Modern Age Technology: Healthy Ageing

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Use the 'Assessment 2 CRC Framework' document to structure your written essay (use the headings as provided). 

Construct the written components of the essay as they pertain to each section of the essay.

Section 1. Introduction — provide a concise overview of the essay content

Section 2. CRC 1— Consider the patient situation a. Provides a clear, comprehensive and concise overview of the interview set-up and environment. b. Comprehensively discusses techniques used to facilitate data collection.

Section 3. CRC 2 — Collect cues and information a. Clearly and professionally articulates the experience of interviewing an older person. b. Clearly and explicitly articulates information gathering and clarifying techniques.

Section 4. CRC 3 — Process information a. Insightful analysis of facilitators and barriers to healthy ageing.

Section S. CRC 8 — Reflect on process and new learning a. Clearly and professionally articulates the experience of interviewing an older person. b. Clearly and insightfully explains new learning and how clinical practice has changed.

Section 6. Conclusion — provide a concise summation of the key points of the essay.

Section 7. Format — A.P.A. 6th edition format. 


Remember this is an academic essay however given that you are reporting on and discussing the process of interviewing, a mixture of 1st and 3rd person language is acceptable.

Be mindful of the word count prescribed in the unit outline (plus/minus 10%). Where you use the words within the essay is up to you.

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Answer :

Healthy Ageing


Along with technological and industrial advancements, the modern facilities in medical opportunities have risen at a rapid rate over the past few decades. The advancements in technology and science have enabled the medical sector to acquire new equipments and medicines that is quite beneficial for the treating distinctive diseases of the modern era (Herranz et al. 2010) Along with these advancements, the psychological aspect of healthy living has also been increased which lets the people live a healthy life despite having suffering from key factors like ageing, diseases etc. 

This specific report critically evaluates the key aspects of healthy ageing among the people of the modern age. This specific report critically highlights the aspects via conducting an interview with an aged individual and assesses the key aspects of healthy ageing. By the help of some open ended questions with the interviewee key information like facilitators and barriers to healthy ageing can be analyzed. The report also evaluates key insights about how clinical practice has changed over the years which enabled the older persons in facilitating healthy ageing. 

Considering the Patient Situation 

For analyzing the perception and key aspects of the chosen topic, an interview was conducted with a older person aged 70. The interview was conducted to critically evaluate the key aspects of healthy ageing to come to a key conclusion about the significant changes in clinical practice and how this aspect has been a major boost for older individuals. It has been observed that as people tends to grow older; most of older people must focus on healthy lifestyle (Havemanet al. 2003) According to most of the doctors and hospitalizations continuous physical activities and healthy food habits can be quite helpful for healthy ageing. 

It has been said that regular exercise helps the older people in enhancing their muscle tone along with enhancement of cardiovascular health. With increasing health exercise can be of great help for maintaining the body balance because metabolism slows down with age and exercise is the only way out by which older people can increase the metabolism and build muscle mass (World Health Organiation, 2001). During the interview the major experience of interviewing an older person is quite different as the topic is quite diversified and articulating all necessary information can be a major issue because there was a possibility of interviewee not providing detailed answers to all the questions. Thus the entire interview procedure and the environment had to be set up in such a way so that the older person feels comfortable. For acquiring all the necessary information about healthy ageing from the interviewee an set of five open ended questions were prepared by which the necessary data and information regarding healthy ageing and change in clinical practice can be acquired. 

Collecting Cues and Information 

Assessing the experience of interviewing the older person who is aged 70 was quite a clinical task. Firstly the questions that were prepared were on point to the topic chosen. It was considered that no such questions must be prepared by which the interviewee may feel offended. Secondly, as the barriers to healthy ageing tend to differ from individual to individual, there are distinctive challenges which affect the elderly people and the enjoyment of the modern era. Therefore the major intention was to acquire the necessary information from the interviewee (Evenhuis et al. 2001) As the healthy ageing specifically depends on the fitness level and health there are various ways for getting more active and boost the fitness levels of the older persons. Evaluating the questions prepared, the questions mainly highlighted key facts about the specific health issues faced by people at older ages, what kinds of healthy food habits the interviewee follows for staying healthy and how an older person can stay healthy despite facing various issues of health. 

Process Information 

While interviewing the older person, insightful analysis of the key facilitators and barriers to healthy ageing were achieved. In context to the distinctive open ended questions prepared for conducting the interview it was assessed that there are five major barriers to healthy ageing. The older person claimed that while ageing people tend to become quite fragile and therefore it impacts the psychological aspects of the older people (Walker, 2002). The interviewee proposed that lack of exercise and mobility, loneliness, non adherence to medication, chronic diseases, and lack of health importance are the major aspects that are considered to be the barriers to healthy ageing. In fact he also concluded that family is the most important factor that is responsible for healthy ageing among the older people. He added that older people mainly needs family support during these time and this is the key aspect which helps the older people in being happy and staying healthy. According to the interviewee, older people stay healthy when they are just not physically fit but also mentally fit. Thus, family is the most important factor that helps an older person has healthy ageing. 

Process and New Learning 

Critically assessing the outcomes of the interview and focusing on the information received from the interviewee it can be evaluated that along with the aforementioned factors stated by the interviewee the most important aspect is the psychological experience of happiness which influences healthy ageing among the older people. Moreover time to time exercising for boosting the metabolism of the body and health food habits are the most important factors of healthy ageing (Sixsmith et al. 2014) 

Along with these factors, it can be prolifically assessed from the interview session that the clinical practice over the years has changed drastically. The advancements in the field of technology has enabled the clinical practices to reach further heights which has helped the ageing people with all sorts of medical equipments and medications which enables older people to stay healthy and lead a life of healthy ageing. 


After evaluating all the necessary outcomes from the interview session and receiving the outcomes of the questions prepared it can be highlighted that healthy ageing not only depends on following certain prerequisites like exercise and healthy food habits, but an older person needs to psychologically fit for having a healthy ageing. Moreover it can also be concluded that along with all these key aspects the clinical practice advancements also plays a major role in healthy ageing habits.