MIS602 Database Programming Evaluation Practical: Creating Database Table Assessment 2 Answer

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Subject Code and TitleMIS602 Data Modelling & Database Design
AssessmentTwo – Database programming evaluation practical
LengthSee below for details
Learning Outcomesb, c
Total Marks35 Marks


The MIS602 Data Modelling & Database Design subject is designed for you to progressively add to your understanding of data and database management and its relevance with in business context. It also introduces you to some of the key features of database management system and designing database systems that will feature in later modules of this topic. In order for you to do well in this subject, it is imperative that you undertake all of the learning activities in the modules. The learning activities are presented as a way of scaffolding your learning so that you can attempt the building blocks of the assessments and be in a safe environment to fail and to learn from them. Therefore, doing your learning activities and seeking feedback from them from peers and from the learning facilitator is the single best way of preparing for doing well in this assessment.


You need to create the database tables as per below entities and complete the tasks listed in this instruction.


Task 1: Create three tables with relevant keys as suggested in the above diagram Task 2: Insert record of 10 employees in the employee table

Task 3: Insert record of 5 departments in the department table Task 4: Insert record of 5 salary levels in the salary table

Task 5: Write a query to display the information about the employees in the employee table

Task 6: Write a query to display the name of all the employees

Task 7: Write a query to display the name of all the employees and their jobname. Task 8: Write a query in SQL to display the unique jobname for all the employees

Task 9: Write a query to increase the salary for all the employees by 12%. Display the empname, jobname and salary after the increment

Task 10: Write a query to display the employee names with minimum and maximum salary.

Task 11: Write a query to display the employee id, employee name, jobname of all the employees whose salary is greater than 90,000 P.A.

Task 12: write a query to display the all the details of all the employees whose jobname is Manager. (Hint: While entering the records for employee, make sure to add manager as jobname for a few employees.)

Task 13: Write a query to display the all the details of the employee whose name is Robert. (Hint: While entering the records for employee, make sure to add Robert as empname for at least one employee.)

Task 14: Write a query to display all the details of the employee who work as a manager and have salary greater than 95000 P.A.

Task 15: Write a query to display employeeid, employee name, jobname and date of joining of all the employees who joined after year 2001.

Task 16: Write a query to display the list of all the employees whose annual salary is within the range 55000 and 95000.( Hint: make sure to add the salary in this range while entering records in the employee table)

Task 17: Write a query to display the list of all the employees in the descending order of their salaries.

Task 18: Write a query to count the number of employees in the employee table.

Task 19: Insert a new record in the employee table and add ANALYST as their jobname. The other fields can be added as per your choice

Task 20: Insert a new record in the employee table with the following data fields employee_id= 1011

empname= Janet jobname= PROGRAMMER managerid= 5095

dateofhire= 12-10-2014

salary= 90000 department_id=2011

Task 21: Write a query to delete the record of the employee whose name is ‘Flynn’. (Hint: Make sure to add a record with employee name ‘Flynn’ in the beginning.

Task 22: Write a query to update the salary by 15% of the employee whose employee name is ROBERT.

Task 23: Write a query to find the number of staff working in each department and the sum of their salaries.

Task 24: Write a query to find all employees with the string ‘Avenue’ in their address

When you are finished this, prepare a document with all SQL commands used for each task and summarise your experience. On the morning following submission, the learning facilitator will allocate you another student’s document to assess. It is then your turn to assess another student’s work. You will have three days to assess the other student’s work and to upload your response to Blackboard. In no more than 500 words, provide a critique of that student’s work to them. You can choose whether to identify yourself but you should provide constructive feedback, balancing good points and points where the student can improve. You should provide feedback to the other student on their usage of commands and summary document. You are free to use whatever framework you like and the following should be minimum inclusions:

  • Comment on the overall usage of SQL statements and commands used
  • Provide constructive criticism on how the other student can improve their understanding of SQL statements
  • Provide some useful readings the other student may peruse that helps them develop their understanding of SQL statements
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