MIS100 Report On Foundations Of Information Systems Assessment 1 Answer

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Subject Code and TitleMIS100 – Foundations of Information Systems
AssessmentCase Study
Length1000 words (+/- 10%)
Learning OutcomesThe Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:
a)   Demonstrate an understanding of organisational information systems and requirements using contemporary information technologies.

Task Summary

Write a 1000-word business report in response to the provided case study. While most of the material can be found in both the case and study notes, you will be required to do further research in the topic area to broaden your knowledge. The topic in the case study relates to Business Information Systems, Business Processes and how organisations use Business Information Systems to achieve their strategic goals and objectives.


The aim of this assignment is to introduce you to the fundamental principles of Information Systems in a business context, which serves as foundation for the rest of the course i.e. BBIS (Bachelor of Information Systems). Information Systems are everywhere in business. You will not only use systems in your future careers but will also need to understand what systems can do to improve a business’s competitive advantage.

In this assignment, you will develop skills in reviewing a case, identifying key concepts within the case that need to be addressed, researching these concepts, synthesising ideas about these concepts and writing a business report which offers context-based recommendations. This will give you an opportunity to develop work-ready skills in the process of researching, planning and writing a business report.

Task Instructions

  1. Please read the attached MIS100_Assessment 1_Case Scenario carefully to understand the concepts being discussed in the case.
  2. Review your course notes to establish the relevant area of investigation that applies to the case. Re-read any relevant readings that have been recommended in the case area for the course. Perform additional research in the area of investigation and select five additional sources which will add value to your report in the relevant area of investigation.
  3. Plan how you will structure your ideas for your report and write a report plan before you start writing.
  4. Report Structure
    1. The report is brief – 1000 words - and will therefore not require an executive summary or abstract.
    2. Title page: should include subject ID, subject name, , assignment title, student’s name, student number and Learning Facilitator’s name
    3. Introduction (75-100 words): Also serve as your statement of purpose for the report. This means that you will tell the reader what you are going to cover in your report. You will need to inform the reader of:
      1. Your area of research and its context
      2. The key concepts you will be addressing
      3. What the reader can expect to find in the body of the report
  5. Body of the report (800 – 850 words) will need to respond to the specific requirements of the case study.
  6. It is advised that you use questions posed in the case study to assist you to structure the report by means of subheadings in the body of the report.
  7. Conclusion (75 – 100 words): summarise any findings or recommendations that the report puts forward regarding the concepts covered in the report.
  8. Layout
    1. The report should use font Arial or Calibri 11 point, should be line spaced at 1.5 for ease of reading and page numbers on the bottom of each page.
    2. If diagrams or tables are used, due attention should be given to pagination to avoid loss of meaning and continuity by unnecessarily splitting information over two pages. Diagrams must carry the appropriate captioning.
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