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Subject TitleContemporary Management Capabilities
Subject CodeMGT 811
Assessment TitleAssessment 1  Critical Incident Report
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Assessment typeIndividual
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Assessment instructionsCritical Incident Report

Students will be provided (below) with a critical incident scenario which focuses on the analysis of the business manager's skills, capabilities, and behaviour to addressing a management problem in their organisation. Prepare a 1500-word critical incident report for senior management which outlines the key personal competencies required to address the management problem in the future.

Your company CEO has just been credibly accused of sexual harassment by two previous subordinates in his previous position as COO of another company. The stories of these accusations are gaining ‘virality’ in the media and online. The CEO adamantly denies harassing these two ex-employees; however, their stories were separately given, without knowledge of each other, and had details that were unique and consistent.

You have been asked by the company board to assess the situation and produce recommendations from a ‘key personal competencies’ leadership perspective. This report will then help the board to assess whether or not the current CEO meets these

recommendations, and, if not, the report will inform the recruitment of the replacement CEO.

Present your findings as a research report (1500 words) using the following structure:
  • Cover page: Your name, MGT811 and the title of the report: this should be a concise description of your report
  • Table of contents: list all major sections with page numbers
  • Introduction: Cover the Background (what has come before the report to make it necessary for you to write it?), Aim(s) (what is the main aim(s) of the report?) and Scope (how will you cover this aim(s), discuss sections and what will and won’t be covered).
  • Main body: This should be your response to the incident detailed above. You will need to assess the situation, using the theory covered in the unit. You will need to then make empirically supported recommendations for the board. There need to be regular in-text referencing to support your writing.
  • Conclusion: Using the literature write a short summary of your findings as well as some concise and practical recommendations for further research on the subject matter discussed in your report.
  • Reference list: use the APA referencing system.

Please note the following important points:
  • The report should be in a clear, easy to read font, 12- point size, with 1.15 spacing. Overall presentation should reflect the appropriate business format.
  • Unreferenced reports, or those that do not include a minimum of five (5) references, will receive a grade of 50% or less. The quality of your references will impact your grade (at least three (3) of your sources should be scholarly, i.e. peer-reviewed academic journal articles)
  • Descriptive papers (i.e. not critical) will receive a grade of 50% or less
Readings for the assessmentThe text and all relevant journals found through the Academic Databases (found via the ICMS Library and MyAthens (EBSCOHost).
Grading Criteria / RubricSee below

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MGT811 Contemporary Management Capabilities 

Assessment 1 – Critical Incident Report

Executive Summary

The study is based on the core recommendations that will be given to the current chief executive officer of the company for changing his attitudes and behaviours. In the previous years, the person was employed in the other organization and was accused of sexual harassment. After the news got distributed in the media, the board of directors appointed a person to build some recommendations, which the person should follow. Different theories on leadership perspective and behavioural competencies have been placed in the study.

The main theme of the study is based on a critical incident report and discussing further recommendations for improving the situation. It can be understood that a chief executive officer of a reputed organization in the industry has been accused of the sexual harassment on two employees when he used to work in another organization as the chief operating officer. The news went viral after a few days he left the previous organization and joined the new organization as the chief operating officer. However, the news went viral in the social media and other electronic media, the person has instantly denied that he had not done this kind of notorious actions within the organizational culture on the female employees.

The main aim of the study is to discuss various theories and models for producing recommendations from the key personal competencies those are much attached to the leadership perspectives. On the other hand, in case of the scope of the study, the report will be able to help the board of directors for assessing the whole behavioural features of the accused person and if he will neglect to adopt those recommendations and list of actions, then he will be replaced immediately.


It can be noted that in this critical situation, the reputation and the goodwill of the organization have also been hampered to the other competitive organizations and also to the customers. The customers are the assets to the organization, and due to the hard distribution of the news in the market, many of the target customers have had a negative concept in their mind about the organizational culture of the specific organization. On the other hand, the person who has been appointed to assess the situation and taking the further steps will also produce strict recommendations from the key personal competencies as well as from the leadership perspectives (Mara &Icart, 2017). Alongside, it is also very necessary for the current chief executive officer of the organization to follow the core recommendations that will be delivered to him for changing his behavioural perspectives. The board of members will also have a close watch, whether the person will meet all the requirements of the recommendations sheer or not. 

Leadership perspectives and Professional competencies

Within the proposed recommendations sheets and list of actions, the features and main elements of the leadership competencies will be discussed for changing his behavioural concept and improving his attitudinal development. Within the core competency of leadership, maintaining high moral and ethical standards should be included along with having clear goals and dimensions and also delivering unique positive directions to the lower-level employees (Ramon Cabrer, 2018). Alongside, the expectations of the clear communications, flexibility in changing the options for the ongoing training that needs to be delivered to the managers and supervisors of the company by the chief executive officer in certain patches of time.  In the same time frame, a leader of the organization also should be highly competent about the core functions and mechanisms of the organization and that is why he should deliberately have that kind of mindset for changing options according to the need of the organization (Mau, 2017). Within the core recommendations sheets and list of actions, that the current chief executive officer of the organization should follow, he should also adopt his professional strength for delivering new ideas to the employees. That will also help the employees to process all the works in the best possible manner and can be completed within the least time frame. Thus, as the main leader of the organization in the industry, an organization should have five values and beliefs, which are “strong ethics and safety, self-organizing, efficient learning, natural growth as well as connection & belonging” (Rios et al., 2018)

Emotional Cycle of Change

On the other hand, a leader should be much strong in some of the specific dimensions and work sphere, which are acquiring the positive thinking, learning the core science of happiness, learning the main optimism strategies and maintaining the group activity at the same time frame.Thereby the emotional cycle of change should be acknowledged by the chief executive officer of the company where the positive aspects, as well as the negative aspects, are mentioned those are present within the organizational culture along with different elements, those are attached with "unperformed optimism, informed pessimism, hopeful realism, informed optimism and rewarding completion" those should be done by the chief executive officer of the company for the core benefits of the employees at the same time frame (Norzailan, Yusof& Othman, 2016). In this manner, a leader can understand the main emotional feelings of the employees that are present within the organizational culture. It can be noted that positive thinking is one of the important phenomena that helps the worker and the employees for the core stress management operations. It can be noted that in various organizations and multinational companies, the leaders take a huge pressure of the work methodologies and that is why they tend to attract many female employees of the organization (Reynolds & Dolasinski, 2018). This is one of the major psychological absurdnesses that develops in the mind of different employees within the organizational culture. However, the chief executive officer of the company should also overcome the negative talks and also reducing the chance of the psychological accidents within the company environment.

Optimism Strategy

In the case of the recommendation sheet, there are also a few inputs that should be maintained by the chief executive officer of the company, which includes some of the following criteria of the optimal strategy. Within the optimism strategy, there are some of the useful portfolios and components, where the chief executive officer of the company should give the reward to the employees after completing some important and tedious tasks (Wisittigars & Siengthai, 2019),. It is noted that avoiding the hung up with the lower-level employees and maintaining the core personality is also some of the important recommendations that will be inducted within the action list.

Besides, the work ethics should be maintained by the chief executive officer of the company along with the time management and work balance. It will help the organization employees, as well as the chief executive officer, is also sustaining to the work balance. However, it is much recommended that with the help of this list or course of actions, chief executive officer of the company will be able to make his characteristics and behavioural standard much better and also helping to earn the maximum respect from the organizational employees (Harrison, 2017). Simultaneously, he is also much liable to maintain the core work ethics of the organization by processing all the functions based on group activities.

Protestant Work Ethics and Time Management

In this particular case, chief executive officer of the company has been accused in a sexual harassment case and that is why he should maintain the work ethics towards the employees. He can maintain the work ethics with the help of the hard work and diligence at the same time frame. He will also be able to emphasize the moral benefits and thus enhancing the main limitations of the character. Max Weber has presented the protestant work ethics that should be followed by the chief executive officer of the company that delivers the core necessities of the hard work for any employees including the chief executive officer of the company. However, time management is also one of the best theories and concepts that help in developing the criteria for treating to the employees, the attitudes towards the work and also some ability for prioritizing the tasks at the same time frame. Thus, the theory which is based on the work-life balance is very important and that helps the chief executive officer of the company to feel more rested and enthusiastic that will help him to build up greater career success within the limited period. Furthermore, it will also help the chief executive officer of the company in building great relationships with their family by resting down mental as well as physical health.  Thus resting down the physical and mental health is very necessary because, they should not irritate the other female employees of the organization and will not be the part of the sexual harassment in the organizational culture (Seidel et al., 2017).

It is identified that as the current chief executive officer of the company was employed in other organization before that is why he had some of the problems which are “depression, boredom, panic disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder” and that is why he did some serious mistakes. Thus, it is believed that with the help of organizational work ethics, the current CEO of the organization will develop his characteristics and will not do the same mistake again.


It can be concluded that the appointed person has developed the recommendation sheet in a much strict manner and the board of directors will also have a keen watch on the activities, secured functions as well as his movements within the organizational culture. However, different types of recommendations have been presented in the study, for changing the attitude of the current chief executive officer of the company.