MN502 Laboratory 7: Administering A Secure Network Assessment Answer

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MN502 Network Security

Laboratory 7: Administering a Secure Network

Description of the laboratory exercise:

In this laboratory, student will learn how to use an application sandbox, and how to view and also create a custom view in Microsoft Windows Event Viewer in order to secure a network.

Task 1Using an Application Sandbox

After completing all the steps in the manual for exercise one answer the following question:

  1. From your experience with Sandbox, what is the significance of having such utility on your machines. Discuss at least two situations where such software can be useful for securing data and applications on your machines.  

Task 2Viewing Logs Using the Microsoft Windows Event Viewer and Creating a Custom View in Microsoft Windows Event Viewer

After completing all the steps in the manual for exercise two and three answer the following questions:

  1. While completing exercise 2, in the event viewer, the window with the title “Summary of Administrative Events” shows a number of events like errors, warning, information and audit success. Explore few (at least 4) of the errors and discuss those in details.
  2. After creating a custom view in the event viewer, discuss the entries shown in the created view.  What are the different categories of events shown in there? Investigate one of event from each category and discuss in details.

Write your answers for task 1 and 2 as a report and submit the report on Moodle 10 minutes before the laboratory class.

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