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You are applying for a multimedia programmer job. the company has requested that all applicants need to submit a video resume. therefore, you need to produce a video resume of yourself for that application.

A report (1500 words) describing the processes of producing your video resume should be produced.

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In the current era of competitive environment, it so happens that, the presence of creating facilities and amenities that are prevalent within the areas of market processes and procedures. Hence, the presence of a video resume becomes absolute and inevitable. With the implementation of a video resume, it so happens that the traditional resume of an employee gains more significance and becomes intense. The aim of this study is to evaluate the production process of a video resume for a Multimedia Programmer job. The study will also formulate a resume for the Multimedia programmer in order to understand the supposed roles and responsibilities that are to be played by them.  

Production process

A video resume helps an individual in seeking job roles and responsibilities, which helps them to showcase their abilities that are beyond their capabilities (Muralidhar, 2017). Furthermore, a video resume also helps in allowing other specifications towards the presentation of the skill sets and competencies that are being perceived by them (Owens, 2017). In addition to this, the video resume further explains the experience so ht individual in their specific work field. The initiation of a video resume is often considered more effective in comparison to the traditional resume that is being made by job seeking candidates (Zanghi et al.2007). 

However, it is important to understand certain factors, which acts as an epitomisation of the entire processes that needs to be taken into account. It is to be noted that, while considering the creation of a video resume, it is important to be absolutely professional in approach. The maintenance of a professional demeanor and the appearance of the individual in the video needs to be acutely formal. Avoiding distracting noises from the background of the video is another important perspective that needs to be kept in mind (Waung et al. 2014). 

Nevertheless, before preparing the video resume, I prepared a proper script for the sole purpose of showing an effective level of speech and language. The script needs to have the major skills and accomplishments that are being perceived by me. The video must also contain the significant perspectives, which will make the individual worthy for a job role and the managers also need to find it attractive. However, it is also important for the candidate to be able to avoid replacing the traditional resume with that of video resume (Nguyen and Gatica-Perez, 2016). 

Therefore, there are certain methods associated with the production process of the video resume, which tends to act as a manifestation of the necessary methods and processes that needs to be assessed. In the current era of competitive market scenario, I felt that a video resume will help me towards the carrying out of application process for the designated job role. It is to be noted that, there are certain definite methods and processes that are associated with the preparation of a video resume (Foust and Gross, 2017).

The first and foremost process that I undertook is to draft a proper script. It refers to the fact that, I need enunciate the key points that is likely to be discussed on paper. It is also important for me to provide concrete instances of the management experiences that I perceive. The next process that I used for creating the video resume is to create an audience in my mind (Waung et al. 2017). It refers to the fact that, since the video resume is made for my employment, it is important to understand the audience as managers and will be just like any other traditional resume. The use of quality equipments including the use of a mike or a camera helped me in lighting the scene properly where the background of the video is appropriate. Furthermore, the video resume that I made consisted of proper links that grabs attention of the managers in every possible manner. Instead of reciting the resume, I managed to share past experiences derived out of previous job roles and responsibilities. Hence, from this point of view, it can be said that, the procedures and methods that are associated with the initiation of video resume helps me in understanding the definite ways with the help of which the candidates need to implement the necessary points that needs to be kept in mind (Kelley and Buchanan, 2017). 

After this assessment, I can emphasise on the fact that, the prevalence of video resume tends to play a pivotal role towards carrying out significant methods and processes that needs to be associated (Nikolaou and Oostrom, 2015). The initiation of a proper video resume needs to be effective improved and developed in such a manner that it becomes distinguishing enough to grab the attention of the managers towards the resume. The first section of my resume shows me a clear and concise picture of the value that will be brought to an employer. The headline and the summary section of my video resume can be significantly used to capture the emphasizing elements of success that is being achieved by the individual. In addition to this, the selection of specific disciplines and skills that are being perceived by the individual also needs proper assessment. It is to be noted that, the customization of each application needs to focus on the targeted areas on businesses as well as in the service sector. As I am able to contemplate the interests and experiences, I need to master the necessary skills and achievements that need to be showcased in order to become a potential candidate for the role of multimedia programmer (Apersand Derou, 2017). The changes that are further required for the implementation of a proper video resume helps in associating effectiveness of the entire process in an effective manner. It tends to act as a manifestation of the necessary processes and procedures that needs to be taken into account. With the reflection of past accomplishment and post job experiences, an individual can effectively portray the skill sets that have been achieved by them and accentuate the supposed outcomes that have been delivered with precise instances of workplace incidents (Chen et al. 2017). The last requirement of the video resume is the length. I made sure that my video resume is short and crisp, which will impose a deep impact on the managers to whom I will present it.  For the understanding of the improvement of resume and the processes associated with it, it is important to be able to carry out the supposed notions of work experience and workforce practices (Kelleyand Buchanan, 2017). 


Video resume script

Name: Kyaw Swar Maung Maung 

Age: 23

Gender:  Male


Career objective 

To seek a challenging position in a reputed organisation as a multimedia programmer and to ensure enhanced workforce practices within the organisation

Professional summary 

A creative and skilled multimedia developer with three years of experience in generating interactive training. I have gained expertise in graphic designing along with flash developing and generation of animated graphic content. 

Professional experience 


Information Matrix

Multimedia editor 

  • Designing and developing deliverables in a definite turnkey design and delivery model 
  • Helping in the development of solution proposals as well creation of design documents
  • Assigned by the client for carrying out Edge to create e-;learning projects and access to mobile devices
  • Responsible for handling tasks that are coordinated and handled with flash content and videos 
  • Designed online promotional pieces for definite networks


Mango Media 

Multimedia programmer and Flash Developer 

  • Responsible for performing tasks associated with video editing as well as interface designing and audio recording 
  • Provided advanced technical support in live web casts 
  • Carried out proper management of team of multimedia professionals 
  • Handling of tasks of graphic designing and audio editing as flash developer 
  • Implementation and designing functional prototypes



Yangon International School, Myanmar


Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communication Design from The Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York 


 Diploma in Business Information Technology from Asia Pacific Institute of information Technology 

Additional skills 

  • Creating 3D promotional animations for client branding 
  • Acute knowledge on the use of Adobe Captivate in order to build software simulations 
  • Frontend end developer 
  • Proper knowledge on the creation of Elearning Game widget for Ibook, which are characterised by use of Haxe, Create Js, Angular Js
  • Proper communication skills to communicate with clients 
  • Ability to work effectively in a project team
  • Perceived good leadership quality as previously led a team of multimedia professionals 


In the light of above assessment, there are certain definite parameter, which needs to be properly understood. It is to be noted that, the initiation of the mentioned processes and procedures help in the further convenience of the strategic interventions that needs to be undertaken. The video resume further helps in understanding the assigned roles and responsibilities that can be given in accordance with the knowledge and skill sets of an individual.