MBA401 People, Culture And Contemporary Leadership In AGL Energy Ltd Assessment 1 Answer

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Assessment 1 Information

Subject Code:MBA401
Subject Name:People, Culture and Contemporary Leadership
Assessment Title:PART A – In-Class Activity PART B – Individual Report
Assessment Type:In-Class Activity and Individual Report
Word Count:1500Words(+/-10%)
Weighting:30 % - PART A (10%) and PART B (20%)
Total Marks:30

Your Task

There are two core components to this activity: to develop a draft report framework (plan) as an in-class activity and then using that framework (plan) create an individual report based on the organisation’s/companies organisational performance relating to: organisation culture change and innovation, employee engagement, performance and reward.

Assessment Description

PART A (In-Class Draft Report Framework)

In Week 3/4 you will need to select an Australian organisation/company of your choice from the Australia’s top 200 listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). 

However, you CANNOT select organisation/company from the Banking, Airline, Supermarkets or the Telecommunication Sectors. You should not be choosing a Franchise Company. You should discuss your ideas with your Facilitator before commencing

As part of the in-class activities, you will develop a draft report framework (that must be signed off by your Facilitator) to assist you in preparing your individual report.

PART B. (Individual Report)

By looking at the organisation’s/company’s website, business articles and Annual Reports, you will be able to see whether it is possible to access enough information about its organisational practices to address the following:

  1. How is your selected organisation/company trying to improve the performance of its workforce?
    • Include at least one performance related initiative and one way in which its success could be measured
  2. How is your selected organisation/company trying to improve its culture?
    • Include at least one culture-based initiative and identify the type of culture prevalent within the organisation/company
  3. How is your organisation trying to improve their rates of employee engagement?
    • Include at least one employment-based initiative and the likelihood of success?

The in-class component will provide you with an opportunity to assess your choice of organisation/company and its Human Resource practices.

Assessment Instructions

  • You MUST use the same organisation/company as you used in Part A
  • Using a Report Format, include the following components:
    • Introduction (150 words)
    • Performance Related Initiatives (400 words)
    • Culture Related Initiatives (400 words)
    • Engagement Related Initiatives) (400 words)
    • Conclusion (150 words)
    • Reference List (using the Harvard Referencing Convention throughout your report and reference list at the end)
  • You should include a minimum of 5 references (contemporary business articles, news items and/or comparison websites). While many of your references will rely on the organisation/company’s website, you cannot use this as your only source of information.
  • Please refer to the Assessment Marking Guide to assist you in completing all the assessment criteria.
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Answer :

People, Culture and Contemporary Leadership

Part A Report Framework  Performance Related Initiatives

The initiative that would be used by AGL Energy Ltd for performance is the Positive Work-environment (AGL, 2020 a.). The employers who are working in the firm mainly implement the performance-related initiatives. This mainly results in an effective understanding in regards to the effectiveness of the contribution done by the worker of AGL Energy Ltd in achieving the objectives of the organization.

Culture Related Initiatives

AGL Energy Ltd deploys culture of diversity and inclusion for ensuring equality in gender and culture. It is evident that AGL Energy Ltd has Clan Culture (AGL, 2020, b.). Maintaining proper work balance in the company will help in maintaining the culture of the company. All the tasks that are present in the firm need to be divided into certain categories with the help of which the time would be properly divided.

Engagement Related Initiatives

Teaching Programmes related to employee-led is a type of engagement related initiatives that would is used by AGL Energy Ltd to maintain proper engagement between the employee and the executives (AGL, 2020 a.). The training that is termed to be as employee-led mainly focuses on the skills and hence helps the workers to build around all these needs.

Part B

1.0 Introduction

AGL Energy Ltd is named as the listed public company that is situated in Australia. This company is involved in both retailing and generation of electricity and gas for the usage purpose of residence and commercial. The generation of energy of this company is done form the power stations which mainly use hydroelectricity, natural gas, wind power, and many more things. The company has made investment in the supply of electricity and gas. This company is named to be Australia's biggest private operator, owner, and developer of the assets that are renewable energy. The company is having a wide range of power generation portfolios which includes the peaking, intermediate and base generation plants. This company is spread across traditional thermal generation as well as with the help of renewable sources that includes wind and hydro. This paper will mainly showcase the performance, culture, and engagement related initiatives of AGL Energy Ltd (AGL, 2020 a.).

2.0 Performance Related Initiatives 

With the help of the performance-related initiatives, the executives of HR can evaluate the levels of the contribution done to the workers based on which there is the consideration of the changes with the help of various factors (De Grosbois, 2012)

2.1 Positive Work-environment as Major Initiative  

The main integration of the performance-related initiatives is mainly perceived with the help of influential practice and this is evident in their positive work environment of AGL Energy Ltd.This is mainly due to the presence of either of the initiatives which reflect the presence of the transparency in the working atmosphere for the firm and the workers hence contribute for the betterment. In accordance to the AGL Energy Ltd, due to the circumstances of the working atmosphere, it is seen that there will be demotivation of the workers and as a result, there would be a decrement in the productivity of the firm (AGL, 2020, a.). Hence, it is seen that AGL Energy Ltd mainly needs proper implementation of the initiative program and performance management.

Sales Performance Pyramid

Figure 1: Sales Performance Pyramid

(Source: Wedman, 2009)

Hence, in order to achieve the effective organizational performance, the main role is mainly played devotion and the employee engagement towards performing the task. Hence, positive work environment provided support for improving the productivity of the employees and this will reflect in the outcome that is generated by AGL Energy Ltd. With the help of effective communication, the performance can be more nourished and with the help of which AGL Energy Ltd can make the proper outcome. It is also seen that effective communication that occurs between the executives and the employees of AGL Energy Ltd who are arriving together at the objective point ((AGL, 2020, a.). This is mainly possible with the help of proper participation behavior. 

2.2 Performance Appraisal for Measuring Success 

It is seen that the main function of the People & Performance Committee that is measuring the success took the full responsibilities by proper recruitment, renumeration and retention of the senior executives with the skills and capabilities that are very much necessary for executing the business strategy of AGL. It was seen that the committee was totally responsible for approving and hence reviewing certain matter by which the performance of the company would boost up. Hence, this committee would initially fulfil all the responsibilities by properly carrying out the activities by which the performance of the company would boost up. There were certain meeting done based on which a proper repost of the performance would be made (AGL, 2018)

3.0 Culture Related Initiatives

3.1 Culture of diversity and inclusion 

It can be said that the key related to a successful organization is having a proper culture and culture-related initiatives (Elsmore, 2017). In AGL Energy Ltd the cultural initiative plays a very important role in influencing the employees to give their best. AGL Energy Ltd is committed towards a culture of diversity and inclusion which has helped in developing a comprehensive workforce. It was seen that AGL has the culture with the help of which the principles related to environment are front of the mind and a portion of the business that is going on in an everyday manner. With the help of this culture there will be promotion of the effective environmental performance, continuous improvement and the ongoing minimization of the environmental risks. It was seen that the board committee made a target that till 2018 a total amount of 30% will be the female and the post of their will be ASL’s non-executive Director. Hence, the target got achieved and the AGL got a total of three female non-executive directors and these female showcases a total of 37.5% of the non-executive directors on the Board. In 2017 the female based directors who were on the board are 33% followed by the female worker in the executives positions to be as 30%. The female workers in the ELT were seen to be as 38% in the year 2017 and in senior leadership pipeline the female workers were 38%. The total female workers in the company were 31%. Hence, it can be seen that the cultural diversity played a huge benefit for the company and both the quantity of male and female would be quantified (AGL, 2020, b.).  Growth of Percentage of female workers in every sector of AGL (2016-2017)

Figure 2: Growth of Percentage of female workers in every sector of AGL (2016-2017)

(Source: AGL, 2020 b.)

3.2 Organisational Culture Type 

Robert E. Quinn and Kim S. Cameron cultural model depicts a model that contains different types of level of culture that totally makes influence the behaviour of the organization and the people (Cameron and Quinn, 2019). Among the four types of culture it is seen that Clan Culture is present in AGL Energy Ltd. This is culture showcases a very normal and friendly working environment in which the individuals have many things in common and shows a large family. The executives of AGL Energy Ltd act as the mentors for the employees. With the help of tradition and loyalty it is seen that AGL Energy Ltd hold everyone together. In the company there is high level of engagement and the organization aims in long term advantages of the HR development (AGL, 2020, b.). 

 Robert E. Quinn and Kim S. Cameron cultural model

Fig: Robert E. Quinn and Kim S. Cameron cultural model

(Source: Cameron and Quinn, 2019)

4.0 Engagement Related Initiatives:

Teaching Programmes related to employee-led is a type of engagement related initiatives that would be used by AGL Energy Ltd to maintain proper engagement between the employee and the executives. The training that is termed to be as employee-led mainly focuses on the skills and hence helps the workers to built around all these needs (AGL, 2020, a.). This program mainly empowers the workers in developing their skills and reaching out to their goals. This will help AGL Energy Ltd in helping the employers and increase and maintain the quality of the workforce. The implementation of the training program is done in certain ways and those are as follows. The first one is by defining the objectives of the business of AGL Energy Ltd. This will help the workers and the executives to know about the business objectives. The way is by asking the employees what they mainly need. 

In this process with the help of performance review conversations and the surveys related to the company, a proper platform for employers would be created for sharing all their needs. The next way is by planning all the evaluation methods that will help in implementing the employee-led training in AGL Energy Ltd. This is a method with the help of which the record and the training outcomes are properly measured. With the help of the training evaluation model of Kirkpatrick's, it is seen that this method becomes more viable (Sellu and Ching, 2019). The evaluation model of Kirkpatrick has a total of four levels of evaluation and those are learning, results, behavior, and reaction. The type of initiative used for the engagement is very much important in the modern workforce. This mainly aims for the needs of the learner.   

5.0 Conclusion

Hence, the above discussion it can be concluded that the three types of initiatives that are taken by the AGL Energy Ltd help the company in developing the workforce and the management. The performance initiative helps in improving the work efficiency, the culture initiative helps in improving the work balance within the firm and the engagement initiatives help in improving the bod between the employer and the employee with the teaching programs. All these three helps the company in many ways and the result of these three makes the company AGL Energy Ltd more effective in nature.