MNG03236 Business Professional Development: Employment Application Assessment 1 Answer

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MNG03236 Business Professional Development

Assessment details

Assessment 1: Employment Application

Employment Application Guidelines

There are three (3) components to this assessment:

1. Professional Email – present in a Word document saved as Your name, MNG03236 Email

2. Application Letter and Résumé/CV – single Word document saved as Your Name Application

3. Response to one selection criteria from chosen job advertisement saved as Your Name Selection Criteria.


1. Email (body = 1 paragraph)

2. Application Letter (1 page) and Résumé/CV (2–3 pages)

3. Selection criteria response (2–3 paragraphs).

Guidelines to the employment application

This assessment item is an opportunity to customise this part of your study to suit your own individual needs, interests and career aspirations. You need to find an advertised position that you would be likely to apply for when seeking an internship or graduate position. It should be relevant to your degree and realistic for your level of experience. Constructing your Employment/Internship Application is an exercise designed to develop your professional writing skills and your ability to understand and respond to the requirements of job applications in order to secure interviews. This assessment also tests your editing skills and attention to detail, to ensure that your application is error free and of the highest quality. This assessment item is designed to be used by you as an ongoing working document to assist you in securing an appropriate internship position or employment upon graduation.

1. Professional email

• Present your email in a Word document that contains the following parts:

◦ Email address/to

◦ Subject line: Your name, MNG03236 Application

◦ Body

◦ Signature.

• Each part of your email should be grammatically correct and have no spelling errors or inappropriate abbreviations. It should contain a brief message explaining the purpose of the email and list the attached documents (i.e. your cover letter and CV and a response to the selection criteria).

• Your ‘signature’ field must contain your name and contact details. Ensure these are professionally presented and clearly shown. This will allow a potential employer to quickly contact you if they have difficulties opening the attachments.

• Note: Although you will be uploading the text of your email as a Word document you should address the email to the person and organisation that you are applying for a position with and include.

2. Application letter and CV Application letter

• This should be an application letter written in response to an advertised position. You should choose a position which will be similar to one that you wish to gain for your future internship or graduate position.

• The letter should be a maximum of one (1) page, typed, single-spaced, A4.

• The letter should follow correct five paragraph, business letter format as per the template available in the Unit Content section of the MySCU/Blackboard site.

• Insert a section break (not page break) at the bottom of your cover letter to ensure that your layout stays as it should when transferred across different computers. This will also assist you in setting up footers on your résumé.

• Do not use a footer or page number at the bottom of your letter.

• Your application letter always comes before your résumé.

Résumé/Curriculum Vitae (CV)

• A résumé or curriculum vitae (CV) is the standard and accepted way of setting out in an ordered and factual format, the key aspects of your professional background or working history.

• This should be part of the same Word document as your application letter and start on the page directly after your application letter.

• You must include a footer with your name and page number on pages two and three of your CV (i.e. not on the first page).

• You must include page breaks at the end of each page to preserve formatting and page layouts.

• Your CV content should be appropriate for the type of position you are targeting.

• It must include personal contact details, previous education, work history, skills, achievements, and contact details for three referees.

• Your CV should be no more than three (3) pages, typed, single-spaced.

• See guidelines for the format contained in CV guides and templates in the Unit Content.

3. Response to one selection criteria

This is a separate document headed, ‘Addressing the Selection Criteria’. This will be for an advertised job of your choice that requires applicants to address the selection criteria as part of the application process (typically these are government roles). This job can be different from the one you are targeting in your application letter and CV. Select one criteria from this document that you will address. Use the wording of the selection criterion as a sub-heading and following the guidelines relating to selection criteria from Topic 2 (Understanding the application process), address a single selection criterion in 2–3 paragraphs. See the MySCU site – Assessment Tasks and Submission link – for the feedback sheet for this assessment and be sure to check your work against those criteria before submitting, via the link in the Assessment Tasks and Submission part of the MySCU site.

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Answer :



1. Professional Email 


Subject line: Krishna Bahadur Thapa Magar

Dear Sir/Mam

I am Krishna Bahadur Thapa Magar have noticed the job advertisement for a cafe manager, posted on 16th July 2019 in the seek website. I want to fix an interview. I am aware of some great things about the culture of your company, Espresso Warriors, and I would like to know more about the recruitment and selection method. I have followed your company on Facebook recently, and the prised resources your company is offering to the job seekers are highly visible. I am interested in working in the position of a café manager in your company and hence, I want to apply for the job role. I am confident about my ability to working as a café manager in your organisation due to my previous job experience in the hospitality industry. Moreover, I am studying a Masters in International Tourism and Hospitality Management from Southern Cross University. The aim of the email is grabbing your attention toward my cover letter, resume ad response to the selection criteria that I have attached with this email. If you face any difficulty in downloading or opening the attachments, you can contact me in my following contact number or email address. I am available at any time for responding to your reply. 

Thank you for your time to read my email, and I am looking forward to your response. 

With regards,

Krishna Bahadur Thapa Magar


Masters of International Tourism and Hospitality management

Southern Cross University

Mob: 0410240047


2. Application letter and Resume

Application letter

Krishna Bahadur Thapa Magar

14/25-27 Robertson Street, Kogarah, NSW 

0410240047 26 July 2019

To the director

Espresso Warriors


Dear Sir

I am studying a Masters in International Tourism and Hospitality Management from Southern Cross University. I am available for starting the job in your company on 1st August 2019. The professional experience that I have gained from my previous employment in the hospitality sector will help me performing my job efficiently as a café manager in your firm.

I am a punctual and reliable person having an excellent communication skill and great understanding regarding customer service. I have positivity in my attitude, and the ‘can do' approach makes me adapting any new challenges and roles efficiently and quickly. I am passionate about hospitality, and I believe that I can prove myself as a competent café manager of Espresso Warriors by gaining customer satisfaction.  

I have found about Espresso Warriors that it is operating successfully since 2014, and it is known for offering an excellent quality of coffee with a perfect blend of milk and black coffees. Hence, I am looking forward to being a part of this great company, so that I can add value to the business as well customers experience using my skill customer handling, communication, time management, working in a team and others. I have been working in the hospitality industry for three years. For now, I am ready to work with the salary that you published on the job vacancy ad. I am also experienced in working with targets, as I had worked in the restaurant and food and beverage departments. During the pick seasons, we were given objectives of serving foods to the guests, who booked tables previously.  

Although I am interested in working, mainly for the post of café manager, I am ready to adopt any vacant managerial role in your company in the future. I believe that this flexibility will help me develop my practical experience.  

Thank you for your time. I want to tell you that I am available all the seven days a week for an interview. Please feel free to call for a discussion. I am looking ahead to discuss opportunities with you soon. 

Yours sincerely, 

Krishna Bahadur Thapa Magar

Krishna Bahadur Thapa Magar



14/25-27 Robertson Street, Kogarah, NSW 

Mob: 0410240047


Objective: I have the aim of establishing myself as a professional in the hospitality industry. I have already worked in a managerial post in a restaurant and the food and beverage department. Now, I am looking forward to working as a café manager.  


Hospitality is my passion, and I have a good skill of customer handling, interacting with customers and offering excellent services. I also possess excellent organisation skill and multi-tasking ability. I can work in team cooperatively and have the team management skill as well. I have professional experience of 2 years of working as a restaurant manager. 

Professional experience 

Job title- 

Restaurant manager 


January 2017- December 2018

Roles and responsibilities-

  • Coordinating everyday operations at front house and back house  
  • Offering great food and beverages and improving customer satisfaction 
  • Responding accurately and efficiently to customer complaints efficiently 
  • Reviewing product quality regularly and searching for new vendors   
  • Supervising and organising shifts
  • Appraising employee performance and giving feedback to maximise productivity 
  • projecting future needs of products, clean products and kitchen utensils 
  • Ensuring compliance with safety and sanitation regulations 
  • Developing detailed reports expenses and revenues 
  • Promoting the company through word-of-mouth 
  • Providing training to the staff on accurate service practices 

Job title-

Manager of the food and beverage department  

Kranky Chef Bar and grill, Shop no. 2151

January 2019-June 2019

Roles and responsibilities-

  • Planning, projecting and implementing orders of food and beverages 
  • Processing complaints from customers tolerantly 
  • Planning substitute recipes for consumer needing special dietary 
  • Checking supplies of food and beverages and placing orders according  to needs 
  • Trailing and ordering deliveries 
  • Communicating and developing a strong relationship with sellers  
  • Adhering to health and safety and food standards
  • Planning, recruiting, training, supervising and managing staff
  • Supervising customer welcoming 
  • Always motivating towards an excellent customer experience 


  • Higher secondary in hotel management
  • Bachelors in hotel management 
  • Masters in International Tourism and Hotel Management 

Training and Internship-

  • Industrial acquaintance training organised in Buiqet Gamban Resort, Panang Malaysia 


  • Solid time management and communication skill
  • Positive attitude and team management skill 
  • The ability to conduct physically demanding tasks  
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Multi-tasking and a quick learner 
  • Self-motivated with innovative ideas
  • Knowledge of sanitation and hygiene  


1. Mrs, Nor Hafaniza Abdul Rawoh, 

HR Executive, Bukit Gamabang Resort City, Malaysia


2. Mr BholaTimilsena, 

Assistant HR manager 

Pokhara Grande 

Tel: 977-61-460210, 

Fax 977-1-40005029

3. Mr Akin sherestha,

Managing Director 

M lake Mandala Lounge Bar PokharaLekhnath -6 

Hallan Chowk, Lakeside, Pokhara, Nepal

Phone no: 977-61-467563


4. Mr Jeason

Head Chef at Kranky Chef Bar and Grill

Contact no. +61411874769

5. Mr Sehaj Ahluwalia,

Heads Chef at Café Neo

Contact no: +61481138490

 6. Mrs Amanda Farah, 

Owner of Bake House and Grill

Contact no: +61404834540

3. Response to one selection criteria from the selected job advertisement

Customer service- 

As a café manager, it is my responsibility to maximise ultimate customer satisfaction. Besides supervising staff and operating the establishment, café manage has to offer the best guest experience. It includes greeting customers, asking them to seat and offering them the menus. One of the problematic aspects of the job post is dealing with guest complaints that may be related to the quality or price of the foods or pitiable customer service. 

I already have experience in customer service and the way customers need to be handled for influencing their repeat visit to a restaurant. I can apply the same skill as a café manager for guiding staff to deliver exceptional service to the guests and maximising their experience and satisfaction. Customer service remains at the core of any hospitality business; as this kind of companies are entirely customer-driven. I have already worked as a restaurant manager, and I know the way employees need to be motivated to delivering exceptional service to the customers. I am aware of the importance of excellent communication and collaboration among staff for making the activities smoother and avoid repetition of work. It is essential in predicting and understanding customers' need and preferences for serving them the best. I have an excellent skill of interacting with customers, understanding them and offering them the service and products as accurately as they expect. I can train my staff according to the changing needs and preferences of the guests. As I have also taken training on managing food and beverage department and worked in this department in a restaurant, I can monitor the freshness of the coffees and snacks offered to the customers for ensuring the best quality products are provided to them. One fact that I genuinely believe in offering high quality of beverages is not enough for influencing the buying behaviour of consumers positively, but it also demands a great ambience and outstanding service provided to them. In short, they need attention. Therefore, while managing a restaurant, I used to take feedback from customers individually for making them feel valued and knowing if anything affected their experience with the restaurant negatively. This process worked in gaining customer attention and spreading positive word of mouth about the company outside. Hence, I can improve the customer service of Espresso Warriors significantly by applying my skills of customer handling and complaint management.