builds

7) Coherent site of project information

8) Release management and distribution publication

9) Backward Compatibility

10) Automatic parent versioning

11) Parallel Builds

12) Better Error and Integrity Reporting


1) src/main/java: Java source code

2) src/main/resources: Other resources

3) src/main/config: Configuration files

4) src/main/webapp: The web application directory for a WAR project

5) src/test/java: Unit tests

6) src/site: Files used to generate the Maven project Website

mvn Command line tool:

Install Maven(Java tool)=> mvn   command
settings:   <home>/.m2/settings.xml
Local repository :   <home>/.m2/repsitory/

mvn install:install-file(missing   library)
mvn clean
mvn package
mvn clean install(into local   repository)
mvn test