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What is Mechanical Engineering?

The discipline of engineering that deals with the design, analysis, manufacturing, and maintenance of the mechanical system is Mechanical Engineering. It merges the concepts of material science, physics, and engineering together. This branch of engineering aims to generate and use heat and mechanical power for the production and operation of machines and tools. The subject offers a flexible career path to a student. However, to successfully obtain a degree, one must have an extremely strong mathematical and scientific understanding to design reliable and cost-effective systems that will be useful to resolve the social problems. Mechanical Engineers doing research provides for the advanced knowledge in the engineering science.

Topics under Mechanical Engineering covered by us: 

1.    The mathematical application like integral and differential calculus, equations and linear algebra in Mechanical Engineering. 

2.    Manufacturing Engineering and Technology.

3.    HVAC, Energy Conversion, Heat Transfer, and Thermodynamics.

4.    The strength of materials and solid mechanics.

5.    Help with engineering design and product design.

6.    Materials Engineering and Composites.

7.    Statics and Dynamics in Mechanical Engineering.

8.    Help with Combustion, Internal Combustion Engine Assignments and Fuels Assignment.

9.   Fluid Mechanics (both fluid statics and fluid dynamics).

10. Machine design and Mechanism (both dynamics and kinematics).

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