MN502 Laboratory 10: Risk Mitigation And Ethics Assessment Answer

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MN502 Network Security

Laboratory 10: Risk Mitigation and Ethics

Description of the laboratory exercise:

In this laboratory, you will research on Acceptable Use Policy and Ethics, and write a report on your findings. This task requires students to demonstrate their understanding on professional and ethical behaviour with regard to network security.

Task 1: Acceptable Use Policy(AUP)

1. Create your own Acceptable IT Use Policy for the computers and network access for MIT. Make sure to cover:

  1. Computer usage
  2. Internet surfing, 
  3. Email and Web usage 
  4. Password security. 
  5. Compare your policy with those of other students in the class. 
  6. Finally, locate the acceptable use policy on MIT website. How does it compare with yours? 
  7. Which policy is stricter and Why? 
  8. What changes would you recommend in the MIT’s policy? 

Task 2: Ethics

Defining ethics and determining the ethical standards in an organisation can be challenging. Using the Internet, research the definition of ethics and how the term is used. Then, find one ethical policies of organisations. Does this address ethics in the proper way? Finally, create your own ethics policy for MIT. 

Write a two-pages report (one page for each task) based on your research and submit the report on MOODLE.

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