MBA651 Service Blueprint Proposal Assessment 1 Answer

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Assessment 1 Information

Subject Code:MBA651
Subject Name:Managing Service-Based Industries
Assessment Title: Assessment Type: Length:Service Blueprint Proposal
Individual Written Analysis and Poster 1200 words (+/- 10% allowable range)

Your Task

Individually, you are required to write a 1200 word service blueprint proposal for a tourism and hospitality organisation of your choice. Please note that you will be required to use the chosen organisation in your second and third assessments.

Assessment Description

The purpose of this individual assessment is to foster students’ ability to evaluate the use of service design and service-dominant logic in the delivery of service experiences by justifying the most effective characteristics of service-based industries and the service economy.

Assessment Instructions

Before making a choice, please conduct preliminary research first to determine the availability of information. If you find that the number of sources about your chosen tourism and hospitality organisation is limited, please consult your workshop facilitator to discuss an alternative organisation.

Once you have chosen a tourism and hospitality organisation, you are to undertake an analysis of the following aspects:

  • Provide a concise overview of the chosen organisation and its total service offering.
  • Critically evaluate the organisational use of service design and service-dominant logic and provide detailed suggestions for improvement.
  • Based on the suggestions for improvement, propose an alternative service blueprint by creating a detailed visual representation of the total service over time - showing the user’s journey, all the different touchpoints and channels, as well as the behind the scenes parts of a service that make it work. You may wish to use Canva or PowerPoint to create the service blueprint. This part is not included in the word limit of your submission.

The findings presented in this proposal must be based on scholarly, peer-reviewed and commercial sources of information that were published no longer than 5 years ago. In composing the proposal, you must incorporate theories and concepts discussed in the topics from weeks 1 to 5. You are required to use at least 10 sources of information and reference these in accordance with Kaplan Harvard Referencing Style. Wikipedia and other ‘popular’ sites are not to be used.

Assessment Submission

This file must be submitted as a ‘Word’ document to avoid any technical issues that may occur from incorrect file format upload. Uploaded files with a virus will not be considered as a legitimate submission. Turnitin will notify you if there is an issue with the submitted file. In this case, you must contact your workshop facilitator via email and provide a brief description of the issue and a screenshot of the Turnitin error message. You are also encouraged to submit your work well in advance of the deadline to avoid any possible delay with the Turnitin similarity report or any other technical difficulties.

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