MGT301 Organisations And Changing Environments Assessment 1 Answer

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Assessment 1

Assessment Type: Research Report Individual Assessment – 2000 + 10% word.

Purpose: The assessment is designed to allow students to demonstrate their ability to research current theory on change management and compare, contrast and evaluate the suitability of different models for various scenarios. This assessment relates to learning outcomes a, c and d.

Value: 20%

Topic: Organisations and their changing environments

Task Details:

Students must complete the task by:

  • Researching a range of current academic journal articles related to the selected change management topic.
  • Explaining clearly what the current change management literature is saying about the topic.
  • Students should evaluate potential change interventions, select appropriate change and develop\recommend plan for change in the assessment.
  • Drawing supported conclusions as to the validity of current change models discussed in the literature.

Students need to format their research, analysis and conclusions into a professionally presented report that has the following items:

  • Title page
  • Executive summary
  • Table of contents
  • Appropriate headings and sub-headings
  • Recommendations
  • Reference list (Harvard – Anglia style)
  • Attachments if relevant

The report’s headings must be properly numbered. Furthermore, the report must be 1.5 spaced and written in either Times New Roman 12pt, Calibri 11pt or Arial 10pt.

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