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MIHM303 Global Ethical Dilemma Assessment 2 Answer

Assessment 2 Outline

Assessment title: Global ethical dilemmaAssessment weighting: 40%
Assessment type: Case studyWord limit: 2000 Equivalent
Assessment instruction
You are to develop a case study based on the analysis of one core example. Research and select a global ethical business dilemma.

This may be within the tourism and hospitality industry, though can also be from any other industry. Note that you will need to relate your findings to the hospitality industry as part of this assessment piece.

You will need to provide a well-researched and in-depth analysis of the case, and present your findings, supported by ethics and justice theory covered throughout the course.

You must also provide two (2) well-developed recommendations:
  • To organisations within the hospitality sector setting out a clear connection to business ethics within the industry generally.
  • To hotel managers, specifically, on how to improve their responsible and ethical leadership.
Assessment format
You may set out your own title and subtitles for this assessment. The content of your case study must address the following:
  • Executive summary
  • Case introduction – set out the facts objectively
  • Case analysis – analyse the ethical dilemma
  • Recommendations
    • Two (2) general industry recommendations
    • Two (2) leadership recommendations


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