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Assessment 2 Information

Subject Code:MBA621
Subject Name:Healthcare Systems
Assessment Title: Assessment Type: Length:Case Study Slide Deck
Individual PowerPoint presentation slides with notes
2000 words, 20 slides + 100 words per slide (+/- 10% allowable range)

Your task

Assessment Description

The purpose of this individual assessment is to foster students’ ability to utilise data and a systems- thinking approach to predict the role and influence of preventative strategies and technology on the demand for healthcare in the future. Students will debate the ethical issues that can arise in the management of health care systems. They will utilise these skills to develop plans and recommendations to create ways for systems and management challenges to be resolved. In addition, they will create an inventory of resource requirements that are applicable to a variety of healthcare settings, with a focus on vulnerable populations.

Assessment Instructions

This assessment requires students to undertake an analysis of a health service and consider how well it is prepared to meet the needs of Australia’s ageing population.

Students may select any specialist health service from within their own state and should be from the health sectors b) OR d) as described below:

  1. Primary Care (e.g. General Practice, Dental Service).
  2. Primary Health Care (e.g. Drug and Alcohol Service, Aboriginal Health Services).
  3. Secondary Care (e.g. Pathology Services, Breast Screening Services).
  4. Tertiary Care (e.g. Public or Private Hospitals).
  5. Quaternary Care (e.g. specialised tertiary care such as neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, plastic surgery, and transplantation).

This analysis should be undertaken using a systems thinking approach and should use the WHO  six building blocks of a health system framework. The building blocks are:

  • Service Delivery: good service delivery comprises quality, access, safety and coverage.
  • Health Workforce: a well-performing workforce consists of human resources management, skills and policies.
  • Information: a well performing system ensures the production, analysis, dissemination and use of timely and reliable information.
  • Medical Products, Vaccines and Technologies; procurement and supply programs need to ensure equitable access, assured quality and cost-effective use.
  • Financing: a good health financing system raises adequate funds for health, protects people from financial catastrophe, allocates resources, and purchases good and services in ways that improve quality, equity, and efficiency.
  • Leadership and Governance (Stewardship): effective leadership and governance ensures the existence of strategic policy frameworks, effective oversight and coalition- building, provision of appropriate incentives, and attention to system design, and accountability.

It is important that you view the PowerPoint entitled ‘Tools for Systems Thinking’ which is available in the assessments portal BEFORE you begin your assessment.

The PowerPoint provides an overview of several tools used for undertaking a systems thinking approach to analysis. Make sure you read the slides and review all the additional resources supplied.

Your assessment is essentially in two parts:

In part one you should position your chosen service within the broader Australian heath system by examining its interconnectedness, boundaries and relationships using a systems perspective. You should use at least one (1) systems thinking tool.

In part two you should analyse your chosen service and its preparedness to meet the needs of Australia’s ageing population using the WHO six building blocks of a health system framework. You should use at least two (2) systems thinking tools.

Assessment Submission

Your assessment submission will be a PowerPoint slide deck made up of:

  • Twenty (20) slides focussing on the assessment requirements providing graphic and /or knowledge content as required.
  • Corresponding notes for each of the 20 slides addressing assessment requirements, to a maximum of 100 words per slide, i.e. 2,000 words maximum.
  • An additional two (2) slides that do not form a part of the word count, one a title slide and the other a slide to accommodate the listing of references.

There is no expectation that students will deliver the presentation.

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