MGMT6014 Organisational Best Practice

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Assessment: Benchmarking Exercise
Individual/Group: Individual
Length : Not more than 12 pages including references and appendices
Learning Outcomes : PL01,PL02,PL03,PL04,
Submission: End of Module 3
Weighting: 40%
Total Marks: 40 marks

Learning Outcomes:

•  Examine the role of best practice and its relationship to organisational competitiveness and develop an effective plan for benchmarking best practice which can practically be applied to an organisation.
•  Evaluate organisational performance against best practice benchmarks and apply these benchmarks to establish organisational improvements.
•  Critically analyse the role of qualitative and quantitative tools which support the improvement of key processes in an organisation.
•  Critically evaluate organisational culture, team structures and the effective management of human resources and how these can contribute to the achievement of organisational best practices.

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A range of competitors in the market with the collection of several matrices focus towards the market criteria that provide help to the particular organization regarding certain market statement. Over time the performance of the company needs to judge in a suitable manner so that the inclusion of various work processes can able to include the proper market structure. the proper practice related to the organizational work processes and their matrices need to consider so that the entire work criteria can able to continue with the proper structure and help for the later application. In this assignment, Forte Group in London (Hotel) has generated over time the specific bench marking process that associate with the better competitive analysis that focus towards the various processes based on the organizational operation structure. 

1. Criteria and justification for selection of bench marketing for organization 

From the market evaluation to the various criteria related to the market processing considers the initial to the implementation structure that can assimilate for the further work processes in order to create the best application for the organization. Evaluation of own strategy and the formative purposes generates the better assistance that can correlate for the development and growth prospect in a better way. The initial purposes with the prime time processes that evaluate the efficient market background that can include the different work statement that formulate the different market purposes. Setting the different approaches for the organization with the focus towards the implied processes can generate better processing that generates the later implied procedures (Moll et al. 2015). The specific matrices and their essentialities for the organization deal with the different criteria that can assist for the future approaches regarding the work criteria. The organized overview of the organization regarding the bench marketing criteria with the inclusion of competitors analysis get to focus in a particular manner that can create the efficient market prospect in a better way.

The several market considerations along with the assisted focus generate the idea that can help to grow involved procedure for the later purposes and involved criteria. The different market significant with the approached criteria generate the understanding that can correlate with the further application based on the planning and implementation of  various base. Forte Group in their various organizational processes focus towards the London Stock Exchange that acquired the market considerations based on the catering and hotels business. The different market study and the inclusion of the further progresses consider the specific operational benchmarking that focus towards the continuous improvement criteria that associated with the further progressed statement and specifications (Barbero et al. 2014). Supporting the technological basis and the adjustment of the different planning criteria create the formative basis that the management criteria along with the efficient background can able to consider for the long term organizational working processes. The effective range of hotel related businesses and the manufacturing processes consider the further criteria that can supportive of the factors related to the organized results based on bench marking (Durfee et al. 2015)

The different planning criteria that Forte Group has associated within their market criteria focus towards the different growth and development background of the bench marking base that incorporate the further participated long term plan in  a better manner. The projects that the organization has set up for their management purposes create the effective scenario in order to generate over time the specific service belt for the customers (Diehl and Williams, 2017). The main concern for the organization  is to reach out to the customers’ desirability level that adjust with the several market processes and their associated implications for the continuous planning criteria. The hotel organization has put their focus towards the different market advantages over the competitors so that the affectivity of the organizational processes can continue in a better manner and the specified market criteria can generate the formative base for the overall work processes (Durfee et al. 2015). Bench marketing structure needs to correlate with the several market purposes that can associate for the concerning market criteria and put an effective consideration that based on the organizational work process implementation and several other competitors within the market. The entire performance based criteria needs to adopt in a specific manner so that the inclusion of other market efficiencies can able to continue with the suggestive specifications and their considerable planning structure (Ting et al. 2018). Recognizing the different strategies with the help in various market criteria justify the proper process in order to generate the standard criteria for the later work purposes and managing the entire organization in a proper manner.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Strategic goals and competitor positioning 

The strategic goal of the Forte Group is to enhance the market criteria by serving the best services to the customers and managing the entire organizational processes in an effective manner. The different follow up market criteria with the assistance for the understanding and acknowledging the further purposes creates the formative state that can associate with the improved market procedures. The different market projections, variety of other planning criteria help to develop the standard procedure that can correlate with the idea of specifying the organizational development criteria in a better way (Barbero et al. 2014). The organized work specifications including the different market benefits help to structure the various criteria that adjust with the current industry based average. The most important basis that needs to consider in the entire processes create and suggest the effective considerations that can focus towards the market related intelligence in order to connect with the investment procedure with the relocation of resources with the effective planning structure (Engelhardt et al. 2018). The performance of the company Forte Group is another significant structure that exercise the different market information for acquiring the knowledge about the market and focus towards the competitors so that the inclusion of other innovative space can able to incorporate in a proper manner. furthermore, the strategic work process implementation along with the follow up of large distribution channel and the supply of the different resources need to imply in a proper manner that can associate with the deeper investigation related to KPI. 

2. Measurement of benchmarking and interpretation of the result 

The organization in order to maintain the perfect base for the further working processes suggest for the internal and external work symmetry that can create the better purposes for the entire organizational basis. The bench marking criteria based on the various market inclusions pose for the performance companion so that the effective criteria related to proper processes of operational structure can be relatable for the further association of the organizational base. The effective market perspective with the efficient criteria consider the good performance of the employees with the assistance of the instrumental tools that can able to measure the effectiveness of the different market abilities that consider the business units (Nepal and Jamasb, 2015). Measuring the different organizational criteria with the processed structure for adjusting different work based criteria along with the management of several business units can consider the formative inclusion that can correlate with the work process of particular personnel. 

Effective management criteria with the specification of bench marking focus towards the competitive market base with the inclusion of various statement based on the employee performance indication and the structured processing for the later working implications. The several development and the market adjustments cater the suitable base that can adjust with the planning procedure for the link between entire working bases. The evaluation process with the processed structure initializes the process where the organization achieves the goal processes with the assessment of performance criteria and justification for the competitors’ analysis. The different trends and the management processes consider the adjustment with the several work based application that can create and justify the various processes based on the assessment of several departments (Fitzsimonset al. 2016). As the organization Forty Group is associated with the customer service processes so that they standard goal criteria with the progressed market factors include the further work possibilities that can access the overall output. The requirement of the organization need to judge in a proper manner so that the inclusion of composed multiple measures can evaluate in a particular manner with the suggestive criteria for the future work processes. From the one approach to the another the organizational success process associate with the efficient market criteria based on the planning, operational criteria, hotel management and customer service procedure (Laise et al. 2015). The finance related segments with the efficient procedure for the continuous work success criteria deal with the several planning contributions and their implications. With the improved criteria based on the improvement measurement criteria impose for the bench marking structure that can create the formative processes that can associate for the value stream mapping purposes.

Improvement basis in bench marking criteria 

The continuous improvement criteria with the clear indication based on conducting the training, measuring the results, compassion between the comparison structures, selection of the implementation tools with the efficacy of the entire planning processes based on the several market criteria and their implications. 

Figure 1: Continuous improvement cycle

(Source: Nepal and Jamasb, 2015, p-341)

The bench marketing criteria and their followed roadmap creates the different applicable purposes that can create the suggestive structure based on the systematic processes with the performance based implications. Determining the several application and their various market purposes justify the formative criteria that can associate with the superior performance based structure with the proper adaptation of the various purposes and their utilized resources. the successful market implementation with the efficient structured prospect evaluate with the random basis criteria that the organization focus with the best practice oriented procedure for the later implied purposes (Cook et al. 2018). The suggestive bench marking focus with the associated market statement originates from the understanding of customer base of the organization along with the consideration for critical success procedure. The organizational preferred achievement purposes with the processed satisfactory performance structure imply for addressing the various market formulation.  

Internal and external bench marking processes 

The internal and external processes related to bench marking criteria focused with the different organization basis that help to deal with the formative work procedure. The quantitative process analysis and heading towards the final organizational criteria is related to the internal bench marking processes in order to find out the final result of the project in a better manner. The several market implementation with the focus towards the separate programs and the participation of the formative criteria deal with the useful market criteria in a better manner. The market trend with the included criteria imposes for identifying and examining the different data that processed with the idea of performance criteria. The data over time along with the impact of performance improvement processes include the time and date specifications in a justified manner. On the other hand the external benchmarking criteria take the initiative to justify the added advantages of the organization that is their customer service processes within time. Forte Group has organized things with the clear indication related to the management criteria that can associate with the better inclusion of formative market application that can understand the managers’ performance. 

Figure 2: Bench marking roadmap

(Source: Colson et al. 2015, p-69)

Forte Group has initiated the bench marking processes throughout their organizational processes with the indication for the better planning, quality service criteria, effective management participation in the working process and handling several projects in a proper manner that can generate the understanding for the overall organization. project authorization and the implied source for the later purposes and their market adjustment initiate for the better working associations so that the several market factors and the standard criteria can able to adjoin in the entire work purposes. The potential long term future problems and their solution need to find out in a particular manner that can identify the innovative and important aspect of project management inclusive of the project authorization processes (Everaert et al. 2017). The various market considerations along with the adjusted possibilities consider the risk management criteria that need special attention for the entire thing in order to ensure the success of the project. During the execution of the project it is necessary to understand the various marketing and operation based processes for the hotel business that can associate with the proper project guidance with the supportive factor for the management purposes. Assess the different implied criteria with the implication for the several purposes that can adjust with the processed statement that can associate for the future market purposes and their formative criteria related to the evaluation processes for the entire thing (Colson et al. 2015). The pre project criteria and the post project criteria that essentially help to evaluate and develop the further processes related to the consideration for different planning based criteria with the further market prospect. With the work processes for later implied work possibilities. The typical prospect with the application department level create the proposed consideration include the possibilities for the future purposes. The integrated market purposes that can pose for the supportive management purposes consider the further application that access the several criteria based on the middle management and the likelihood of the entire project team in order to justify things in a proper manner. The initiative and the efficient market criteria impose the data submitted factors that generate the understanding for the further effective market statement in a particular manner that appraise the accurate data processing. Volidation of the bench mark criteria follow up the several services that adjust with the specified market suggestion in order to find out the better approaches for reviewing and ensure the formative application for the future market processes (Lazariset al. 2017). The completeness and accuracy need to check in a particular manner so that the inclusion of specific market criteria can able to adjust with the independent reviewer and their several practices related to the service specification of the organization. 

3. Recommendations for action stemming from benchmarking data  

Forte Group that deals with hotel related criteria specifies the various market criteria that can associate with the formative basis based on the development of different processes with the classified inclusion of competitors’ analysis. The several market interpretations by taking the assistance of bench marking can create the formative market application so that the necessary factors within the market can able to include the further work possibilities. While analyzing the several prospect based on the action stemming criteria cater the several implications that focus towards composition and varying consistency related to data gathering.  Some of the hotel basis external factors and the marking suggestion impose the idea of creating and generalizing the different acts. With the help of performance matrix and typical data tabulation the organization can get to know about the current service criteria from the customers and their future preferences from the organization. With the long term market consideration thus the effective purposes related to the statics, correlation and coefficient focus towards the data that include normal operating range and the processed scenario that currently generates the understanding based on the various market prospects. As the organization is directly connected with the customers and the management processes needs to structure in a proper manner so that the accessed criteria with the several market suggestions needs to relate with the goal processing and other specifications.  Improving the different work purposes along with the organizational analysis consider decision making prospect need to connect in a better way that determine the performance goal and focus more to the competitors within domestic and international market. The specified range of bench marking criteria with the incremental improvement purposes adjust with the changes resulted in various market structures (Zhu, 2014).  The strategic purposes and their processed criteria develop the different ideas that can imply for the action based planning that pose with the incremental processes related to changes in a proper manner. 

The learned processes related to the formative market criteria with the inclusion of action plans and the implemented criteria generate the idea related to the involved market changes and the organizational basis for the later purposes in a formative way. The standard planning criteria and the data derived from bench marking criteria sustain and initiate competitors’ analysis and performance improvement (de Noordhout et al. 2018). The several target goals along with the integration of knowledge based purposes incorporate the gained purposes that focus in a better manner towards the different programs that arrange the structured procedure for the quality improvement criteria. The different outcomes and the participated work based understanding cater the effective basis that deliver the systematic processes for the selected performance measure and taking the data and information from the market can cater the sufficient understanding about the other competitors in the market. The necessary work adjustment along with the formed market basis can correlate with the idea of sustained criteria based on different analysis relatable to the competitors within the market (Lovelly et al. 2018). Governing the several processes that require specific actions and further help to measure the appropriate market criteria can provide help for the suggestive criteria based on the evidence based result implications. The bench making segment for Forte Group thus assist the several procedure that compare and measure the performance based structure for the improved performance based analysis with the suggestive inclusion of building a complete criteria related to other market competitors’ analysis. 


The several elements to organize skills within Forte Group along with the criteria related to the competitor’s base generate the proper processes for enlisting possible action based structure in a better manner. The excellent results and their market understanding formulate the specific criteria that help to regenerate the factored basis relatable to the addressed market criteria and the possible corrective actions needs to take in a better association for the later work processes. List of ideas in the benchmarking criteria with the supported market specifications deliver the re-measurement based work processing that can generate the programmed implications related to improvement. at last the performance goal of the organization, description of the collected data from the market, the proper evidence of the data collection and analyzing the data can coordinate each processes that can consider the various factors for the progressive market basis in a particular manner.