MBA404 Consumer Behaviour And Marketing Psychology: Assignment 3 Solution

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Assessment 3 Information 

Subject Code: MBA404 

Subject Name: Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology 

Assessment Title: Individual Report 

Assessment Type: Written Report 

Length: 2000 words (+/- 10% allowable range) 

Weighting: 40% 

Total Marks: 100 

Due Date: Week 13

Your task  

Individually, you required to write a 2000-word report based on the scenario provided in the assessment  


Assessment Description

This assessment is a culmination piece, in which you will be given an opportunity to combine the information you  

have accumulated in Assessments 1 and 2. More importantly, you will need to showcase an understanding of  

marketing issues related to consumer behaviours such as attitudes, group influences, culture, social class,  

consumer learning processes, and personal buying decision-making processes. 

Assessment Instructions

Your task is to imagine that you have just been employed by the company of your chosen product or service that  

you analysed in your earlier assessments and that the marketing department of this company has asked you to  

prepare a 2000- word report in which you must: 

1. Write a concise executive summary that covers all of the significant findings of your report (not included  

in the word limit of this submission

2. Provide a concise overview of the product or service and its market performance (300 words).  

3. Critically examine the company’s current marketing communication mix by considering how it targets  

consumers’ attitudes, group influences, culture, social class, consumer learning processes, and  

personal buying decision-making processes. Please note that not all of these topics may apply to  

your chosen product or service (600 words).  

4. Critically analyse whether or not the communication mix demonstrates a strong alignment to your findings  

in assessment 1 and 2 (600 words). 

5. Provide at least three strategic recommendations that either address previously identified misalignment  

OR proposed ways in which identified alignment can be strengthened. Please incorporate recent peer

reviewed literature to justify your proposed recommendations (500 words). Recommendations should not  

include manufacturing or operational improvements. 

6. Include Appendices (optional and not included in the word count) and Reference List (mandatory not  

included in the word count). 

In addition to your video and survey results, you are required to use at least 15 sources of information  

and use Kaplan Harvard Referencing Style. Wikipedia and other ‘popular’ sites are not to be used. 

These may include government publications, industry reports, and journal articles. 

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