ME5013 Bushed Bearing Bracket 3D And 2D CAD Modelling And Analysis Assessment Answer

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School of Engineering and the Environment Department of Mechanical Engineering
Resit Coursework Assessment Brief
Module CodeME5013
Module TitleEngineering design, Materials and Manufacture 2
Title of Assessment
Bushed Bearing Bracket 3D & 2D CAD Modelling & Analysis
Summative (% of module) or FormativeSummative - this assignment is worth 50% of your module grade
All assignments must be submitted by the date and time specified above.
Students are required to submit an electronic copy of their completed assignment via the Assignments section of Canvas and follow any specific instructions. Any change to this instruction will be advised via Canvas.
In case of illness or other issues affecting your studies please refer to the University Mitigating Circumstances policy. Guidance on mitigating circumstances can be found on MyKingston:
Please note that if you submit a piece of work you have judged yourself fit to undertake the assessment and cannot claim mitigating circumstances retrospectively.
Guidance on avoiding academic assessment offences such as plagiarism and collusion can be found on MyKingston
Module Learning Outcomes

The following module learning outcomes and professional body learning outcomes are tested in this assessment:
  1. Use appropriate CAD/CAE tools for the design to create an effective mechanical model and system and simulation and analysis. (D6, G1 & G2)
  2. Produce alternative design concepts to solve a given problem, with analysis validation and carry out detail design to comply with current British standards. (D5, P4)
  3. Specify and select appropriate engineering materials for a particular design application. (P2)

Assessment task and specific terms
Bushed Bearing Bracket 3D & 2D CAD Modelling & Analysis
Each student will submit an individual report of no more than 10 pages including the front page, figures, tables and references. The report has to be compiled with the font size of Arial 11 point or Times New Roman 12 point and appropriate margins and 1 line spacing. Layout Format: Academic style. References Style Harvard and Vancouver. There is no maximum number of images and diagrams. Online submission through CANVAS and only PDF format is allowed. This section is worth 10% of the overall assessment for this module. Typical hours required by each student to complete this assignment is 10 hours.
Requirements & marking scheme
Front and end views of a bushed bearing bracket are shown in Fig.1 below.
  1. Efficiently create a 3D detailed feature-based solid design of the “Bushed bearing bracket” using parametric modelling practices, and sketching techniques from the given views in Figure 1
  2. Calculated the overall weight assuming that the material is Aluminium. All considerations and calculations should be fully justified, complete and clearly presented in the final report. The overall weight hand calculation of the bushed bearing bracket should be compared to the weight generated by the CAD system.
  3. Take the given front view as shown in Figure 1 and project from it a sectional end view and a sectional plan view taken from cutting planes A-A and B-B. Draw your solution in a third angle projection using the CAD tool to generate the 2D projection with all the cross-sections. Include all the necessary geometrical dimensioning & tolerancing techniques (GD&T)/BS8888 and design a title block to meet the manufacturing requirement.
  4. Overall critical discussion & conclusion.

3D CAD model Submission Requirements
Submit your report through Canvas on a pdf format, including all the necessary screenshots of your 3D CAD model construction and the detailed 2D drawing.
Assessment Criteria for Section A
Assessment of your submission will be based on the following weighted assessment criteria as given above after each section sections 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Academic skills support
For help and advice on this assessment please contact the assessment setter/s or the module leader. For advice on academic writing and referencing please contact the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing (SEC) Academic Success Centre (SASC). Trained staff and students will give you guidance and feedback on assessments. SASC can be contacted by email:

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