MN502 Laboratory 9: Access Control And File System Security Assessment Answer

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MN502 Network Security

Laboratory 9: Access Control and File System Security

Description of the laboratory exercise:

In this laboratory, students will create users from the command line. Next, students will change ownership of files and folders.

Task 1Access Control and File System Security

After completing all the steps in the manual for exercise one answer the following questions:

  1. Why is transferring the ownership right to another user not allowed for a normal user?
  2. Write down the representation for the following access flag combinations in both octal form and with abbreviation letters (r,w,x):

• Read and Write

• No rights at all

• Read, Write and Execute

  1. How different is the UNIX access control architecture from that of Windows based platforms?
  2. How different is access control management in Windows, compared to UNIX? Which would you say is easier? Which is more efficient?

Write your answers for Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 as a report and submit the report on Moodle 10 minutes before the laboratory class.

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