MGN423 Executive Audit Assessment Item 3 Answer

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Task Instructions - Assessment Item 3

Semester 2/2020 Assessment Item 3, MGN423: Executive Audit

Relates to learning outcomes:Unit Learning Outcomes: 2, 3 and AOL goals: KS (1.1), HO (2.1), TS (4.1), SE (5.1)
Length:1500 words, +/- 10 percent word allowance
Weighting:30 per cent

Description of the task:

For this assessment, you will provide a critical and thoughtful reflection of a real-world contemporary strategic issue and evaluate decisions made by the executive to implement the strategy within the company. You should take an ethical stance and critically reflect on the ethical issues and decisions of executed strategy. You must base your assignment on the case that included on the Bb assessment page. 

What needs to be covered:

Please read the case (Volkswagen’s “Clean” diesel scandal) on the Bb assessment page and prepare a report to cover the following questions:

1) Take an ethical stance and discuss Volkswagen’s ethical behaviour (e.g. from a consequentialist or categorical perspective).

2) Which key strategic issues can you identify that caused the scandal?

3) To what extent does Volkswagen reflect the strengths and weaknesses of the stakeholder model of governance? 

4)  What should Volkswagen have done with regard to governance and management after the resignation of Martin Winterkorn? How would you fix the company's governance system?


Any report structure and headings can be used, as long as they comply within the QUT standard as defined in QUT Cite

How you will be assessed:

This is an individual assessment item and the assessment criteria (CRA) for this assessment is on the BlackboardCaption titles and words in tables and graphics are not included in the word count. As well as word counts do not include cover page information and reference list. Please also do not include appendices.

There is no requirement for the number of the references but references should be included in accordance with the Academic Integrity and Referencing Guidelines requirements detailed in QUT Cite.

Assessment related penalties:

Late submission without an approved extension – No marks will be awarded

The case study must be uploaded to Bb.  This is the only assignment submission method used in this unit.  If an assignment is submitted using a different method, it will not be assessed resulting in you receiving zero marks for the assignment. You must also use a Word doc. format.

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