MGM1201 Introduction To Management: Assessment 3- Group Report And Presentation Answer

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Assessment 3- Group Report and Presentation 

Task Description: 

This assignment involves students working in groups (4 students in a group). The students will be divided into engineered groups. The groups are then required to select a organization in conjunction with the lecturer. The groups need to seek lecturer’s approval before finalizing the organization for the purpose of the assessment. Find examples of Human resource management practices they utilize; such as the organizations culture, how they motivate and engage their workforce or what they do to develop areas of diversity within the organization. Do an evaluation of ONE of these areas for your selected company.

Task length: 2500 words

Date Due: Group Report (Week 11)

Group Presentation (Week 11, presentation is Individual marking)

Task Weight- 40% (Report- 30%, presentation- 10%)

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