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MSc Health Technology Assessment Health Economics (MED5023) Coursework 2020-2021

The assessment involves the completion and submission of two pieces of work – (A) a critique of an economic evaluation (25%) and (B) an original piece of written work either question 1 or 2 or 3 below (65%). Students are also expected to engage with and contribute to the discussion forum throughout the course (10%).

  1. The critique accounts for 25% of the assessment and should be approximately 1,000 words.
  2. The original piece of work accounts for the remaining 65%, and should be approximately 2,000 words (with the exception of question 2 which requires calculations and diagrams/tables to be accompanied by minimal explanation)

Critique of an economic evaluation (25%)

Write a critique of the paper detailed below, using the CHEERS checklist and guidelines for critically appraising published economic evaluations. Your critique should conclude by discussing briefly whether you think the article provides evidence to support a decision about treatment. The critique should be approximately 1000 words and can also include a completed CHEERS table checklist.

Tan, E., Taylor, R., Taylor, B., Brown, V. & Hayes, A. ‘Cost‐Effectiveness of a Novel Sleep

Intervention in Infancy to Prevent Overweight in Childhood’, Obesity, 2020; 28(11):2201-2208

The article is available online for free access at the link above and is also available through the university library using GUID and student password.

The CHEERS guideline is available online through the University Library:

Husereau D, et al., On behalf of the CHEERS Task Force; ‘Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards (CHEERS) statement’, Value in Health, 2013; 16:231-250.

Original written work (65%)

Choose to answer either question 1 or 2 or 3

  1. A colleague has contacted you with regard to a proposal they are submitting for funding on 7th July 2021. They are keen to include an economic analysis in the proposed study. Identify an area of interest (to you) for the proposed study and write a short proposal (up to 2,000 words) detailing the economic analysis that you plan to undertake for this study (Hint: you should discuss the type of analysis, costs and outcomes).


  1. The table below details the cost and effect profiles for the four treatments available to manage a chronic disease in adults. These are the only treatments available and ‘no treatment’ is not considered a plausible option. None of the treatments impact on life expectancy.

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Cost - year 1
£ 1,500
£ 900
£ 3,500
£ 500
Cost  years 2 - 5
£ 200
£ 400
£ 0
£ 500
Utility – year 1
Utility – years 2 - 5

  1. Calculate the costs and effects associated with each treatment for a period of 5 years using an appropriate non-zero discount rate. Please state the discount rate that you have used and explain why you have chosen them.
  2. Using your answers from (2a) above, calculate the incremental cost-effectiveness ratios associated with the treatments, identifying dominated treatments.
  3. Reflect upon and discuss how this information could be used to select the appropriate treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: You may want to undertake these calculations in excel and submit as an appendix, however, we expect a written submission answering each of the questions, demonstrating the

‘workings’ and some text explanation. We do not expect that the word limit of 2000 words will be reached, however note that Question 2c asks for ‘reflection and discussion’ so ensure your answer provides this.


  1. Please write an essay critically discussing the following questions:
  2. What type of health outcome(s) will be appropriate to measure for the economic evaluation of a public health programme?
  3. Explain how measures of health-related quality of life can be constructed.
  4. What alternative approaches to valuing health benefits are available and what advantages do they offer compared to measures of quality of life?

HINT: consider the diversity of outcomes for public health programs and how these relate to outcomes for different types of economic evaluations.

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