MN502 Laboratory 2 Introduction To Security 2 Assessment Answer

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MN502 Network Security

Laboratory 2: Introduction to Security 2

Description of the laboratory exercise:

In this laboratory, student will analyse a security tool (Nmap on Kali Linux), and also analyse and discuss common threats/attacks and mitigation techniques for networked information systems. Student needs to complete the exercises in the manual and do the following tasks related to Nmap tool in Kali

Lab Exercise:

After completing the exercises in manual (which is based on Kali Linux running on Virtual Box), answer the following questions.

  1. From your observations how many hosts are running in LAN? Please list IP addresses of at least five running hosts. 
  2. For the five identified running hosts in question 1, which services (TCP and UDP) are open on those machines? 
  3. Can you determine the Operating system and its possible version that is running on those five machines?

Analysis 1: From your experience with Nmap discuss and analyse the potential security threats we all face while connected in the network.

Analysis 2: Propose suitable risk mitigation techniques for the threats identified in the previous part.

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