MGMT19105 Quality Management Tools For IKEA Business Assessment 2 Answer

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Assessment Task

You are required to write a 1000 word short report that describes 'why', 'what' and 'how' the business will implement the use of ANY two (2) of the quality management tools or techniques described in the unit textbook chapters discussed in week 5. The tools or techniques you select must address a quality challenge within the business.

1. Describe 'why' you suggest the selected two tools or techniques. Use your experience, observations and questioning of employees (within your selected business) about their quality management challenges and their use of quality management tools and techniques to create a rationale for your suggestion. 2. Describe 'what' the two quality management tools and techniques are and how they work and address the challenge. 3. Describe 'how' to implement the use of the selected tools within the business.

Note: You can make few assumptions about the information you use to describe the business. Do not use up a lot of words doing this, and try to keep it realistic. Always remember that the purpose of the report is to demonstrate what you know about quality management and its practical application.

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Answer :

Quality Management Tools

Unit number, name and Term: MGMT19105 Quality Management Term 2, 2019

Assessment Number: Assessment 2 Quality Management Tools

Executive Summary

In this paper, the focus is on the quality management tools and how to best use the tools and techniques, that can help improve and overcome the challenges in the IKEA business. As the tools and techniques while using in the firm,  would help provide a quality management and in providing a clear direction to the employees and the company.


Total Quality Management is one of the essential tools that help in proving an improvement reaction to the firms and the functionalities of the companies (Psomas, 2017). As employees within the IKEA firm faces challenges in terms of operational and coordination, it is important to introduce techniques that can help to manage future outcomes, which ould be consistent in the future scopes. Through this paper, the main aim is to implement the two tools and techniques which are control sheet and cause and effect, which would be effectively applied, after understanding employees' concerns, challenges and the implementation of it. 


Two tools and techniques for quality management 

Control charts Control charts

The control chart is a process, through which there would be a Statistical Process Control, SPC which can provide a system required for the production processes (Psomas, 2017). It is a way through which it would be helpful for employees to provide a distribution that can provide better command and control for every individual variation. To have a systematic upper and lower control, it is important to have tolerance limits that can be calculated through a process and sampled measures which would be plotted in between the two sets of limits.  Within the control chart, through the plotted line it would be helpful to correlate with the stability/trend within the process. It is important to have a defined action that can also provide individual variation (James, 2017). It is also an over-correction/compensation that would be helpful to have a random variation that can result in many rejects.

Cause and Effect, Fishbone, Cause and Effect, Fishbone

To have a tool like a cause-and-effect diagram it is a method, that can help analyze a process dispersion (Honarpour, 2018). To have defined causes and effects, the process would be applied such as of dispersion analysis, includes a process classification along with having a cause enumeration. It is also important to have an effect that would be equal to the problem which has been resolved and also provides an opportunity that would be grasped as a result to be achieved. It is important to brainstorm and also have an edge over the output, that can provide a brainstorming output relating it with the 'wide picture'. To also ensure how one can organize and relate it with the factors that can provide a sequential view. It includes a time direction but not include a provision of a quantity and leads to complexity. 

Observation and questioning employees

For the IKEA employees, it is important to understand the challenges, which would be questioned through the surveys and though the face to face interview questions.

  • How often do you create an alternative plan, when facing challenges?
  • Process technicalities and finding a solution?
  • How do you understand the upper limit and lower limit, when delivering?
  • How much quality is important for you?
  • How do you find a solution, related to the problems and the process technicalities?


Managerial Reasons
Employee Reasons
a) For the manager, it is important to find reasons in between the different sections of the firm or company.
b) To understand how much gaps are there in productivity and quality, lags and defining a plan?
c) To improve and finding an alternative solution.
a) To provide adequate support to teamwork and have better coordination. 
b) Concerns related to productivity and finding an appropriate way to improve the skills, knowledge and having an improvement plan (Al-Dhaafri, 2017).  
c) To constantly focus on innovation and finding a soliton to solve problems by reducing the failures.

Addressing the concern

In the organization, the concerns are productivity, quality, and issues for the employees to deliver and having key learning (Aquilani, 2017). The basic problems which employees have to face are to understand, what would be the consequences if they go off-limits in deliverables and compromising the qualities. It is also how there can be a consequent concern, for the employees to improve, deliver at par and also provide quality results. In case, if the planning of delivering at par with the quality is not appropriate, there are no delays, lags and how the TQM tools would be appropriate to find out a solution.

For example, as per the control charts, one can take the random checks from the samples and define the quality content in the upper-lower limit. The control charts can also be provided in the scheduling deliverables, defining the productivity, quality, and understanding of the customer expectations as per the charts.

Similarly for the fish borne can be used, in examing the different ways of finding problems and having a solution. It is how best, one can use the best strategy that can help to deliver with the appropriate solution. The employees can be trained, provide guidance as per the deliverables of standards and providing quality results. For example, if there is a change in the tastes and preferences of customers, how well the employees can set the limits of quality in defining the new tastes and preferences along with using the alternative plans to introducing techniques, finding solutions and also delivering as per the safety operation procedures which would help deliver at par.

Implement and use selected tools in the business

When the Control charts and the Fish borne, would be applied in the system, the employees and the manager concern about finding a soliton to the challenges, which can help have a customer-focused organization that can provide employees an edge over-improved quality.

Through the control charts and fishbone, it would help have a high revenue through the investments by improving efficiency (Honarpour, 2017). It can be beneficial to have a support organization to allow a strategic concern to have a systematic innovation.

With the help of TQM tools, it can provide better flexibility in delivering unique ideas, opinions and gaining experiences. It can help determine the solution to the foreseen challenges.


To conclude, how TQM can best be used with the best tools and techniques that can be best applied for the employees, to improve and deliver as per standards. To focus on the product and service quality, that would help to serve the organization and helps in setting the right technique of running people along with delivering at par with the business processes that can help to have delivered a better customer satisfaction at every stage. Due to the implementation of the TQM, it has rightfully helped to use the right things at the right time and create it as a vital technique, relate it with the company.