MGT807 Business Model Canvas Learning: Entrepreneurship And Innovation Assignment Answer

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Subject Title: Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

Subject Code: MGT807

Assessment Title: Business Model Canvas Learning 

Outcomes: c, d, e 

Assessment type (group or individual): Individual 

Assessment instructions (clear, succinct, without repetition)

Students will analyse an invention or innovation that succeeded commercially (2000 words). The submission must include an Executive Summary not exceeding 300 words. 


1. Select an invention that succeeded commercially. 

2. Describe the invention/innovation. What problems does it solve? 

3. Analyse the market and its key players. 

4. What strategy of market entry was chosen for your invention/innovation? 

5. What Financing model was chosen? 

6. Were there any obstacles? 

7. What are the key takeaways from your analysis? As part of this assessment, students will deliver a 5-minute, single slide (Business Canvas) class presentation. Students should research, analyse, innovate, decide and summarise their findings from the report professionally and academically into a Business Model Canvas.

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