MGT340 Managing International Businesses Report Assessment Item 4 Answer

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MGT340 - International Management
Session 2 2020
Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences
School of Management and Marketing

Assessment item 4 - Managing International Businesses Report

Length: 3,500


This assignment is worth 45% of the total marks for this subject. This assessment task relates to all 6 Learning Objectives for the subject.
Continuing with your chosen company and country used in Assessment Item 2, you will now need to prepare a second report for the company considering the following in the context of your chosen company and country:

  • Brief summary of key macro issues identified in Assessment item 2 and the implications of these.
  • Proposal of international organisation structure (design) for the company with justifications how this addresses the macro environment issues.
  • Outline the international strategy for the company, and recommend the most appropriate corporate and business level strategy. 
  • Application of Porter’s theory of national competitive advantage.
  • Market analysis and entry mode strategy with justifications why this should be considered. 
  • Recommend the most appropriate international HR management approach.
  • Methods of approach and strategies for cross-cultural communications and managerial philosophies required to motivate and lead cross-cultural teams. Also, discuss implications of leadership issues facing international managers [Nb. also will need to consider required technology environment strategy to keep everyone in the loop].
  • International marketing strategies (considerations) and justification.
  • Recommendations for potential benefits, risks and changes to the company to operate in the country chosen. Also, recommendations take into account the strategies for the company to consider the various options available.

Your assessment report should be in a report style format (i.e. a format that would be expected in an authentic workplace situation) and should also include the structure outlined in the "Presentation" section in the subject outline for this assessment.

Note: You need to ensure that you refer to the theory covered in the subject Modules within your report and use additional relevant literature/information sources. This should not be a general descriptive report, instead it must be a report that explains the relevant theory relating to international management and shows application of theory in the way you evaluate and discuss issues, implications, approaches, and develop strategies and recommendations based on the international environment for the company chosen. Also, when providing data/reported facts when performing analysis on market or economic climate you should not just state the information but you should also explain how it is significant and why it is of interest/importance to your particular company.


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to evaluate the implications for managing teams and businesses in a globalised world.
  • be able to research the political, legal and economic environment of a country and analyse managerial implications for leading teams and operating a business.
  • be able to evaluate the main theories, concepts and models of culture and use these theories to make recommendations regarding management of cross-cultural communication, negotiation and conflict resolution in a multi-cultural team environment.
  • be able to investigate cultural differences in relation to decision making, motivation and leadership and recommend management strategies for Human Resource policy and leadership of cross-cultural teams.
  • be able to effectively communicate recommendations regarding the viability, form and function of a firm's international operations.
  • be able to identify the ethical and corporate social responsibility issues managers may face when operating internationally and develop a strategic response to these issues.

This assessment task is designed to:

  • encourage independent research into the cross-cultural management issues of doing business in a particular country
  • allow you to apply your understanding of macro-economic issues when recommending strategies for international operations
  • provide you with experience in writing an authentic workplace report that includes recommendations and justifications which are based on research and analysis.
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