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Level 5 Diploma in Business & Management People Management

Unit level 5, Credit value: 15


You are completing a placement year, as part of your undergraduate degree in Human Resource Management and have secured a placement at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). You work in the Research section, which provides information on all aspects of HR. During your placement you will also have to undertake several assignments for your academic institution.

Task 1 – Meeting with your line manager

As part of your induction to the placement, your line manager wants to ensure that you have a firm understanding of how structure, culture and other factors impact on people in organisations. He also wants you to understand the differences between managing individuals and managing teams. 01+-0


He has invited you to a meeting to discuss the topics below. Meeting Preparation

In preparation for this meeting you have decided to produce a file which addresses each of the topics listed below. You will discuss this with him at the meeting. The contents of the file may be used to provide information to new staff, so it is important that it is written in an appropriate style. Your file must include:

  • An explanation of how organisational structure impacts on people in organisations.
  • An analysis of how organisational culture impacts on people in organisations.
  • An analysis of how organisational policies and procedures impact on people in organisations
  • An assessment of approaches to managing the performance of individuals.

Meeting Follow-Up

At the meeting you have a very interesting discussion about how structure, culture, and other factors such as organisational policies and procedures can influence the strategies used to manage staff effectively. You also discuss some of the differences between managing an individual and managing a team. Your discussion draws on live examples from you and your line manager. Following the meeting, your line manager asks you to send him a paper by email consolidating your learning from the discussion. In the email you should:

  • Explain the steps needed to create and maintain effective teams. 

Merit Task

For a Merit you also need to:

  • Evaluate the external factors which impact on the management of individuals and teams

Distinction Task

For a Distinction you also need to:

  • Analyse the management of teams and individuals through the process of strategic organisational change (AC2D1)

Task 2 – Preparation of an article for the CIPD website

Following a successful meeting and on completion of your introductory period your line manager has been very impressed with your work so far.

He has asked you to submit a draft article for the CIPD website. The purpose of this article is to help CIPD members understand how to develop individuals and teams. Your article should include case studies of business leaders and organisations and should cover the following points:

  • An analysis of the different training and development approaches used by organisations to attract, develop and improve individuals and teams.

Merit Task

For a Merit, your article should also include:

  • An assessment of the effect of incentives and rewards on the development of individuals and teams 

Distinction Task

For a Distinction you should also provide:

  • An assessment of the contribution of the application of motivational theories on the development of individuals and teams. 

Task 3 – Case study for assessment for your undergraduate degree

As part of the interim assessment of the work placement, your academic institution has asked you to produce an assignment that uses an organisational case study to demonstrate your ability to review people management strategies in an organisation. You can base your assignment on a case study of any organisation that you are familiar with and where you can access to the relevant information.

The case study should:

  • Describe people management strategies in your chosen organisation. 
  • Assess the impact of people management strategies on individuals and teams in your chosen organisation. 

Guidelines for the Assignment Structure

The following are guidelines for the correct presentation of your assignment:

  1. You must include a Title page which includes your name and surname, your student ID number, the Unit name and number, and the word-count of your assignment*.
  2. Your assignment must include page numbers. It is suggested that you include your name and surname in the footer in every page. Words in the footer do not contribute to your word- count.
  3. Your assignment must include a ‘Table of Contents’. This will be page 2 of your assignment. The Table of Contents must include a list with headings (and sub-headings if appropriate) in numerical order, and also include in numerical order any tables, graphs and/or charts that you present. Such tables, graphs and/or charts need to be given both a numerical value and a title.
  4. You can include an ‘Executive Summary’. This sits after the Table of Contents. Alternatively you can have an ‘Introduction’ as the start of your assignment. This should include relevant details as per this assignment brief.
  5. Following the different sections asked of you from the assignment brief it is expected that you include a ‘List of references’. References should be cited according to the Harvard Referencing System. Please refer to your ‘MBS Notes for Academic referencing’ guide found on your online learning space for proper referencing both in-text and in the reference-list.
  6. The last section of the assignment is the ‘Appendix’ which should include only relevant material.
  7. Care must be taken to write grammatically correct English language.
  8. *The word-count for this assignment is 3,000 words (minimum 2,500 words; maximum 3,500 words). Assignments falling outside of this range will be returned unmarked. The word-count comprises all words in your assignment including tables, numbers and diagrams; and excluding the Table of Contents, the Reference list and the Appendices.3
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