MBA404 Survey Sample And Analysis On Vaseline Jelly Assessment 2 Answer

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Assessment 2 Information

Subject Code:MBA404
Subject Name:Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology
Assessment Title:Survey Sample and Analysis
Assessment Type: Length:Written Analysis
10 Question Survey and Six-Page Analysis

Your task

Based on the analysis you conducted in Assessment 1, individually, you are required to create a 10 question survey via Survey Monkey (a free online instrument) to collect data from 15 respondents and to provide six-page analysis of the gathered data.

Assessment Description

In this individual assignment, you will be given an opportunity to critically analyse and understand the driving forces of perception, attitudes, motivation, group and individual differences, culture, family and lifestyle covered in weeks 3 to 8 that influence consumer behaviour and consequently consumers’ purchasing decisions. Please note that not all of these topics may apply to your chosen product or service.

Assessment Instructions

Your first task is to create a survey comprising of 10 questions that are designed to examine why consumers decided to purchase your chosen product or service. These questions should inquire consumer perception, attitudes, motivation, group and individual differences, culture, family and lifestyle factors. Please note that this survey should not ask participants questions about product or service quality and customer satisfaction.

Your next task is to seek “real” and valid participants who legitimately purchased the chosen product or service that you analysed in Assessment 1 and to invite them to take your survey. You only need to gather 15 responses. Once you’ve created your survey and collected participants’ responses, you are required to provide a 6-page summary that addresses the following points:

  1. Purpose (the goal of your survey)
  2. Development of a survey instrument (the objectives of your survey questions)
  3. Administration processes (how was this survey distributed and why)
  4. Data Analysis (a succinct summary of the survey results)
  5. Key Findings (an analysis of emerging themes from gathered results)
  6. Reference List (not included in the page limit of this submission)
  7. Appendices (Screenshots of Survey Monkey graphical representation of results; not included in the page limit of this submission)
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Answer :

Subject Code: MBA404 Subject

Name: Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology Assessment

Title: Survey Sample and Analysis

Words: 1976

Reference: Harvard 

1: Purpose of the survey: 

The main goal of the assignment is to comprehend, unravel and highlight the various dimensions of marketing that heavily influences consumer behaviour. The selected product for the survey is Vaseline jelly. The study will attempt to highlight the driving elements that influence the consumer choice of the item bought. It will mainly focus on the aspects of culture, society, family, friends, attitude, motivation and perception of the individual.

2: Development of Survey Instrument: 

The survey developed 10 questions to identify marketing psychology of the consumers who have purchased Vaseline jelly. The questions framed have the following objectives, which will be researched through the survey. 

Mention your Gender. To understand the role of gender in purchasing of a skincare product.
Identify your age.To comprehend the impact of the age group in the purchase decision making.
Which attribute motivated you to purchase Vaseline jelly?To identify the main attribute of the skincare product that encouraged its purchase.
Identify the most influential source of information that encouraged you the most for buying Vaseline product?To highlight the impact of various information source and its association with consumer behaviour.
Did the price of the product influence your purchasing intention?To understand the relationship between price and demand of the chosen item. 
Are you influenced by the opinion of other friends, online reviews and family member who have used Vaseline product?To highlight the extent of influence of acquaintances in shaping the perception of the individual. 
What impacted your decision of online purchase of the product?To identify the benefits of online shopping and its use by marketers.
What will change your perception towards the selected skincare product and lead to a change of the brand manufacturing it?To recognize the factors that promote brand switching or brand loyalty among consumers.
Are you influenced by the perception of the societal norms while making the online purchase?To comprehend the extent to which society impacts the individual's decision making.
Is it bought by the customers who are more conscious about skin-related issues?To identify the role of personal attributes of the user on their purchasing intentions.

3: Administration Process of the survey: 

The survey was conducted by designing and developing it through survey monkey tool. It is an online technique that aids in collecting the responses and further evaluating it for drawing inferences. Survey monkey tool is very comprehensive and makes analysis of the data simpler for the researcher. 15 consumers have been identified who belongs to the friends' group, family circle or colleagues of the scholar, and the questionnaire is mailed to them. Acquaintances have been chosen because it will be easier to get their permission for the survey, contact them and further the individuals will be at ease to reveal their reason and factors that influenced their decision towards the use of the selected skincare item.

4: Data analysis of the collected responses: 

The responses collected revealed that majority of the customers are females as they are more conscious about their looks, skin and beauty. It further showed that the maximum number of clients belonged to the age group of 25 to 44 years, nearly followed by the individuals of 45 to 54 and 18 to 24 years of age. However, very few respondents above the age of 55 bought Vaseline products. The analysis of the information classified that moisturizing capability of Vaseline is the prime reason behind its purchase and use, followed by its affordable pricing strategy. On the contrary, few but quite a number of individuals stated that the anti-ageing property and aroma of the cream encouraged the persons to buy it.

According to the data collected, it is evident that the adverts, discussions and promotions impact the majority of the population over social media platforms. Furthermore, newspaper ads influenced a few individuals, and the rest of them came to know about the skin-care product through television or any other sources, which might include health magazines etc. Evaluation of the data highlighted that maximum clients are sometimes influenced by the price of the skin-care item, whereas the cost always attracts some of them. However, it also exhibited that very few of them are not and never affected by the price of the Vaseline jelly while buying it. While considering the influence of friends, family members or online reviews, it is seen that their opinions impact majority purchasers, and numerous of them are influenced to some extent. A very few of the respondents revealed not to be swayed by the experiences shared by the acquaintances while purchasing. The exploration of data to identify the reason behind the increase in online shopping of the common products such as Vaseline jelly exposed that seasonal discounts available at the online sites are one of the vital reason. In addition, the customers preferred online shopping as it permitted easy comparison between similar items and offered greater convenience to the users, as online shopping can be accessed at any point of the day. Few of the persons stated that timely delivery at home is another motivation behind online purchasing acts. 

The maximum number of people are very likely to get influenced by societal practices and norms. The moderate number of candidates remain neutral to the societal impacts and influences; nevertheless, a few of the surveyors are very unlikely to get affected by the practices of the community, culture or society. Majority of the customers believed that Vaseline products are always purchased by the people who are more skin conscious; a large number of the respondents remained neutral. Nonetheless, a few of the surveyors perceived that it is not used by the skin-conscious people but by others as well. The main factor that may motivate customers to switch their brand of use is better healing of the various other skin related issues. The same number of participants perceived that organic and skin-friendly moisturiser, quick absorption of the cream and the relatively lower price would influence for changing the brand of the product.

5: Key Findings 

From the above survey responses key findings have been formulated based on themes for conducting studies. 

Theme 1: Demographic influence on consumer behaviour

Biesterbos et al., (2013) conducted research on understanding various dynamics that influenced the purchase and use of personal care products, which identified that gender of the persona plays a significant role. It highlighted that females evaluate, purchase and use more various skin related items as compared to the males that are further corroborated through in the data collected through survey monkey for Vaseline products. The women are more conscious about their looks, body feature and skins, thereby exhibiting such a trend in purchasing pattern. Age is another determining factor while purchasing various personal care and related beauty products (Biesterbos et al., 2013). It reflects the perception and attitude of the individuals as well as influenced by the source of income. Teenagers and the youngsters belonging to the age of 18 to 24 are relatively more concerned about their looks and body features; however, these individuals generally depend on pocket money for their purchasing acts. The customers between 25 to 44 years are aware of the need of certain personal care products, and further have their own source of income, thereby independent to make the purchase, as seen from the data analyzed in the above section. As the age progresses, the use of beauty products lessens and anti-ageing creams take their place, which is observed from the responses.

Theme 2: Individual differences in identifying the essential attributes of personal care products and purchasing intentions

Individuals vary in their perception about the product usage and their experiences, which further shape their opinion about the purchase. Furthermore, different needs and requirement of the persons identify their purchasing patterns. The information gathered through the survey validated the same as maximum purchasers bought the skincare item for its moisturizing property, whereas a large number got it due to its affordable pricing feature. Nonetheless, some of them used it due to its anti-ageing property and a few others because of its sweet aroma. This implies that perceptions vary at the individual level that impacts consumer behaviour. The general perception of the respondents highlighted that Vaseline jelly is bought by the persons who are extensively conscious about their skins and related issues. In contrast, few of them argued that Vaseline is a general beauty item and can be purchased by anyone in general. 

Theme 3: Role of society and the impact of word-of-mouth promotions through acquaintances.

According to the views of Duralia (2018), companies are marketing hard to lure and retain their customers. The brands are extensively using all forms of promotions to strengthen their market. It tries to satisfy each client in order to create strong word-of-mouth campaigns and attract new patrons. The opinions shared by the friends and family extensively influence the purchasing intentions of the individuals as it tends to reduce dissonance from the minds of the potential clients, which is evident from the data assessed in the previous section that highlighted maximum population to be either strongly influenced or to some extent from the experiences of the acquaintances. Ramya and Mohamed Ali (2016) further supported the fact and stated that society is another factor that shapes the purchasing activity of the individuals that is being validated by the responses collected through survey monkey. It implies that the consumers become subjective while buying certain things, which is prevalent in the society around them.

Theme 4: Impact of online and traditional commercials and online shopping.

Tien, Rivas and Liao (2019) opined that social media platforms are playing a vital role in creating and spreading electronic word-of-mouth among users. A large number of persons are spending hours over the internet surfing the social media platforms and actively participating in various discussion forums that are circulating information within few seconds to lakhs of people. Owing to this fact, the majority of the respondents is seen to be impacted by the adverts on social media. Duralia (2018) argued that along with social media the companies are extensively using other media channels as well to strengthen their market share, which is evident through the number of purchasers getting influenced by newspapers and televisions. Online shopping provides the comfort of going through the alternatives from the comfort of their residence and as per their convenience and has extended territorial reach. The fact is corroborated through the evidence collected that exhibited seasonal discounts and better convenience as the prime factors for digital shopping.

Theme 5: Success of pricing features in attracting clients.

Beneke et al. (2013) demonstrated that the price of the product has a direct correlation with its demand. There is a large number of competitors in the market that offers a large number of similar products. Therefore, the clients have a huge amount of option to choose from, and if the perceived quality of the good does not match the price, it can lead to a brand switch. This is supported by the information collected in the previous section that highlighted the maximum population to be influenced by the cost of Vaseline jelly to some extent. However, the small segment who are not at affected indicated that quality is their sole choice of selection.

Theme 6: Switching Barrier

Danesh, Nasab and Ling (2012) opined that customer satisfaction, trust and switching barriers is directly correlated. The individual perception influence customer satisfaction, which in turn impacts switching of the brand, which is supported by the fact that some of the users are willing to change their brand in case, a similar cream with better moisturising capability is available. Besides, some of the users desired for more organic and skin-friendly product and a few others looked for quick-absorbing capability and lower price. However, as Vaseline products are able to satisfy the clients according to their aforementioned needs, switching barrier is low.