MGT603 Systems Thinking: Rich Picture, CATWOE And Root Definition Report Assessment 2 Answer

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Subject Code and Title
MGT603: Systems Thinking
Rich Picture, CATWOE and Root Definition Report
Up to 1200 words
Learning Outcomes
b) Create a visual depiction of a multi-dimensional complex situation that represents differing views
Total Marks
20 marks


We live in a dynamic world, which consists of various complex adaptive systems and requires today’s managers to take a holistic view of the business. In order to gain a holistic understanding, managers need to understand all the key stakeholders and the intended and unintended consequences of their decisions. To achieve this objective, managers need to learn and apply systems thinking tools and techniques. One such tool is “Rich Picture”. Rich picture helps us express our own understanding of the world, the stakeholders to be considered and the impact that they may have our actions. Tools such as Rich picture, CATWOE and Root Definition reports helps us to understand others’ perspectives without getting involved in conflicting arguments of convincing one another about their own worldview.


This assessment is to be completed individually and is linked to Assessment 1.

To successfully complete Assessment two (2) students will write a comprehensive report that helps resolve the problem they introduced in Assessment 1. Using the resulting discussion as a platform students are required to analyse and synthesise consequences on various stakeholders involved while achieving the goals and objectives through policy implementation. There are two (2) sections to Assessment 2

  1. Rich Picture – Students are to create a Rich Picture of the problem they identified in Assessment 1. This can be hand drawn and should provide an consise overview of the complex system under review.
  2. Root Definition report using CATWOE – A Root Definition report is a structured analysis and description of the system being investigated. A Root Definition report explains the what, how and why. A CATWOE analysis can help in the development of a thorough Root Definition Report. CATWOE is a mnemonic that identifys all stakeholders in the system being analysed. CATWOE stands for

C- Customers/clients

- Actors

T – Transformation Process

W- Weltanschauung / Worldview

O – Owners

E- Environment

To successfully complete Assessment 2 both sections must be completed. Your final report must include

  • Rich Picture
  • Root Definition Report using CATWOE.
  • And, based on these two tools, students will recommend a minimum of two (2) optimal solutions to overcome the problem/policy challenge identified in Assessment 1.

PLEASE NOTE: Your artistic talent will not be assessed, but rather your holistic understanding of the problem in question.

For further assistance please refer to the below links for examples of Rich Pictures and CATWOE analysis.

Submission Instructions:

The Rich Picture and Root Definition Report using CATWOE needs to be produced according to academic writing guidelines and must be submitted in compliance with the following;

  1. You should make significant references to the subject material and substantial wider reading. A minimum four (4) academic (books & peer-reviewed journal articles) & two (2) other sources (newspaper article, trade publications, websites, etc.) must be used. These should be referenced in the APA style, both in-text and in a reference list. References to ‘Wikipedia’ or similar unsubstantiated sources will not be accepted.
  2. The Assessment is to include in-text citations and a reference list following the latest APA referencing style. The APA referencing guide can be located in the Academic Writing Guide at
  3. Submit Rich Picture, CATWOE and Root definition Report (with references) via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in MGT603 Systems Thinking on the Student Portal. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via Grade Centre in the Student Portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades. 
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Answer :

Rich Picture, CATWOE and Root Definition Report1.Introduction

The most basic step of  Soft Systems Methodology(SSM) is to put together the Root Definition System. Study investigate or designing are the integral part of root definition system. Root Definition is a system of planned report. It shows the appropriate data of various business activities which may or not take place in the industry while performing. 

A Well Structured Root Definition consists of three elements- what, how, why.

In the case of DIVVY chicago, 

A System to do X, by (means of) Y, in order to achieve Z.

X – What the System does-DIVVY Chicago provides bike sharing services
Y – 
How it does it- It has 5800 bikes and 580 stations across Chicago
Z – 
Why it is being done- To provide alternative of transporation which is eco friendly/

CATWOE analysis helps in knowing the correct formulation of a Root Definition. 

                                                          Rich Picture

 Rich Picture of System Thinking CATWOE

2. Application of the CATWOE Analysis

CATWOE application helps in identifying and solution of the institutional problems where various and non-agreement opinion are often comes. Looking from all perspectives and agreement points it will give a systematic structure design to solve the problem. The CATWOE analysis are done on the basis of current system or with the process currently used in the organization.

Below are the elements used to relate about the problem and their solutions:

C – Customers

As the letter says C stands for customers. These are the people or organizations who use services or product (Basden & Wood‐Harper, 2006).. Customers are the users and management of the system.  The benefit comes without doubt if the amendment happens within the system. The first step involve in CATWOE is to analysis the customer. The analysis will help in comprehension of the system to attract the customer. Addition to that we also need to identify what could be the problems and find out suitable solution.

A – Actors

Here A signifies Actors. Actors are the employees who work for the organization. Employees are the one who make sure that the changes in the process are taking place. They are the one who are involve in handling the process. Hence, when achanges take place, organization should be aware about their interest, ability and qualities which help in getting result of the changes of the process or in the design.

T – Transformation Process

Transformation defines the involvement of adaptation of new technology in the system (Maqsood, Finegan & Walker, 2001). This process involves the input like raw material, labor, time and transformed it to output like final product. It helps in knowing in future the input material and the result of the output comes, which helps in taking the future steps considerably.

W – World view

World view itself explains that it shows the wider view of the environment. Environment here mean the stakeholder and the interested parties and competitive industry. It is considered as  one of the most important feature in CATWOE analysis. The management people often have different views of looking into the same problem. The objective of CATWOE analysis is to give unlike view on different points.

O – Owners

O here refers to Owner- owner means stakeholder, investor, entrepreneur of the industry. Who decide when to initiate the project and when to halt (Indahati, Fitriani & Munajat, 2017). They are the decision maker of the organization and have full authorities to take decisions in favor of the organization.

E – Environmental Constraints

This is opposite to the world view which it indicates the real world elements which sway the institution and can show the pro and cons of the design system. Illustration such as boundaries, financial situations, norms and other environmental boundaries (Antunes,, 2016)

3. A CATWOE Analysis of DIVVY Chicago

A CATWOE Analysis gives close view  on the issues of DIVVY Chicago so that different user groups come ahead with solutions. A CATWOE analysis helps in gathering different opinion and brings it to common area. It provides a whole gather of different opinion and creates the base foundation from two or more than two viewpoints. In the case of Chicago DIVYY, They want to imrpove customer engagement factor so that they can improve organizational performances. By using CATWOE analysis we can face the following issues:

C – Customers

In this scenario the customers are people of Chicago.  The changes in operations will be noticed by the customers. The people of Chicago are the one for whom changes are going to plan. It means they are the one who are influenced first by the changes made.

A – Actors

The actors are here are employees who are working for DIVYY Chicago. They are the one who give various instructions and execute various for example for longer approach. Employees working in different departments have to learn improved customer services process in different manner. They are the actual actor in DIVVY Chicago..

T – Transformation Process

The transformation process includes the whole process of customer engagement. In current system, customer registers through app and can take or return bike from any station. However, DIVVY Chicago doesn’t do anything to take feedback of customer experience. Hence, introducing the feedback button in mobile app can be very helpful to get clear picture.

W – World view

The DIVYY Chicago’s view, owners want to improve organizational revenue.. The stakeholders have different view(customer satisfaction) which rise to conflict interest. This can lead to inconvenience for customers to engage with company. 

O – Owners

The DIVYY Chicago owners are one who give permission or deny  with the changes in the route and the process of renting the bike. DIVYY Chicago board is vital owner which with lot of opinions allow them to adapt the changes 

E – Environmental Constraints

The Environmental Constraints shows the importance of the new changes. For example the laws passed/agreed by the government, weather conditions, geographical condition. In the case of DIVVY Chicago,  lack of bike stations on outskirts of Chicago can limit its services to customers.

4. Optimal Solution

After CATWOE analysis, we can give two solutions. The main issue is lack of customer engagement. The first improvement, DIVVY can do by providing better customer services. The good behaviour of employees, listening to the queries of customers, greeting customers with smile are few initiative which can be taken by company and executed by actors i.e. employees.

2nd solution is to give feedback option in mobile app. Customers can give their opinion or ratings on feedback. It will be transformation process of CATWOE.