MBA502 Diversity Issues By Authorities Of AGL Australia Assessment 2 Answer

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Assessment 2 Information

Subject Code:MBA502
Subject Name:Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and Diversity
Assessment Title:Assessment 2
Assessment Type:Individual Presentation – seven-minute video

Assessment Description

This is an individual assignment.

You are required to conduct secondary research on a local Australian-based or international  firm to highlight how it embraces just one form of diversity. You can focus on cultural diversity or any other form (gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, etc.)The main focus of your video presentation should be to highlight and critique your chosen firm by presenting issues related   to how it manages that specified diversity.

Assessment Instructions

In your video, it is recommended that you include the following:

  • A personal introduction: who are you?
  • An overview of the firm: what does it do and why did you select it?
  • Its diversity-related initiatives: what are they?
  • Sources: where have you obtained this information?
  • A critique of the diversity initiatives: have they been successful?
  • Recommendations: what else could the firm do in relation to diversity?
  • Additional sources: on what basis are you making those recommendations?

You will need to submit your file via the link provided Online.

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Answer :

Slide 2: Introduction: 

Hello everyone, Today, I am delighted to get the chance of presenting an issue regarding gender diversity in an organization. This presentation is all about the company AGL Australia. This presentation is based on the diversity issues and initiatives taken by the authorities of AGL, Australia.

Slide 3: Overview of the firm

AGL is one of the most major electric and gas Power Supply Company in Australia. It is one of the leading power supply company which provides, electricity, solar, gas energy to homes and organizations. The company, respect the values of the diversity of its clients, employees and stakeholders. The company has taken multiple it’s to implement a diversified work culture among the workforce and develop an inclusive workforce. 

Slide 4: Overview of the firm

This presentation includes the AGL's approaches and initiative programs regarding gender diversity and how the policies embedded within the organisation. The company is fully committed to gender diversity and promotes various attributes in the workplace. Due to the presence of a diversified atmosphere, the company is selected regarding the presentation.

Slide 5: Diversity related initiatives of AGL

One of the most significant initiatives taken by the authorities of AGL is #BalanceforBetter. The AGL's authorities conduct this initiative in order to pull up more female employees in the top management posts. The technology senior management team of AGL consists of 40% of female staffs. Though, the authorities of AGL think that they should Maintain and create balance in the workplace in order to propound a truly inclusive and diverse workforce.

Slide 6: Diversity related initiatives of AGL

According to the general manager of PT3and strategic programs Dayle Stevens, the employees of AGL always feels strength, passion and resilience in the workplace due to maintaining a Diversity in the environment. Also, according to her, male employees shows respect towards the female employees regarding the maintenance of balance. Another crucial initiative regarding gender diversity which was taken by the authorities of AGL is AGL equality. According to Simon Moorfield, the executive general manager of the IT department helps the female employees to achieve their goals and career development. AGL has taken the initiative to increase 50% of female employees in the senior posts by June 2022. Samm MacLeod, AGL's chief information security officer, told that by the help of this initiative am excellent balance can be created regarding diversity in the organization. 

Slide 7: Resources of the information

Every minute information regarding the diversity present in AGL is collected from the official website of AGL. Apart from that, the journal of “Diversity and Inclusion policy 2017" is very beneficial regarding the same. Along with that, the journal Diversity and inclusion census also very helpful to identify the approach of the AGL authorities regarding gender diversity. 

Slide 8: Critique based on the diversity initiatives

According to the findings, it can be said that the authorities of AGL efficiently recognise the effectiveness of diversified work culture. AGL's authorities have clear expectations from its employees to conduct and support a diverse workforce as well as assist in an inclusive workplace. The company has its Diversity and inclusion council, which is led by the CEO of AGL and some senior leaders of the company. The authorities of AGL regularly interact with its employees to recognise the strategies aspects relating to diversity and use the data to enhance the existing process and also use the information to implement new initiatives. Another crucial initiative which is taken by AGL's authorities is Diversity and Inclusion strategy, which is very broad in a sense. The company provides jobs to everyone without judging gender. The policy allows hiring lesbians, gays, transgender people, and intersex. Apart from that, Equal Employment Opportunity is another crucial step taken by the authorities of AGL regarding diversity.

Slide 9: Critique based on the diversity initiatives

Though, some initiatives were a failure due to incompetence of the workforce. Multiple Employees of the organization shows unacceptance regarding diversity. Male employees unaccepted female staffs hold the leading power of female employees as 40% of senior posts. Apart from that, advertising a vacancy with strength require male candidates who represent the discriminating nature against female candidates. Sometimes it is found that height and strength are the main criteria to grab a job. Which represents disrespect towards women. 

Slide 10: Recommendations for AGL

AGL holds a remarkable position regarding diversity and energy supply in the country of Australia. Though the authorities of AGL should take some approaches in order to create a balanced and more diversified workforce. The organization should advertise vacancies without showcasing height and strength criteria. Moreover, the code of conduct of the company should be more robust in order to restrict unlawful behaviour of the male staffs. Apart from that, some initiatives should be taken by the authorities of AGL in order to engage more female staffs in the top managerial posts. 

Slide 11: Rationale of recommendation

The above recommendation is provided according to the managerial structure of the company. The company succeeded to establish an excellent value proposition and brand status through Maintaining a diversified atmosphere. But, advertising with the criteria of height and strength restrict female candidates to apply for the post. Apart from that, disrespectful behaviour of the male Employees restricts female workers to deliver their 100 per cent in their tasks.