MBA401 Performance, Culture And Engagement Of Santos Limited Assessment 1 Answer

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Question :

Assessment 1 Information

Subject Code:MBA401
Subject Name:People, Culture and Contemporary Leadership
Assessment Title:PART A – In-Class Activity PART B – Individual Report
Assessment Type:In-Class Activity and Individual Report
Word Count:1500Words(+/-10%)
Weighting:30 % - PART A (10%) and PART B (20%)
Total Marks:30

Your Task

There are two core components to this activity: to develop a draft report framework (plan) as an in-class activity and then using that framework (plan) create an individual report based on the organisation’s/companies organisational performance relating to: organisation culture change and innovation, employee engagement, performance and reward.

Assessment Description

PART A (In-Class Draft Report Framework)

Select an Australian organisation/company of your choice from the Australia’s top 200 listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). 

However, you CANNOT select organisation/company from the Banking, Airline, Supermarkets or the Telecommunication Sectors. You should not be choosing a Franchise Company. You should discuss your ideas with your Facilitator before commencing

As part of the in-class activities, you will develop a draft report framework (that must be signed off by your Facilitator) to assist you in preparing your individual report.

PART B. (Individual Report)

By looking at the organisation’s/company’s website, business articles and Annual Reports, you will be able to see whether it is possible to access enough information about its organisational practices to address the following:

  1. How is your selected organisation/company trying to improve the performance of its workforce?
    • Include at least one performance related initiative and one way in which its success could be measured
  2. How is your selected organisation/company trying to improve its culture?
    • Include at least one culture-based initiative and identify the type of culture prevalent within the organisation/company
  3. How is your organisation trying to improve their rates of employee engagement?
    • Include at least one employment-based initiative and the likelihood of success?

The in-class component will provide you with an opportunity to assess your choice of organisation/company and its Human Resource practices.

Assessment Instructions

  • You MUST use the same organisation/company as you used in Part A
  • Using a Report Format, include the following components:
    • Introduction (150 words)
    • Performance Related Initiatives (400 words)
    • Culture Related Initiatives (400 words)
    • Engagement Related Initiatives) (400 words)
    • Conclusion (150 words)
    • Reference List (using the Harvard Referencing Convention throughout your report and reference list at the end)
  • You should include a minimum of 5 references (contemporary business articles, news items and/or comparison websites). While many of your references will rely on the organisation/company’s website, you cannot use this as your only source of information.
  • Please refer to the Assessment Marking Guide to assist you in completing all the assessment criteria.
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Answer :

People, Culture and Contemporary Leadership

  • Introduction

For survival of business, it is essential for organisation to adopt culture change, innovation, engagement of employees, performance and award (Gloor and et. al., 2015). This will help them to exist at competitive marketplace and gain desired outcomes in effective manner. The organisation selected for given assignment is Santos Limited that was founded on 18th March, 1954 at Australia. It is Energy Company which is second largest as well as independent of gas and oil producer. The given report is based on two parts where part A represent about in class activity which is to select organisation i.e. Santos Limited and part B is individual report. It discusses about performance, culture and engagement related initiative taken by organisation for their sustainability and profitability in effective manner

  • Performance Related Initiatives

Workforce is regarded as important element of organisation for carrying out activities and operations of business (Rosenbach, 2018). It is very important for Santos Limited to improve performance of their workforce through initiatives. Respective organisation is regarded as aiming to life performance which is equal to top 25%of world oil as well as gas companies by end of year. The performance of company was on middle of from past few years which is challenges for business. Different types of work have to be performed for looking towards bright future in effective way. In order to improve performance of workforce, respective organisation is focusing towards continuous professional development training programmes for their workforce so that they can work in more diligent and effective manner (Life at Santos, 2020). This is the important performance related initiatives adopted by Santos Limited as they conduct training on regular basis for all employees and team working in an organisation for high outputs and results. It can be online as well as offline training so all staff has to take part in it for improving themselves in better manner. Apart from this, if employees are provided with work life balance then also they feel motivated and happy to improve their performance in effective way and focus on maximum production and profitability of business.

The success of performance related initiatives could be measured with profitability (7 Ways to Measure True Success, 2020). After improving performance of workforce of respective organisation through conducting training and development, it is very important for organisation to measure success which is possible through profitability. If employees are raising profit margins of business then they have provided with adequate training and development session. This is very essential for Santos Limited to measure success and accordingly focus on training session. For example, if work force has achieved 10% profit in previous year and after conducting performance related training and development session they have raised to 20% then, there is rise of 10% which is called success for business and leads towards achievement of success and growth of business (Prozesky, 2016).  However, there is need to focus on community for working so that they get all types of facilities and set up important for business to work as per requirement of society so that goal and objectives can be attained in an effective manner.  However, there is need to set up proper alignment in the work program and undertaken social objectives for the sustainable future of the organization. 

  • Culture Related Initiatives

Culture guide business to follow right path and direction and work accordingly so that desired outcomes are achieved. This is very significant to have right types of culture and followed by all employees working in organisation. Santos Limited is trying to improve on safety and employee wellbeing which is part of culture base initiatives (Culture at Santos, 2020). It is important culture which they want to improve as they believe employees are main assets of organisation so focus on employee wellbeing. They provide employees with flexible working hours so that they can work accordingly to their requirement along with providing of work life balance between personal and professional life (Grint and et. al., 2016). This types of culture is very essential which helps in creating high level of collaboration among team members who are encouraged as well as required for sharing ideas, plans and strategy. These types of collaboration will assist other department of Santos Limited in such as planning, operations and engineering department. This is the culture in which respective organisation want to improve. 

The type of culture prevalent within Santos limited is providing of equal opportunity and diversity culture. They believe in providing equal opportunity to all employees working in organisation in order to enhance their skills and knowledge. As they have recruited 43 graduates over last three years where female candidates intake raise from 33% to almost half in 2020. They provide 20,000 hours of technical as well as professional development training from 2018 and keeps on rising every year (PEOPLE AND CULTURE, 2020). Santos limited has spent more than $3.1million on technical and professional development training. They value their work force and offering them with diverse range of inclusive development as well as learning opportunities options so that each of them suits in their work profile. They focus on working at positive and clam environment for their employees. This culture will help respective organisation to improve in positive manner and attain set goal and objectives so that desired objectives can be achieved. Therefore, in this way, Santos Limited will improve their culture along with providing of equal opportunity for all employees working in organisation (Holmes, 2017). Organisation has to improve on their culture of safety and wellbeing of their employees so that they will perform in better manner. Nonetheless, there is need to set alignment with the objective with the employee’s growth.

  • Engagement Related Initiatives

Employee engagement are defined as activities which are conducted by business for their workforce so that they feel passionate about jobs and committed towards firms and put efforts in completing given work in best manner (Hartnell and et. al., 2016). Santos Limited has to focus on improving rate of employee engagement for their business. The employment based initiative which respective organisation wants to improve is community in which they operate. They want to be partner with those and trusted through communities in which they operate where they can provide benefits from development of natural gas. It is the important employment initiative taken by business for carrying out their activities in effective manner. This is the business which they want to create for sustainable future of communities through partnering with both local as well as other firms in order to listen, invest and support and creating jobs, building skills for future. For initiative of community, they have made total sponsorships of $28 million in last five years. Also, 140 communities have provided support to organisation. This has employed 235 people and provided with $39million local wages in 2019. They focused on 800 employment as well as training opportunities to people of Australia (COMMUNITY, 2020).

The likelihood of success totally depends on work performance by employees at marketplace (Ma and Tsui, 2015). They have focus on community for working so that they get all types of facilities required to them. It is very important for business to work as per requirement of society so that goal and objectives can be attained in an effective manner. For providing benefits to community, employee’s skills and knowledge are enhance through providing them with training and development in proper way (Parsehyan, 2017). Therefore, it is very important for employees of respective organisation to focus on their community to whom they will be providing products and services and fulfils their requirements in best manner to attach them towards business for longer period of time. This shows that company needs to strengthen the overall business to accomplish the set objectives. 

  • Conclusion 

The report concluded that it is very important for business to adopt proper change so that they can survive at competitive marketplace. This is very essential for organisation to focus on their people, culture and contemporary leadership. For improving performance of workforce, they have adopted continuous improvement training which help to improve on continuous basis and accomplish set results. Successes of performance of workforce are improved through help of profitability earned by them. Organisation has to improve on their culture of safety and well being of their employees so that they will perform in better manner. This is essential for business to follow equal opportunity type of culture to provide equal chances to all working forces of business. Employment is focus towards community to provide them with all required facilities and services in appropriate manner.