MKT203 Services Marketing: Service Mapping Blueprint Assessment Answer

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Assessment Information 1

Subject Code: MKT203

Subject Name:Services Marketing 

Assessment Title:Service mapping blueprint

Total Marks: Submission: 20 marks in total Via Turnitin

Assessment Description

The purpose of this individual scenario analysis is to develop students’ skills in applying relevant service marketing analysis tools. This will enable students to apply learned marketing theories and concepts to a ‘real world’ business case within a safe learning environment.

Individually you are required to choose a service brand that you have recently transacted with and prepare:

  1. A service offering diagram clearly distinguishing between core, supplementary and augmented services for the organization.
  2. A service process map/blue print of the service organization’s different steps of the processes followed by the service organisation, time taken for each process etc.

Consider complexity and divergence while preparing these charts. Please refer to week-4 lecture material to prepare this assessment. In preparing your process chart, you will need to include images and any other visual aid that supports your analysis. You are required to reference at least 5 sources of information. These may include corporate websites, government publications, industry reports, census data, journal articles, newspaper articles, and textbook material.

Your document MUST follow a professional structure:

Cover page that contains your details, assessment details etc. (Kaplan coversheet is no longer required.)

Service offering diagram (One page, no more) Service process map /Blue print (One page, no more)

Reference List (you must apply Harvard Referencing Style)

Assignment Submission

This file must be submitted as a ‘PDF’ document to avoid any technical issues that may occur from incorrect file format upload. Uploaded files with a virus will not be considered as a legitimate submission. Turnitin will notify you if there is any issue with the submitted file. In this case, you must contact your lecturer via email and provide a brief description of the issue and a screen shot of the Turnitin error message.

You are also encouraged to submit your work well in advance of the deadline to avoid any possible delay with the Turnitin similarity report or any other technical difficulties that may occur.

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Answer :


1. Service offering diagram of virgin airlines:

Service offering diagram of virgin airlines

2. Service process map of Virgin Airline: 

      Service process map of Virgin AirlineService offering diagram:

Service offering diagram depicts different services that the airline provides for its customers (Prendeville & Bocken, 2017). This diagram also highlights the processes by which services are provided to the customers (Hans, Mehta & Soni, 2016). In this study, the service offering diagram of the Virgin Airline has been depicted which includes different processes of booking and services that the customers can avail. The services are defined according to the requirements of the customers. The three segments of services are as following:

  • Supplementary: These are the services which are physical and can be realized by the customers (Leon & Uddin, 2017). 
  • Augmented: These are the services whose values are considered as add-ons and are of aesthetics in nature (Brochado et al., 2019). 
  • Core: These are the services which the customers can touch and feel and can be compared with services of other airlines. 

In the business of the airlines, these services are extremely vital and with these, the airlines can be ensured that the different processes of services for the customers are well defined and compatible for the customers.

Service process map:

A service map is the workflow diagram of the organization and depicts the sequences by which the services are provided to the customers (Damelio, 2016). In this study, the service process map of the Virgin Airlines has been provided which shows the sequence of each of the services and the result of those services for the customers. This involves right from the arrival at the airport to departure from the airport after flying.  The process of contacts and support has also been highlighted in the map which helps the organization to find any faults in the sequences of the services that are offered to the customers. This provides a scope of improvement for the airline along with identifying the internal environment which helps the organizations to meet with the expectations of the customers in a successful way.