Micro Environmental Factor Within Telstra Dwelled: Environmental Scan Report Assessment Answer

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Subject Code and Title
BIZ202 The Business Environment
Environmental Scan Report – Part A
1000 words ± 10%
Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify and apply appropriate frameworks and tools to the problems and challenges faced by organisations
  2. Research and relate industry specific factors to the organisation decision-making
  3. Apply a relevant framework(s) to evaluate the
macro and micro environmental influences on an organisation


Businesses in the modern marketplace cannot afford to ignore the environments in which they operate. To navigate this vast and ever-changing landscape, businesses must keep a keen eye on micro environmental factors that influence them. The environmental scan report is an effort to identify these factors and propose solutions to the risks they pose.

Linkages between Part A and Part B:

Part A serves to report on the micro environmental factors that affect your chosen business. It provides a comprehensive assessment of the challenges and risks posed to the business by its micro environment and proposes strategies to counter them.

Part B will focus on the macro environmental factors that affect your chosen business.


Choose an Australian or international business which is well known in the industry and still in operation. Write a report identifying and analysing any relevant information about the micro environment factors of the chosen organisation incorporating the following:

  • Identify micro environmental factors that influence the chosen business specifically. These factors may include but are not limited to consumer behaviour, competitor analysis, social, suppliers, intermediaries, new entrants and public opinion.
  • Analyse their impact on the business that may be in terms of but not limited to changes in business performance, structure, policies, profitability, value-adding attributes, growth and market share.
  • Propose solutions to challenges to counter prevailing/potential risks.

Submission Instructions:

Submit copy of Environmental Scan Report in only word document format (no pdf) via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in BIZ202 and also via TurnItIn link. 10% penalty will apply for failing to submit via TurnItIn. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback with reference to the criteria below via the Grade Centre in the Blackboard portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.

Structure of the report

Cover Page – Includes assessment title, student name and ID, subject name and code, lecturer’s name, submission date, word count. Be creative while making your cover page.

Executive Summary - An executive summary provides a succinct summary of the content within the report. It presents information in such a way that readers are able to understand the intention and key elements of the report without having to read the entire document. This section is not included in the word count. However, it is recommended to write 10-20% of your total word of the report.

Table of Contents – Headings/sub-headings of the sections and pages numbers.

Introduction - The introduction sets the scene and provides context for the aim. It provides background to the issues being addressed only. You could include a brief introduction of the business in this section.

Main Discussion – In the main discussion part you should rename the headings/sub-headings to reflect your report. Two main parts need to discuss in your report.

  1. Identification and analysis of micro environmental factors- under this section, the report is expected to identify all micro-environmental factors, provide insight and analysis thoroughly the wider micro environment of the chosen business.
  2. Challenges and solutions: the report expected to identify the key challenges and risks present in the micro environment of the chosen business and provides a correct strategy/solution to deal with each, as well as a thorough explanation and justification of each strategy.

Conclusion - The conclusion restates the aim then provides a brief and concise summary of the discussion to demonstrate that the aim of the report has been achieved. No new information is to be included in the conclusion.

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Answer :

The Business Environment

Environmental Scan Report – Part A

Executive Summary 

Telstra dwelled in the telecommunication industry and was founded in the year 1975, and they served entire Australia along with worldwide with their selected products. The micro environmental factors are the consumers, competitors, suppliers, employees, as well as shareholders. All the micro environmental factors have a direct impact on the success of the business. The primary internal challenges that have been faced by the firm are Poor customer service, a large number of the invoice as well as billing disputes along with the bloated workforce.


The primary purpose of the paper is to discuss the micro environmental factor within a business and also provides a view on its impact over the firm. To effectively understand the situation, the organisation Telstra has been selected. It dwelled in the telecommunication industry and was founded in the year 1975, and they served entire Australia along with worldwide with their selected products (Telstra, 2019). The organisation has 150 subsidiaries with almost 32000 employees. The primary products of the firm are the fixed-line then mobile telephony, internet, network services, Pay TV and data services.

Identification and analysis of the micro environmental factors 


The consumers are considered to be the central part of the business because the organisation always wants to attract as well as retain most of the consumers to generate their revenue. The telecommunication sector needs to adopt effective marketing strategies to grab the attention of the consumers and provide them with the best service (Testa et al., 2016). Telstra always tries to provide the best to their consumers by providing them with suitable telecommunication services. In this process the organisation effectively value the need as well as the wants of the customers which help them to provide the value-added services within the market.


It can be effectively viewed that the competitors of the business are having a direct impact on the business strategy. It is essential for the firm to have clear view and understanding regarding the competitive analysis of the competitors within the market as this will help to develop the competitive advantages of the firm (Bouazza, Ardjouman, & Abada, 2015). Telstra performs effective competitive analysis within the market for providing valuable service to the consumers and gaining the competitive advantages within the market. The analysis of competitors allows the firm to differentiate them from the competition level within the market and offer unique products to the customers that the competitors are not able to provide.


The activity of the suppliers can effectively influence the development of the business strategy of the firm. This is due to the fact that suppliers are providing effective materials to the business for production. If the service of the suppliers is not reasonable, then it might affect the production time as well as the sales of the firm (Hillary, 2017). Telstra maintains its suppliers and effectively deal with them for providing the best raw material and service to increase the sales volume of the firm.


It is the fact that the skilled employees of the firm help the organisation for achieving the organisational goal. Moreover, it can be seen that the skilled, as well as the experienced employees, are highly effective for the business to achieve success. Getting the best and the right candidates start with the hiring process, along with the training session. Telstra is having a huge number of employees that are quite experienced and also skilled in providing the best service to the consumers (Cinar, & Cubukcu, 2018). It is highly essential for the business to hire the best candidates so that they are able to fulfil the organisational goal. 


The shareholders are also having a huge influence over the business because they are investing within the organisation for the development of the business. They effectively provide the view for increasing the private ownership of the business to deal with the activity of the firm. The changes in the business activity and the shareholders will affectively create pressure on the firm to seek the returns on the investment (Ghezzi, Cortimiglia, & Frank, 2015). Telstra has a high shareholder value that helps them to develop their business strategy and activity within the market. The demand of the shareholder for raise in the profit effectively allows the firm to achieve success within the long run.

Challenges and solutions 

Challenges are as follows;

Poor customer service: It is one of the most vital issues that the organisation face due to the changing need and wants of the consumers (Fleisher, & Bensoussan, 2015). It is the fact that the telecommunication sector faces the challenges while providing the best internet as well as telecom service to the consumers as every people have diverse need and choice regarding their telecommunication plans. 

A large number of the invoice as well as billing disputes: The organisation is also facing the issues regarding the inaccurate rates of the service plan then unexpected hike within the rates leads to the disputes of billing and invoice (Young et al., 2015). This happens due to the facts that the organisation is having a large number of consumers and maintaining the data is one of the challenging tasks for the firm.

Bloated workforce: It is a fact where the organisation is struggling with the cash flow due to the high cost (Young et al., 2015). The organisation is having a huge number of workforce, and it is a huge challenge for the firm to maintain the high-cost activity of the staff members within the market.

The effective Solutions for the challenges are as follows;

  • The organisation needs to enhance their skill and their knowledge for dealing with the needs as well as wants of the consumers within the market.
  • The organisation also needs to maintain their rates and their service plan stable to maintain the billing process. It is also essential to deal with the inaccurate rates of service plan for the consumers.
  • The management of the firm needs to scrap within the 13000 to 15000 jobs for maintaining the number of staff members within the organisation. The management also needs to take an effective decision regarding the employment cost within the business.


The paper eventually concludes the fact that the internal environment of the organisation is highly influential for maintaining the activity of the firm and also for dealing with the situation in the most effective way. The paper even concludes that the telecommunication sector faces some of the huge challenges in the internal environment that directly affect the growth of the business within the market.