MMM312 Event Management: Case Study Blog Assessment 1 Answer

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MMM312  Event management

Assessment 1  Case study blog


Construct a WordPress blog (follow the instructions on the unit CloudDeakin site) to document your analysis of the design of a case study event. You are free to choose any event as the case study you examine in this assignment.

The ultimate aim of event managers is to design an event that delivers a ‘wow’ experience or ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity. However there are a range of different views about how events can be designed to achieve this level of impact.

There is no magic formula for designing an unforgettable or extraordinary event. Different writers offer various suggestions about what constitutes event design. For example, your textbook highlights the importance of concept and theme and the need to understand event experiences (see Chapter 3: Event design and production). Alternatively, Goldblatt (1997) suggests event design is determined by asking the five ‘Ws’ (why, who, when, where, what), whereas Brown and James (2012) argue that event design is based on scale, shape, focus, timing and build. Event Scotland (2014) suggest that events are made up of main, secondary, support and ancillary activities.

Don’t let these different views and approaches to the design of events confuse you. In this assignment you will consider both the similarities and differences in what these and other writers suggest about event design, and on the basis of your research into a case study event (of your choosing) write an account of what you believe captures the most important aspects of event design


Assignment task

To complete this assignment you will:

  1. Read the authors listed below (plus conduct your own research);
  2. Analyse the similarities and differences between the views of these authors on the topic of event design;
  3. Select and analyse the design of an actual event (case study) of your choice;
  4. Use the views of the authors to help explain why your chosen event (case study) has (or perhaps does NOT have) a ‘wow’ factor;
  5. Report your analysis of the design of this case study event in a wordpress blog.

Blog template

See the CloudDeakin site for this unit to access the wordpress template for your blog and instructions on how to use wordpress.

You are able to modify and change the wordpress template that has been provided. However the pages included in the template provide a structure that is well suited to the requirements of this assignment:

  1. Introduction
  2. Short description of your case study event
  3. Overview of theory relating to the design of events
  4. Discussion about why your case study event does (or doesn’t) have a WOWfactor
  5. Conclusion
  6. References


  • Maximum 2,500 words in total (excluding references)
  • Maximum 5 minutes of video material (includes links to material on othersites)


Unit Learning Outcome (ULO)Graduate Learning Outcome (GLO)
ULO1: Determine the use of a range of management processes in the design, planning, organisation and operation of events.GLO1: Discipline specific knowledge and capabilities
ULO2: Analyse the environments in which events are developed and delivered, and the associated implications for event managers.GLO4: Critical thinking


Please see the rubric associated with this assignment (available on the CloudDeakin unit site) for a detailed breakdown of the assessment criteria and marks.

In summary your assignment will be assessed as follows:

Assessment criteriaGLOMax. points
Synthesis of event design theory in order to develop an evaluation frameworkGLO1: Discipline specific knowledge and capabilities10
Analysis of the event design aspects of your case studyGLO4: Critical thinking10
Research into event design theory and your case studyGLO3: Digital literacy10
Communication skills and effective use of the multimedia nature of a blog formatGLO2: Communication10
Total marks available40
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