MNG10247 Managing Organisations: Crown Resort Of Australia Manager Interview Assessment 2 Answer

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Managing Organisations (MNG10247) Assignment 2 Guidelines

Title:Assignment 2 – Manager Interview

Marks:20 (which is 20% of the unit grade)

Task:Students are to interview1 a current Manager to identify and analyse how he/she performs, as part of their Managerial responsibilities, one of the fundamental Functions of Management (i.e. Planning, Leading, Organising or Controlling). This information is to be presented as a report (max 1000  words) with a minimum of three distinct references from academic ‘peer-reviewed’ journals to support your analysis.

Purpose:The assignment is designed to help students recognise the way in which a key management concept studied in the unit is applied in practice.

Submitting:The assignment is to be submitted via Turn-it-in. Look for the submission link in the ‘Task 2’ folder.

The link is active from Week 3 and students can submit any time up to the due date.

Feedback:Students who submit their report by the due date will receive feedback within 2 weeks. This feedback will be in the form of a marking rubric and a copy of the report with electronic comments made by the marker.

Report Research:

The aim of the report is to explain and evaluate how theory is applied in practice. Specifically, how a manager applies in practice one of the four managerial functions (i.e. Planning, Leading, Organising or Controlling).

As such, develop three to five open-ended2 questions that specifically address the manager’s understanding and

application of the selected managerial function and analyse the information you get for your evaluation.

Report Structure:

The evaluative report structure is often used when you must research theory and apply it to a practical or real situation. For this assessment, it must be used and contains the following sections and headings.


Executive Summary Table of Contents Introduction

Body Conclusions

Recommendations List of References Appendices

Report Format:

  • Title Page
    • This is developed by the individual student. It is to identify the unit name & code, assignment title, student name & ID, and the word count. Note: Executive Summary, Table of Contents and Reference List do not contribute to the word count.
    • The title should provide insight into the focus of the report.
    • The Title Page is not numbered.
  • Executive Summary
    • A brief overview of the aim and findings of the report.
    • On a page by itself and should be numbered in lower case roman numerals but acceptable to have no page numbering at all.
  • Table of Contents
    • Professional presentation using MSWord Insert Table of Contents function.
    • On a page by itself and should be numbered in roman numerals but acceptable to have no page numbering at all.
  • Introduction
    • “Page 1” begins here at the bottom right hand corner. Use the ‘page number’ formatting function for this purpose. The remaining pages should then be numbered ‘Page 2’, ‘Page 3’, etc.
    • Provide topic orientation (what is the topic and why is it important), state the aim of the report, define any key terms and outline what will be presented in the report.
  • Body (use the following three separate sections and any applicable headings and subheadings)
    • Theory (explain the managerial function you are investigating)
    • Observation (describe how the managerial function is applied in practice)
      • Briefly describe the Manager’s role and the organisation for which they work.
      • Describe the key tasks or activities that the Manager spends their time on and explain how they relate to the selected managerial function.
      • Describe the key challenges of the Manager’s role and explain how they relate to the selected managerial function.
  • Evaluation/interpretation (compare managerial function in practice with theory, evaluate whether the managerial function is effectively applied)
  • Conclusion
    • Restate aim of report and summarise findings/evaluation
  • Recommendations
    • List three recommendations on how the managerial function may be more effectively implemented
  • Reference List
    • Correctly apply Harvard referencing style.
  • Appendices
    • Interviewee details (use the template provided in the asmt 2 file)
    • Transcript of the interview. The entire interview does not need to be transcribed but just the key

questions asked and the Manager’s responses.

  • Formatting
    • Perspective – Use 3rd-person perspective when writing.
    • Font style  Times New Roman, 12pt, justified,  line spacing. Note: if you do not know what the

term ‘justified’ means, ask your tutor.

  • Margins – top and bottom to be 2.54cm. Left and right to be 2.54cm. No page borders.
  • Spelling – specify Australian English language/grammar when running spell-check.
  • Writing – Grammar and expression must conform to the standards of a professional report.
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Answer :

Managing Organisations

Assignment 2 – Manager Interview

Executive Summary 

The Crown Resort is one of the largest gaming and the entertainment group in the world which provides the most suitable service to the customers. The manager Ken Barton of the organisation provides the interview that shows the effective role of the manager within the organisation. Some of the managerial roles are to motivate the staff members and even effectively communicate with the staff members. The activities that are performed by the managers are to maintain the situation and control the entire activity of the firm. 


The primary purpose of the paper is to provide an effective analysis of the managerial interview report. The interview was carried on the manager Ken Barton of Crown Resort of Australia. The paper discusses the role of the manager then the activities performed by the manager within the field and even discuss the challenges faced by the manager in the workplace.


Controlling is one of the vital parts of the managerial function that is eventually performed by the managers to maintain the operational activity within the field. The controlling in the managerial activity implies the measurement of accomplishment that also against the standard as well as correction of deviation for ensuring the achievement of the organisational goals (Rozman, 2017). The primary purpose of this controlling process is to make sure that the working function and the operational activities of the firm generally occur within the conformities of the organisational goals. It is the fact that the efficient system of the control generally help to predict the deviation much before it is taking place. Moreover, it can be seen that the controlling is the procedure that helps in checking regarding the making of proper progress in term of the organisational objectives as well as goals and even performing if required for maintaining the deviation within the firm (Voronkova et al., 2016). Furthermore, it can also be seen that the controlling is considered as the measurement of the performance activities of the subordinates for making sure that the firm objectives as well as plan for obtaining the accomplishment within the firm. Controlling is eventually done by the managers to maintain the activities of the firm. 


Manager role and the organisation 

The organisation is the Crown Resort Limited of Australia that was founded in the year 2007 and is one of the largest gaming and the entertainment group in the world. The role of the manager in this firm is as follows;

  • Monitor the entire activity of the staff members within the firm
  • Effectively communicate with the team members for dealing with the situation and providing valuable activity in the field (Chang, Hsu, and Wu, 2015)
  • Gather information from the various part of the workplace and try to provide the best to the guest and the customers
  • Motivate the staff members to perform their best

Key task and the activities of the manager 

The key activities or the task that the manager needs to perform to maintain the controlling managerial function are as follows;

  • It is essential for the manager to establish the standard of the performance level within the workplace (Tews, Michel, and Noe, 2017)
  • Measuring the actual performance level of the firm
  • The manager even compare the actual performance level of the staff with the expected standard for enhancing the service quality within the hotel sector (Becker, and Tews, 2016)
  • The manager with the help of the appropriate information and the data collected over the hotel is effectively able to take the corrective action for the betterment of the workplace. 

Key challenges faced by the manager 

The key challenges that are being faced by the managers within the hotel industry are as follows;

  • Maintaining the changing of the customer expectation level within the hotel industry
  • Maintaining the use of the latest technology within the workplace
  • Dealing with the long as well as the irregular working hours
  • Booking of the hotel rooms and taking reservation along with the pricing in the hotel industry
  • Leading the entire team for providing their best within the field to maintain the satisfaction level of the customers within the hotel industry


The hotel management team have to deal with the various situations that would eventually affect the controlling activity of the managerial function. Being the manager of the firm Mr. Barton have to understand the need of the customers and provide them the most suitable and effective value within the field (Basile, and Faraci, 2015). Controlling is one of the valuable factors for the hotel manager as this helps them to analyse the situation and control the entire team for providing the best service to the customers and the guest of the firm. In most of the situation, it can be seen that the hotel like Crown Resort has to deal with the numerous customers to maintain their position in the market (Cravens et al., 2015). In this organisation, it is highly essential for the manager to develop an effective controlling activity by analysing the resources that would help deal with the situation and the condition of the firm. Moreover, it can also be seen that controlling within the hotel management provide the performance measurement for each of the staff members to the manager.  


The paper eventually concludes that the interview was quite successful and it provides an effective view on the managerial role and the function within the hotel management. Dealing with the people within the hotel is quite a tough job and for that manager have to be highly effective in maintaining their managerial function within the workplace. It can also be concluded from the paper that the entire activity of the manager is associated with the development of business process and the analysis of the activities within the workplace. It is also concluded that the manager has to deal with the various customer's situation within the workplace.


It is highly recommended to the manager are as follows;

  • Understand the need of the customers by analysing the previous record and even gathering the feedback of the customers on various activities provided by the firm
  • The manager needs to communicate effectively with the staff in every situation and get their support for dealing with any situation within the workplace
  • The manager needs to make a proper plan and control system for distributing the working hours among the people so that none of the people have to face the issue of overworking hoursation of each of the staff and deal with them for getting your work done.