Movie Escape Fire: Challenges Faced By US Healthcare System

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Instructions and Grading Rubric

This assignment is worth 120 points.  Watch the movie Escape Fire through the link provided in D2L.  Write a paper that discusses five problems with the US Healthcare system – as discussed in the movie.  

Assignment Format:  Have an opening paragraph that outlines what you will discuss in the body of the paper. The body of the paper will identify 5 problems with the US healthcare system (as discussed in the movie) with your discussion of each.  The closing paragraph should summarize the main points of your paper and address areas of priority in regard to fixing or improving the system.  The document should be a minimum of 3 pages double-spaced with 12 font using Times New Roman in WORD® format.  The paper should be written and referenced using APA format.  Include a title page that has your name on it.  Your paper will be limited to 7 pages including the title and reference page. Papers that exceed 7 pages will not be accepted. You are strongly encouraged to use the writing center to review your paper before submitting the assignment.

Self-Grade your Assignment:  Complete the column highlighted in yellow on the grading rubric below.  The purpose of the self-grading assignment is to help you identify weak areas, and correct those areas prior to submitting your paper. 

Submitting the Assignment: Go to the drop box location for this assignment. You will attach and submit your two documents (the paper and the grading rubric) in the drop box.  The paper must also be submitted to TurnItIn® to check for plagiarism. If the TurnItIn report reveals that more than 30% of the paper can be traced by to other work, please paraphrase those sections into your own words, rerun the TurnItIn report, and submit once it falls below the 30%.

References: You are required to use at least 3 scholarly peer reviewed research articles to complete this assignment. You are required to reference your assignment per APA guidelines. You may use websites as references but at least 3 scholarly peer-reviewed references must also be used. Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference for your writing assignments. 

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Escape Fire Paper 

The purpose of the paper is to discuss regarding the various problems that US healthcare system is facing. The discussion will be based on the movie Escape Fire which shows the fight to rescue American healthcare. The movie discusses regarding the various challenges faced by the healthcare system, and some of the challenges are that US healthcare performs quick fixes rather than prevention. The healthcare system also faces the problem like the frequent use of painkiller than the profit-driven care. In most of the cases, the healthcare system in the US has encountered the issue which led to the devastation of the patient.     

Problems in the US Healthcare System

The movie Escape Fire show some of the significant challenges in the healthcare system of US. The challenges are quick fixes rather than prevention, profit-driven care, use of painkiller drugs, old healthcare process and limited time to provide treatment to the patient. The problems are quite big in the country, and this needs to breakdown for the betterment of the healthcare system (Heineman et al., 2013).

Quick fixes rather than prevention 

The healthcare system of US faces the problem regarding the quick fixes for any health issue to the patients. Doctors are more focus towards the treatment and the quick fixes rather than enhancing the prevention procedure for the patients (Bibbins-Domingo et al., 2016). The Escape Fire movie shows that the process of quick fixing within the medical system is rapidly growing due to the fast life of people (Heineman et al., 2013). This is one of the most significant problems as the doctors did not want to spend much time on a single patient and for that high doses, medicine or surgical process is considered for treatment. For example; in the heart disease most of the doctor in the US try to provide medication or perform surgery rather than providing a preventive method to keep heart active. Curing the people with quick fixes in every healthcare issue has become the biggest factor for the US healthcare system. 

Profit-driven care 

The medical system of the US has changed in the form of business where the doctors and the medical team think regarding the profit rather than patients. It is the fact that just like the business the healthcare sector has also started the process like departmental stores (Osborn, Squires, Doty, Sarnak, & Schneider, 2016). Patient has performed the test over and over again and that also from the same hospital where they have the medical checkup. For example; if a person some to the hospital regarding chest pain with other hospital test result then also that patient have to perform all the medical test in the hospital over again. The management team in the healthcare sector also provide the best facilities to the people who can pay the massive amount of bill to the hospital. This type of care system is gradually destroying the healthcare sector and the treatment process of the common people.   

Frequent use of painkiller drugs 

The frequent use of the painkiller is another problem that could be faced within the healthcare system of United States. In most of the cases of the healthcare system and even in the Escape Fire movie it can be seen that the immediate action to the pain relief is the painkiller drugs (Heineman et al., 2013). The consequences of the habitual painkiller might be devastating for the patient. There are numerous painkillers like the aspirin, Tramadol, Percocet, and OxyContin (Jung, & Tran, 2016). Each drug manages the pain differently. Especially for the soldier and the army officers, the painkiller becomes a part of their daily activity. The use of many painkillers leads to various side effect on the human body like the breakdown of the nervous system. In the US, the lifestyle of people is very fast, and for that, they always prefer the fastest way to reduce pain and for that painkiller is the primary option.

Follow the same old process in the healthcare system

The healthcare system of the country is based on the previous and the pattern treatment process. It is the fact that the doctors did not want to try anything innovative or new in the medical system instead they follow the same old system thought in the medical college (Squires, & Anderson, 2015). In the Escape Fire movie also the people did not want to try anything new apart from their training and knowledge which cause death to many people (Heineman et al., 2013). This problem has created numerous issue in the treatment process and the healthcare facilities to the common people. The management of the healthcare system generally utilizes the traditional process rather than innovative activity. It is the primary issue that led to the breakdown of the medical system in the US.  

Limited time to deal with the patients 

The world is rapidly changing with the fastest activity in every aspect. This has eventually provided an impact on the medical system all over the world. The United States is a developed country where people run against the time to perform all their activities (Paxton et al., 2015). In this situation, the medical system has also faced the issue where the doctors did not have a suitable time to check their patient. In most of the cases, it could be seen that the registered nurses monitor the patient and prepare the report and from that doctor provide the medicine. It is one of the biggest problems in the healthcare sector of US. The doctor could not provide adequate time to listen to their patient and consult them with the preventive methods. Due to this medical problem, most of the doctor prescribe a painkiller and the primary medicine for the patients.


The paper concludes that the healthcare system in the US is facing some of the biggest issues in term of treatment to the patient. All the issues could be effectively managed with some awareness and innovative activity in the healthcare sector. The paper also concludes that the use of painkiller is quite common among the people. Doctors in most of the cases prescribe the various type of painkiller to reduce the time for treatment. It could be eventually managed by changing the treatment process from profit-driven to the patient-driven care.