MKT101A Marketing Plan Stage 2 Segmentation: Assessment My Memory Cafe Answer

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Subject Code and Title
MKT101A - Marketing Fundamentals
Marketing Plan – Stage 2: Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning
1000 words (+/- 10%)
Learning Outcomes Addressed
  1. Describe the marketing concept
  2. Outline and apply the elements of the marketing process.
  3. Identify and explain the macro and micro environmental factors impacting the marketing of a business or industry.
  4. Demonstrate an ability to incorporate new trends to solve marketing problems and apply communication skills.


Congratulations! You are now in Stage 2 of your marketing planning process.

It is time to show Mary, your marketing manager, that you know how to identify appropriate target audience(s). Based on the same client from Stage 1, you are now required to analyse the market using suitable and relevant segmentation variables in order to describe the ideal target market(s) for your client.

As part of the marketing process, you need to research different types of data using a variety of sources to understand the consumer behaviour of your client’s target market. What are its consumers’ needs and motivations and what influences them in their purchasing decisions.

In this stage, you also need to identify or suggest a positioning statement to the client, which considers all the values and competitive advantages that need to be promoted to consumers, as well as setting up its positioning map using competitors’ information already collected in Stage 1.

Instructions- Stage 2

In Stage 2 of your marketing plan, the focus is on applying segmentation techniques to establish the target audience profile(s) for your selected business and how the business ‘positions’ itself in the minds of those consumers.

At this point, Stage 2, you must submit a word/text document which includes:

  1. Cover page including:
    1. Business name
    2. Student Identifier (name and number)
    3. Subject code and name
  2. Identification of the current consumer buyer characteristics including:
    1. Level of involvement of consumers that purchase the product/service and identify the stages of the buyer decision making process.
    2. A summary of key situational, psychological and social influences on the buying decision process.
  3. D evelop a target market profile (s) applying two (2) variables for each of the following segmentation elements: demographics, geographics, psychographics and behavioural elements. Hint: Your business may target more than one market and if so, focus on what you think is the largest target market.
  4. Inclusion of a positioning statement for the client highlighting the values and benefits offered by the brand to consumers. This may be derived from evaluating the client’s website and marketing communications.
  5. Creation of a positioning map using the two main competitors identified in

Stage 1, together with a brief reasoning for your choice of axis.

  1. Reference list using APA 6th ed. style.

Submission guidelines

  • The presentation recommended for this Assessment is REPORT FORMAT.
  • An executive summary is NOT required.
  • Use suitable headings and subheadings for the information presented, and page numbers should appear on each page of the document – ideally in either the header or footer.
  • All assessments are to be submitted to Blackboard. All work must be word-processed, spell-checked, grammatically acceptable, and professional in appearance.
  • The assessment submission should include the Similarity Report from Turnitin.
  • Assessments should not be written from a 1st person context, but rather from the 3rd person perspective. That is, “I, we, my, our” are not acceptable.
  • All claims and recommendations are to be supported by suitable and relevant marketing and/or theoretical principles and their relevant references.
  • The report should include a correctly constructed Reference List and accompanying in- text citations as per University guidelines (APA 6th ed. referencing style). Please see the Academic Skills page on Blackboard for information on referencing in APA 6th ed.:
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The assignment is based on coffee shop named my memory cafe, which is situated in Sydney CBD. The cafe name was started as franchise under the brand name of MSM by a Korean owner for 8 long years. This assignment will identify the recent consumer buyer characteristics of the cafe shop by stressing importance on psychological and social impacts on the buying process and involvement of the clients in the buying process. A positional statement will also be described in which the consumers will mark the benefits of the brand. Including the two main competitors mentioned in the stage 1 a positional map will be conducted.

Identification of the recent consumer buyer characteristics

Involvement of customer and stages related to buyer decision-making process 

In the buying process, consumer involvement is an important factor which can increase the rate of business. My sweet memory cafe (MSM) has a vast market and unique structure design which attract the young generation. It also serves cold coffee in Korean style which is unique in the town and Sydney people are therefore more attracted to it. As mentioned by Wang et al. (2016), this features enhances the market rate of the products more than that of star bucks and other companies. The involvement process of the consumers describes what the customers personally like about the cafe and how they want to spend more time in the same place. For example few customers visit the restaurants to have the well brewed coffee served in korean style, which is its speciality and some others wants brunches, cold drinks and other desert items. Depending on the customer's knowledge about the product and services a consumer can make quick decision and some others need a lot of investigation and information for the decision making.

Psychological and social impacts in buying decision- making process 

The customers have varied roles in buying products and services and this roles can have a great impact in their buying behavior. As stated by Khatib  (2016), influencers can gather a large number of audience which can support and trust their beliefs. They can increase the market value of the product by using it and spreading it among other new peoples and places. On the other hand consumer behaviour describes the reason, of psychological, personal, situational and social impacts on business processes. On the basis of the knowledge and experience of a customer, they can quicken decision on purchase of the product and others take time to make the decision. The involvement of the customer on purchasing the product depends on , how personally the clients are interested in buying of the product. Clients with no experience in buying a product will have greater involvement than a customer who is replacing the product. 

Target market structure using behavioral elements and demographics

The MSM target market analysis depends on the behavior and characteristics of the customers. The cafeteria provides authentic Asian food, which is unique in the whole city. For economic benefits of the cafeteria, the company must keep a regular view in its competitor’s details. Certain factor, which hampers the productivity and purchase of the product, is policies of the government and trade relationship. As stated by Kumar & Ghodeswar (2015), there is a need in the reduction of labor and the operating cost. The recent result of demographics shows a lot of stress for the company for the decrease in the profit of the cost. Currently Msm uses geographic and demographic segmentation by selection particular location, where there high population of 

Formation   of positional statement in which the customers will offer the benefits of the brand

MSM give more priority to their customer and their requirements within a reasonable price. However, the refreshment atmosphere with special offers might provide a large number of customer bases within the market. Town Hall is a market that helps to grab a huge crowd in this competitive market. As per analyse, “The ground” has limited space that results, customer have to wait in a crowd. Due to this, MSM have a scope to increase their customer base and grab customer to manage the competitive market.  The ambiance of the cafe makes it more perfect and give it more stars in the remarks. The ambiance is simple with a classic cosmopolitan Sydney flavor. As mentioned by Tanford & Montgomery (2015), customers generally have pleasant eating experience in the restaurants, which contains a relaxing dining space.  

Positioning map of MSM (including two main competitors)  

As per the competitive analysis of MSM, it is determined that Starbucks and The grounds are two main competitors Town hall markets. As stated by Dolnicar & Leisch (2017), professional and innovative way of presentation makes customer grab attraction and move towards these two places. As stated by Erkan & Evans (2016), these factors help to meet the requirements of the customer. This, however, below positioning is the graphical presentation that helps to determine the position in market with the quality and price of the product as compare to MSM. 

Figure 1: Positioning map of Competitive companies in respect of MSM

(Source: Created by learner)

It is clear from the above mapping that as compare to quality and price Starbuck is at the topmost, however, “The ground” local still high quality with reasonable cost in comparison to Starbuck is quite slow. Hence, MSM needs to improve the quality that helps to grab attention of customer within reasonable price. 


At the end of the study, it is concluded that MSM needs to look after certain factors more carefully. The company must pay more attention in the cultural of the local area. The company has generated positional map which is helpful in keeping a good record about their competitors. According to the positional map report, it is evident that the company has to increase its discount policies to bring more and more customers. The positional statement of the brand has clearly pointed out several benefits for the company along with several other factors which are needed to improve. The decision making process of the customers depends on, how the customers are personally involved in the purchase of the product.