MGT502 Discussion Forum: Exemplary Business Communication Assessment 2 Answer

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Subject Code and Title
MGT502 Business Communication
Discussion Forum: Exemplary Business Communication
Total of 900 words: 1st Post: 300 words 2nd Post: 300 words
3rd Post: 300 words
Learning Outcomes
This assessment addresses the following Subject Learning Outcomes:
  1. Apply research, academic and communication skills appropriate to the level of study and observe academic referencing requirements
  2. Critically analyse texts and/or multimedia material in both a business and academic context
  3. Identify and apply effective communication methods within a business and academic environment
  4. Evaluate the use and importance of technology within a business environment
30 % (10 % per post)
Total Marks
30 marks


Business communication can either be internal, within a business organisation, or external, between the organisation and its existing and potential customers. This assessment supports students in developing their skills and knowledge in selected business communication methods, including an examination of the theoretical underpinnings of communication in business.

This assessment has been designed to

  • Appraise students’ ability to academically research and evaluate characteristics of effective business communication.
  • Apply critical thinking skills utilising supporting evidence to justify arguments.
  • Students are expected to demonstrate practical understanding of application of business communication skills and their importance in professional development.


Assessment 2 consists of three (3) posts on the Assessment 2 Discussion Forum. For an acceptable result, you must submit all three posts. Using the Assessment 2 Discussion Forum provided in Blackboard, students are required to discuss the characteristics of a specific type of exemplary business communication such as reports, internal communication methods, business proposals, etc. (decided by the facilitator)

Post 1: Analyse characteristics of exemplary business communication (300 words)


Investigate the form of business communication chosen by the facilitator and research what makes it effective. Critically analyse specific characteristics and justify your choices. Consider using examples to back up your statements.

Key points to consider in your initial post:

  • Your post should analyse ideal characteristics of a specific type of business communication.
  • Include justifications for your chosen characteristics.
  • Consider using one or more specific examples to add value to your post.
  • You must include reference to literature.
    • Use at least 2 in-text citations per post.

    • Reference the book, article, or document using APA 6th style in the reference list.

Post 2: Critique one peer post (300 words)


Each student is required to critique an original post of a peer. Your critique should include commentary on:

  • Whether the original post is comprehensive. Please identify missing components, if any, and provide constructive feedback.
  • Have all plausible characteristics been identified?
  • Are one or more examples provided? Provide a critique on the examples and their suitability in supporting statements.
  • You must include reference to literature.
  • Use at least 2 in-text citations per post.
  • Reference the book, article, or document using APA 6th style in the reference list.

Post 3: Summarise learning (300 words)


Each student is required to summarise key points they have learned from the discussion on the Discussion Forum.

Your post should include commentary on:

  • How this discussion has added to your understanding of effective business communication.
  • What are the 3 key points you have learned from the discussion and how you can apply that knowledge in the future.
  • Give one or more practical examples of how to apply that knowledge in your professional development.
  • You must include reference to the literature.
    • Use at least 2 in-text citations per post.

    • Reference the book, article, or document using APA 6th style in the reference list.
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Answer :


Post 2:

In the original post, the importance of communication for enhancement of the business has been defines. Along with this, perspectives of different reports have been highlighted which depict different view on the process of communication in the business.  In this post, although different perspectives of business communication have been defined, yet the suitable process of modern communication has not been defined. This can result in confusion among the readers and the problem of the organization regarding proper communication has not been solved through this post.   According to authors Kernbach, Eppler & Bresciani (2015), proper strategies on business communication is extremely important and the strategy has not been defined well in this post. This can be considered as the missing component of this post.

In this post, the plausible characters have been identified with the help of three individuals and their perspectives in business communications that have been defined in respective articles. This helps in identifying the different modes of communication that are possible in the modern business and for enhancing the communication between the organizations and their employees and customers. These characters are renowned ones in the business fields and thus their perspectives are relevant for the analysis of effective communication in business. 

In this post, examples of three different articles have been provided and all are relevant to the context of this post. The views of the articles on productivity, transparency and morality define the importance of maintaining strong relationship with the employees which can result in effective transparency of the information that is shared along with bringing in the increase in the productivity of the employees for the growth of business (Karanges et al., 2015). This is extremely important in the modern business and it can be stated that the post has defined both the importance of modern day and traditional modes of communication. 

Post 3:

In the post, the understanding of the effective business communication has been analyzed through a case study. With the help of the report of business communication of the company, it has been possible to understand the importance of the two way communication. Along with this, the analysis on the impact of communication on the productivity, transparency and morality also helped in learning the impact of effective communication in the business growth.  The problems of modern method of communication such as emails and the traditional methods have been well analyzed through this post which enhances the understanding on the importance and methods of business communication. 

The 3 key points that have been learnt through this post are the importance of transparency in the business through communication, impact of communication on the performances of the employees and the importance of updating the employees with the modern business with the help of effective communication.  In the regard, the transparency in the communication can be implemented with the help of proper methods of communication by which the information can become clear to both employers and employees (Schnackenberg & Tomlinson, 2016). Along with this, with the help of communication, employees are able to be aware of the changes in the business process and for this, they are able to adapt with the changes effectively. Thirdly, effective communication with the management helps the employees to understand the expectation of the business which help them to enhance their individual performances in the business (Ramdhani, Ramdhani & Ainissyfia, 2017). 

The knowledge that has been gained through this post can help in managing the employees in the organizations and the methods of communication with them. The discussions of this post will be helpful in maintaining the effective way of communication with the employees and to motivate them to improve their respective performances.