MN502 Laboratory 4 Basic Cryptography Assignment Answer

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MN502 Network Security

Laboratory 4: Basic Cryptography

Description of the laboratory exercise:

In this laboratory, student will observe how RSA encrypts and decrypts a message, and also compare different hashing algorithm.

Task 1Running an RSA Cipher Demonstration

After completing all the steps in the manual for exercise one answer the following questions:

  1. Write a report on your understanding on how RSA encrypt and decrypt.
  2. What is your observation about which keys were used for encryption and decryption.

Task 2Installing GUI Hash Generators and Comparing Hashes

After completing all the steps in the manual for exercise two answer the following questions:

  1. From reviewing different digest in step 16, what is your opinion about these digests?
  2. Compare MD2 and SHA512 and give your opinion which one is better and why do your think so?
  3. After completing the whole exercise, what was your finding about the digests for the two files, are they different? What does this tells you about hashing digest?

Write your answers for task 1 and 2 as a report and submit the report on Moodle 10 minutes before the laboratory class.

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