MBA401 Two Individual In-Class Activities Reflection Assessment 3 Answer

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Assessment 3 Information

Subject Code:MBA401
Subject Name:People, Culture and Contemporary Leadership
Assessment Title:Individual Reflections
Assessment Type:
Two Individual In-Class Activities Reflection One (Week 6) Reflection Two (Week 12)
Word Count:Reflection One (500 words)
Reflection Two (1000 words)

Your Task

To create TWO (2) individual reflections that apply the People, Culture and Contemporary Leadership theories and concepts that have been covered in the subject. Both reflections will be based on the in- class activities.

Assessment Description

An important part of undertaking postgraduate study, is that you actively reflect on what you’ve been learning and how you could apply it to assist your own professional development and/or future career.

Reflection One will be conducted in-class in Week 6 and will be based on the Industry Guest Speaker linking the theory and concepts covered in the subject to date and application to yourself. Attendance at this class is requirement in order to complete the assessment. Discussions, participation and self- analysis activities will be conducted in class and will form the basis of your reflection. 

Reflection Two will be conducted in Week 12 and be a self-analysis of your leadership style and ways that you can develop your own leadership skills? During this trimester, you have undertaken a number of personality and leadership style tests and been exposed to a range of ideas and concepts to support your leadership development.

Based on the outcomes of your personality and leadership style tests and your learnings on your own leadership development, you are required to write a reflective piece indicating what are your top three leadership skills/qualities, your current skills gap, and two key areas that you need to focus on to address your skills gap and future professional development. You need to refer to a range of tools/tests and leadership theories to support your answer. You must include a minimum of 4 academic references to support your statements.

Assessment Instructions

Attendance at these classes is a requirement in order to complete these reflections.

To assist you in developing your reflections, you should be writing weekly diary notes recording your experiences (both positive and negative), on the topics and discussions.

To ensure the success of your Reflective Journal make certain that you incorporate the following:

  • Examples from you own personal experience that supports your analysis
  • Paragraphs that don’t just describe your experiences but critically analyse them as well

You should refer to at least three (3) relevant theories that you have covered during the subject to support your responses.

Please refer to the Assessment Marking Guide to assist you in completing all the assessment criteria

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