A social science which involves the study of individuals i.e. isolated units of an economy is known as Microeconomics. These individual units when clubbed together builds an economy as a whole. To illustrate, studying the decision making of individuals, firms, companies, etc as to how to allocate the resources in order to benefit the most would account in microeconomic studies. Further, microeconomics tries to understand how these decisions impact pricing of services & goods & how income as a whole is generated. Microeconomics also explores the areas as how families decide on their spending & how much does it save in a particular timeline. All this combined defines microeconomics in a nutshell.


1. Cost of Production: When it comes to the concept of production cost, it is considered as the determination of price according to the resources and materials which are utilized in the product manufacture.

2. Theory of Consumer demand: The main idea of Consumer demand is the value created by the fulfillment of requirements as well as wishes. 

3. Perfect Theory of Microeconomics: Microeconomics believes that no person can set the cost of any type of product. 

4. Production Theory: When it comes to the production theory of Microeconomics, it includes the changing inputs to outputs. Moreover, it is working on big principles of economics like productive & price factor relation, productive & commodity factor relation, and many more.

5. Monopoly: One supplier of a specific product delivers goods to people. The main thing about monopoly is that it has no competition.


  • It studies the social requirements within several economic situations 
  • Microeconomics helps in cost disclosure of particular goods;
  • With this, you can get to know details about various financial details.
  • Microeconomics helps Local government to make financial tactics such as Tax system.

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